Morning Depression – Increase Your Energy in 5 minutes

You ever have one of those days where
you wake up and you just feel like you are not who you want to be that day? Your energy’s low, you’re fatigued, maybe you are out tonight before on the weekend. And you’re just feeling like a late return. But today is the day that I want you to take life seriously. Now it’s time to take radical action. And in the seriousness, you got to be joyful, because that’s what life is all about; having fun with life and materializing that dream life that you know is just on the other side of those breakdowns. So let’s talk about some ways to increase your vibration, to increase your energy if you’re feeling like you’re in a funk, okay? Number one one of my favorite things to do is exercise. Maybe you’ve seen some of my workout videos, Wednesday Workouts, simple and easy if you don’t have a gym. I would encourage you to get one of these balls here, and you just slam it into the ground. So if you’re upset you’re angry maybe, you’re mad at somebody else, you just take this ball and you literally slam it into the ground, right? And all that aggression, all that anger out on this ball. Do ten of these. What happens is magic. It’s going to increase your circulation. It’s going to increase your respiration. My vibration’s coming up, my body is coming into alignment. Another thing that I have which is really cool – just got this is the Joovv light. Lighting has been shown to lower depression levels, increase circulation again, increase your vibration. Music is another thing! I have Sonos in my house. If you haven’t heard of this, I want you to check this out! This is my favorite app, okay? This will put you in a good mood. If you just have a radio, whatever, you can do that as well. But Sonos is a Wi-Fi speaker system that
I have and I’ll leave a little link below to Amazon. So come on in and I’ll show you what this is all about. I think at 5:36 in the morning. It’s
the perfect time to have a dance party, okay? So just move around, got some dance moves on. There’s one thing that we need to do that
changes everything, and that is… Anybody want one of these? Leave a comment below, let me know who wants 30 days of Organifi. As you can tell, I got a bunch of green juice in here. And I don’t like to be selfish. You see? Even being selfish lowers your vibration. You want to increase your vibrations? Give something to somebody! So who’s leaving a comment below? Let me look at these comments. I’m going to give away some Organifi. Alright, so here we go! We’ve got a scoop of Organifi Green Juice. Makes me so good, easy! So if we want to increase our energy or vibration, our outlook on life, have more mental focus. Then putting nutrients in your body such as this can have a dramatic impact immediately. This is the 5th way to increase your energy and your vibration and become into that alignment of who you really are. is to give, so how I give is I do lives and I make videos like this. So now that I’ve set my day up for success by doing those things, we’re going to go to Instagram live just like so. We’re going to shoot a live video on Instagram to give back. So there it is, few simple ways to increase your energy. If you’re feeling like you’re in a funk, you’re feeling like your vibrations are low, you’re just feeling like life isn’t working the way that you wanted it to work. It’s time to realign yourself, get re-centered focus on your big vision. And move forward of passion, purpose, and power in your life, my friend. I’m Drew Canole, as always, remember we’re in this together. Say “hi!” to Instagram Live, here we go!

99 thoughts on “Morning Depression – Increase Your Energy in 5 minutes

  1. Hi FitLifeTV An excellent looking light box, thanks for being so generous to give away 30 days of organifi. I would love to try it, as I have tried to get it in the passed with no success yet. Maybe you do not send it to our country. I have tried some green powders but not found a really healthy one! I use a nutri bullet for ginger & lemon & soaked coconut chips most mornings & squeeze it through a filter to make a refreshing drink each day, I think it would go really well with that. Thank you for your encouraging videos; Focus on your vision with action changes the world, sending you back electrifying vibes blessings to you Drew

  2. If I said you were handsome and charming, would that get me some Green Juice too? I would Love some πŸ€“

  3. Last the blessings come in! Today was a tough day and your message made a huge impact on how to realign… now I can reset and get ready for tomorrow. It's going to be a great day!

  4. I would love some organifi! Also, thanks for all your tips surrounding the law of attrACTION as well as your life advice. You have been a game changer!

  5. I have been watching your videos for a couple of months. Thanks, you are such an inspiration. I work at hospital on shift work which makes me feel like binging as a way to comfort myself for the long hours at work. Having seen so may patients with illnesses that could have been avoided, I am now trying to follow your advice and opting for better/healthier opions. I try to prepare smoothies to take with me to work to avoid reaching out for unhealthy options. Your videos help me keep motivated. Thanks for all the good you do out there.

  6. Is Organifi safe to drink in pregnancy?! I'm a mama to a VERY active little boyπŸ’™ 5 months pregnant πŸ˜ƒand I would love to try the green juice to see if I can get the extra energy to keep up with him!! Lol πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š. @FitLifeTV

  7. thank you drew for make these video to see someone so happy about making other people happy about there life is breath off fresh air….. I never a try green juice but I think iam going to order some

  8. I've always wanted to buy organify but I couldn't afford it. Trying it to see how it really effects me would be great!

  9. I would love some organifi. I have been wanting to try it but I have had so many bad experiences with other green juice powders that shelling out $60 to try it is difficult for me right now.

  10. I would LOVE to try Organifi!!! Though I eat as clean as possible & exercise, I still struggle so hard with Hashimotos, PCOS, IR & Adrenals! The funk is definitely real…

  11. YES PLEASE, I'd love to receive a free sample of the organify green juice! PLEASE AND THANK YOU KIND SIR!

  12. Drew I have wanted to try organifi green juice for years!! I have been following you for a long time now and always love your advice and love that you give back! I am about to do a cleanse and the green juice would really help me out!

  13. Drew, I've been in a funk for a while- definitely not the place I want to be. I would love to try your OrganifiπŸ˜€ Thank you for such uplifting inspirational videos!

  14. I think changing WHERE I live will increase my energy!! Its so much more energetic to wake up where theres always sunshine!!! Yes Indiana is depressing!!

  15. I'd like to try some organify please!! But if not I'd like to win a juicer 😁 I keep hearing about you giving away a juicer on your videos. If you still do that I'd love to be entered. My juicer is over ten years old and isn't working the best. I recently got back in the groove of juicing and I've been encouraged by your videos and your book on juicing. I'm hoping my juicer holds out for me. Thanks for all you do!!

  16. Drew,I've watched your video's for a few years now.I Love Your Energy!!! I'm in the MOST FUNK I'VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE.My husband of 27 years just up and left me in April.I can't blame him.I'm 100 pounds over weight and our intimacy is gone.Dr.said after already 2 surgeries on my back and knee that I need spinal fusion and knee replacement.I need to change for MYSELF(and my 2 awesome daughters).They need me here for a long time,but I feel like I'm falling apart.I would love to try Organifi.

  17. Your energy is exhilarating!! I love watching your videos and always learn something from them! I would love to try your Organifi… I have been wanting to try it for some time now, but due to my age (50), I wonder if it would give me the energy I need? Would I benefit from green juice if my lack of energy comes from pre-menopause??? Anyways, keep those videos coming, and thank you so much, you are a great inspiration to many!!!!

  18. Hey Drew! Can you take if you are pregnant or nursing? If so, I would love if you sent me some 😊!

  19. Hey Drew what if you give away some sample packets so us who view you and follow you can really taste and feel what you keep saying about it and it will also show how truly giving and helpful you areπŸ˜‰just sayingπŸ’ͺ🏼

  20. **waves vigorously** I want 30 days of Organifi!!!Β Thank you in advance!Β πŸ˜‰ Β **waves vigorously again**

  21. can i have the green juice…been taking alot of other juice from the videos you do but will love to experience what green juice does…..cant wait to testify…#team grean juice

  22. Hi Drew,
    I love to try the green juice. I bought myself a juicer and been getting my sister and brother in law to drink the juice when I make it. I'm trying to be more consistent with the juicing and healthy eating. I purchased your books and those recipes are so good. So would you pretty please share the Greens!

  23. I just started juicing the only time avalible is at 9 at night after I put all the kids to bed. please send me a free organify. I've had it in my Amazon shopping cart for weeks but havent pulled the trigger cause it's hard to commit to that many days of drinks if I dont like it.

  24. Drew, I'm ready to come back! I tried the juicing and it was too costly, not to mention time consuming. I tried Organifi and really liked it but thought I was doing the more legit thing by juicing myself, but then I read your post that revealed that you had stopped juicing (literal juicing), and switched to Organifi exclusively. So I'm thinking if you can do it (and you're the one that got me started on juicing) then so can I! Plus, where can I get the same ingredients that are in Organifi? Nowhere! How 'bout some Organifi to get me started again! Please!! Thanks!

  25. Hello Mr. D. After my Stroke, i now need to retain & retrain my boby to better health. may i have one. thank you

  26. From where can I buy that stress buster ball that you have? Would be very helpful of you if you let me know. Thanks in advance.

  27. Hey Drew – Steve from Sydney, Australia. Thanks for all of your tips, I really appreciate all you do for me and everyone else. Have a great day, Cheers, Steve

  28. I want one!!!! I have dropped so mamu habits, switched up my routine and just started living!!

  29. I would like 30 day supply of organifi, red juice and tumeric.. Can you please put a package together… Please and Thank you!!

  30. Thanks Drew sitting here as you say in a funk every time I watch a video of yours some of your energy comes thru the computer to me & I get a perk up!! Thank You!!!

  31. Good morning Drew,

    I would love to have your energy!! I have many days when I am in a depressed state. I try really hard to take care of myself and seem to not get the results. i truly would like to try your Organifi!! to see if this will help get me in the right direction.

  32. meee i always wanted to try out i wached your videos always but i never able to try it just saying im 14 and im living life awsome

  33. Hahahaha!!! I love your videos, sense of humor, very enjoyable, and very educational, very motivational, very encouraging. πŸ™‚ God bless you Drew! πŸ™‚ The music I listen to to get me moving is Contemporary Christian which has a little bit of rap and classic rock theme to it which is clean, not dirty or wild music I listen to Toby Mac, Brandon Heath, Brit Nicole., Mandisa, oh a lot of good Christian songs. πŸ™‚

  34. oh yes I would love some organifi . I've been working extra hard as a massage therapist and husband is out of work. I need all the energy I can get!

  35. You are so amazing! First thought- I love the way he makes me feel, then – I want a man that will make me feel that good… then! I
    Want to be that person that makes people feel good. THANK YOU 😊

  36. Hi Drew! I'd love to try your Green Juice. Thanks for your generosity! I need to get back into moving more, eating less. I've been in a weight gaining funk. Feeling lazy. At age 55 I worked hard and lost 60 lbs. Size 16 down to size 6. My self esteem was through the roof. Then I had Tommy John surgery. When healed up, I went back into training. Back out of training to have rotator cuff repair (super ouch by the way). It took 1full year to be 100%. Both on the same arm. Now I'm 61, and I put back on 30 lbs. I have arthritis in many different places. I am not a happy camper. There are limitations on what exercises don't injure or aggravate my bod. In my head I'm 35 years old. Peace- Janet

  37. Drew!!! I love your energy and your content! Pretty sure we went to CMU together?! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻 Would love a sample of your product. Well done my friend!

  38. There is a difference between being in a funk/ being hungover and dealing with low energy due to an actual illness like depression. Stop trying to profit off people who are genuinely sick.

  39. Dude, its nearly impossible to exercise when you deal with mdd! Or any kind of depression
    .plus dealing with insomnia too! After you drink all those monster bullshit drinks dont work either! I'd like to believe you yet, I think you're full of πŸ’©

  40. I know it’s been a year since you posted- but I’ll still try out 30 day of organifi if you’d like to send some samples my way πŸ˜‹
    Thanks for the great tips!

  41. Organifi? Seems nifty. I feel like I've never wanted to get out of bed my whole life. I've decided to really take control of my time and energy. The medicine ball idea seems like it'll really help

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