magnetic resonance imaging MRI is truly
an important and safe diagnostic tool without using ionizing radiation it can
diagnose with incredible accuracy a very wide range of diseases from cancer all
the way to eye problems MRIs are also used to advance knowledge researchers
use MRIs to study in detail the structure and function of the brain now
how does an MRI work where MRI is really measured is a position of watcher in the
human body more specifically their protons within the hydrogen atom inside
the water molecule since protons are positively charged they behave like
magnets when subjected to an external magnetic field this causes their protons
to be aligned in the same direction just like how a magnet can align the needle
of a compass after this signals are radio waves are
transmitted to the area of body of interest and these waves rocks are
protons out of alignment when the source of the signal is turned off their
protons realign and this in turn transmits radio waves back and are
picked up by receivers these radio waves pinpoint the precise location of protons
and also have differentiate different types of tissue and their protoss in
different environments align the transmit medium of signals differently
similar to how the video is composed of many pixels signals from millions of
radio waves transmitted atom emits it back produce a very detailed image of
the inside of the body as water is found almost everywhere in the human body MRI
scan produce very detailed and accurate images this way it is very easy to
diagnose diseases and conduct research on very detailed images and this is why
MRIs are truly important even revolution

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