MRI Scans With BONEBRIDGE Bone Conduction Implant—MED-EL

bone conduction implant you can have immediate access to MRI
up to 1.5T in a few simple steps. By following these basic conditions your patient can have an easier
and more comfortable MRI scan without the need to surgically remove
and replace the implant magnet. Patients with the BONEBRIDGE BCI 601 implant may be safely scanned without magnet removal
at field strengths up to 1.5T following the conditions
described in the instructions for use. You can find the full safety information
in the instructions for use shipped with each implant system. And you can always find
an up-to-date version at To perform an MRI scan with a patient
with a BONEBRDIGE BCI 601 you will need to follow
a few basic precautions Before entering the scanner room
inform the patient about possible auditory sensations
during the examination. Using headphones
may reduce the noise. Advise the patient to indicate
if any possible discomfort arises and to request that the MRI
be discontinued if needed. Remove the external components
of the implant system such as the audio processor
and any accessories. before the patient enters the scanner room. The patient may not be able to hear
after removing the audio processor. But will be able to hear immediately
after the processor is returned. A supportive head bandage
is not necessary. Patients with the BONEBRIDGE BCI 601
bone conduction implant system can be scanned at field strengths
up to and including 1.5T. Run sequences
in normal operating mode only. That means the head SAR
is limited to 3.2 watt per kilogram. And the whole body averaged SAR
is limited to 2 watt per kilogram. After the MRI examination the patient
should put on the audio processor only after leaving the MRI room. By following these basic conditions
you can safely MRI scan patients with the BONEBRIDGE BCI 601 implant. Please contact your local MED-EL representative
if you have further questions.

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