Monster Jeep Tour In Cozumel

(engine whooshing) – [Asa] Didn’t expect
to wake up to that huh? We have a neighbor. Abbie, we’re in Mexico. Abbie what do you think of Cozumel? – [Priscilla] She’s like, can
we get tacos for breakfast? – Yeah, I am down, for tacos for breakfast. – I don’t want what Margaritaville though. – No you want to buy like a taco joint? I don’t know if I showed my
hat off in my last vlog or not. Really, I’m really feeling this hat. Super dad hat. (loud crowds talking) So Autism on the Seas has
like a resort that they go to, It’s like an all inclusive thing, right? – Yeah. – They have like a beach and
they have free snorkeling, I mean you pay to get into the resort? – I don’t know. – Yeah, that was what Mike was saying. So you pay to get in, but then
everything else is included. They’ve got food and drinks
and all kinds of stuff. That’s kind of something they set up. Do they set up something at every port? – No. – ‘Cause like a group– – Like Jamaica, they didn’t have anything. That’s their day off. – Okay, ’cause I know in Labadie, they had like a beach day. – Right. – Yeah. – But they only do if for
a few hours, like 9-12. So you still have time to do
what they want to do as well. – Right. (crowds talking) (foreign language) – Whoo, we made it through the gauntlet. – What? – We made it through the gauntlet. – Yeah, almost. – Did you see they had scooter rentals? – Yes. (laughs) – I did. – Where we going? – I have no idea. – [Asa] You’re gettin’ tacos in Mexico. How fantastic is that? You love Mexican food. Whoo! – [Priscilla] Oh boy, they got
your music going too Ab, hoo. (cheery Mexican music) (laughing) – [Asa] Okay, that’s hilarious. That’s hilarious. ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ – [Asa] Are you dancin? Are you dancin? – No, (mumbled) – Whoo, alright, alright here we go. (laughter) – [Priscilla] Oh, boy. – Whoo. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Hi. (scooter motors off) – [Priscilla] Wow, couldn’t
do that in the U.S. – [Asa] No, no it’s, that would be against the law. Man, these scooters have been through it. – [Priscilla] Right. – [Asa] Cushy. You didn’t think they’d be big jeeps. They big jeeps. – I thought they were
going to be regular jeeps. – [Asa] All right Ab, get in. – Oh my god, if you can. – [Priscilla] How am I
supposed to get up here? – [Scooter Spokesman] That’s
especially one for two days, because that is maybe local.
– [Asa] Get it? I need a key for the child lock. – [Isaiah] Can we do the child lock? – Yes. – This is the child lock for her? – Yes.(mumbled)
– Cool. – [Asa] All right. – Why did we get the nicest jeep? – [Asa] What do you think? – [Isaiah] ‘Cause I told
’em to give us the big one. (laughter) – Do they have maybe a cooler back there? – [Isaiah] No. – Oh. – [Isaiah] Why? – They have a cooler– – [Asa] Can you take this? – [Isaiah] That’s the tour guide one. – [Asa] Oh, it’s like that too. I need both hands. – Isaiah had to– (laughs) – [Isaiah] Isaiah had to push– – [Priscilla] Isaiah had to push my butt, so I could get in the jeep. My legs are short. – [Isaiah] Oh, yeah. – [Priscilla] Are you so excited? – [Isaiah] I’m so excited, whoo. – [Priscilla] So unfortunately,
you can’t put the top down or take the doors off, because of safety. We get that.
– [Asa] Understood. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. – Abbie, are you ready? – [Priscilla] She’s gonna love this. – We even got air conditioning kid. (lively Mexican music) – [Priscilla] What now? (laughs) Do you feel manly? I sense it (laughs) – [Isaiah] So my dad has
a sense of masculinity on right now. – [Priscilla] Abbie’s all hyped back there ’cause it’s chaotic. They call this a Mexican massage. That’s what the tour guide said. (laughs) Oh god. – [Isaiah] Abbie loves that. Yee, whee whoo. (laughs) – [Priscilla] (laughing) Oh my god. The guy in front of me is
not near as fun as you. Look at that. So pretty. – [Priscilla] Put your arms up, Ab. Put your arms up.
– Arms up. – [Priscilla] Whoo, party jeep. (laughs) Dad is having a ball. – Yeah. – [Priscilla] You don’t
have your hat on though. – It’s, not enough clearance for my head. Flopping around in here. – [Priscilla] Oh, my goodness. (laughing) – [Isaiah] Watch your
left, lots of leaves. – [Priscilla] This is
why they don’t let you take your doors and roof off. This makes sense, right? – [Isaiah] Makes sense, yeah. – [Priscilla] My god. – [Isaiah] We’re fallin’
behind, let’s catch up. – [Priscilla] Oh, okay. Oh my god. (laughing) (rhythmic techno music) – [Isaiah] You roll it up. – Okay. (laughing) – [Isaiah] Mom, it’s lower, my god. – Whoo, whoo, whoo hoo. (laughing) – [Asa] Ow, I didn’t expect that. – [Isaiah] Oh, this is bumpy, oh. This one’s real bumpy. – Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. – [Isaiah] What’s with the noises? What’d you get on your cruise? – Lower back problems. – [Priscilla] (laughing) Oh my gosh. This is amazing. – [Isaiah] Oh, god. What’s that sound? Oh it’s my hand. I’m trying to protect my head
and then my hand hit the roof. (quiet Mexican music) – Very friendly. – Yeah. – [Priscilla] They
still has big time guns. – [Isaiah] Yeah, true. I think all guns are big time guns. – [Priscilla] Well. – They all throw bullets in one direction. (laughing) Out of the business end. (mysterious techno music) – [Abbie] Whooo. – [Priscilla] Get it Abbie, get it. This is just so much fun. (laughter) – [Tour Guide] Everything else– (wind blowing) (ocean waves crashing) – [Photographer] Perfect. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Isaiah] I could only hear it. (ocean waves crashing) – Okay, so if you do this excursion, mosquitoes are no joke,
but they brought a– – [Priscilla] Luckily we had other people that were prepared. – Yes. – [Priscilla] And they share. – Oh yeah, these are the sun screen, or the bug spray saviors over here. Tell you what, this hat,
everything Priscilla. My new favorite hat, I think. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Yeah, can I get one without
a logo on it right here? – [Priscilla] Yeah. That’d be cool, right? How’s it going, photag? Did you take some dope pictures? – [Isaiah] Yeah. – [Asa] You gonna put
those on your Instagram? – Yeah. – [Asa] Can we list your
Instagram right here? – Sure. – [Asa] Okay. Okay that was amazing. So little beach excursion there where we got to eat lunch. They had carne asada prepared for us. Would recommend this excursion 100%. Abbie was a little bit nervous
with the jeep right at first, but then she was fine. Just as usual you know, you just gotta, had to get used to it huh kiddo? Good stuff? (hand slaps) She’s so hot and sandy. We’ll get you, we’re gonna get her changed so she’s comfortable and get
her in the jeep in the AC. Oh yeah, and there is air conditioning, so that’s awesome. (dry leaves brushing) You make it? You okay? Watch Mom come through the wilderness. (rhythmic techno music) – Priscilla’s stressin’ out. – I’m super stressed because it’s 4:06 and we have to back on the ship at 4:30 and you know. – [Abbie] Whoo. – It’s actually 4:11. – Oh, my gosh. – Yeah, we have no, no time.
– Calm down. – Come on Ab. – [Abbie] Ooh. – Ab, chill out. Chill out, okay? – Just stay away from her, I guess. – [Isaiah] She’s beating
me up in the background of your video (giggles) – Just leave her alone. She just don’t want to be messed with. – [Isaiah] Calmly, this
is the arm reach across and grab me by the chest. – [Asa] Come on, you do not
know the definition of hurry. We don’t want to be permanent
residents of Mexico. I love it and all, but let’s go. – [Priscilla] We gotta take one selfie. Hurry.
– [Asa] All right. That’s the jeep, you ready. – [Priscilla] Look Ab, look, look, okay. – [Isaiah] Let’s rock. – [Asa] All right, let’s roll. – [Priscilla] Here Ab,
I got your backpack. – [Asa] Bye, thank you. I left the paper on the dashboard. – [Tour Guide] Thank you. – [Asa] All right, appreciate it. – [Tour Guide] That’s
good, have a good day. – [Asa] We had a great time. We’re going to go back to the boat and you’re going to go to your classroom. Do you want to go to your classroom? I know, yeah. Bathrooms are on the boat too, come on. – Come on Ab, you got it. You’re doing great. She’s actually walking quickly. You’re doing great Ab. – Can we get back through this right here? Can we get– – [Asa] I don’t think so. Go through here. – [Priscilla] You’re
not going to have time. – [Asa] I can’t. – [Isaiah] Yeah, I can go get it. – [Asa] Can you take her, we’ll go. – [Priscilla] You guys. – [Asa] I’m gonna go with him, okay? ♪ Goodbye, bye, bye ♪ (fast walking) (windy sounds) (traffic sounds) – [Isaiah] Let’s go. – [Asa] All right, is your bag zipped? – Yup. – [Asa] Your bag’s open, it’s open. Just drop it in there. – [Isaiah] Oh my god. (rushing footsteps) – [Man] Go, go, go, go, go. – [Isaiah] Gonna start
workin’ out when we get back. – Boat’s still here. So, in case you didn’t
gather what was going on. Isaiah left his cell phone in the jeep. So he had to run back out. Fortunately, security’s not too tight. I just ran through a security gate. – Yeah. – I ran through that
first little open gate. Did you see that one?
– Yeah. (door screeches open) – [Priscilla] Abbie.
– [Asa] Oh. – [Priscilla] Abbie. (laughing) – [Asa] Hey, did you have a great time? Are you ready to go to your classroom? Whoo, get it girl. – [Abbie] Eh. – [Asa] Abs, that guy’s
watching you party. He thinks it’s hilarious. – [Priscilla] Look, everybody’s waving. (ship engine pounding) – So something we were not clear on based on the comments
that we’ve read so far. Autism on the Seas, I
want you to think of them as something like a travel
agency for autism families. – Yeah, that’s exactly what they are. You contact them, you book through them and then they take care
of everything for you. – Right, but you’re booking the room, booking excursions, like all that stuff. Now can they assist you with that? Can they help you with that stuff? – Yes. They can, yeah. I did the excursions on my own, but they helped me pick out the room and that kind of stuff. – Okay, yeah so I think that’s
where the confusion was. They don’t set up everything. They’ll help you through everything. – Right. – If you need help if
you’ve never cruised before but how amazing was Mexico? How amazing was, good job. – [Priscilla] It was
so much fun, thank you. – [Asa] On the excursions, holy crap. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Asa] I mean they are so much fun. And accessible for Abigail, which is good. And that’s something that
Priscilla’s looking for. Something that’s accessible
and then something that we would still all
have fun at as a family. So I talked to the tour
guides when we were leaving. And I told them about what
we do and stuff like that. ‘Cause they were talking
about, they wanted everybody to shout ’em out in
social media and stuff. Shout out their tour company. So I I told ’em what we do and told ’em to look out for the video and stuff. But they said that they had
had special needs people before on their tour, because
it is very accessible. – [Priscilla] Right. – You know as long as you
can get up into the jeep or someone can help you get into the jeep then you are fine. They are very a accessible option, but then they had never
had anyone with autism on their tour. And there was actually two people ’cause another family
from “Autism on the Seas” was on that excursion. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Oh I didn’t know that. – Yeah, she had an orange lanyard on. – Oh, I didn’t know that.
– Yeah. – Maybe she’s not with
“Autism on the Seas”, but she definitely had autism,
because they said that. – Yeah. – Okay guys, that’s it
for us today and Mexico. Say bye to Mexico. – Bye. – Bye Mexico, see you guys tomorrow. (beeping tone) (laughing) – Stay hydrated during four-wheeling. – [Priscilla] (laughing) It’s hard, right? – It’s very important. (laughter) – [Priscilla] Oh my god
this is so fun. (laughing) – [All] Wheeew. (laughing) – [Isaiah] The jeep has
not fallen apart yet. Therefore you’re doing a good job. – A good job. – [Isaiah] It sounds like it might. – It does, it sounds
like it’s coming apart. – [Isaiah] Amazing. Amazing, check engine light
came on a long time ago. – [Priscilla] They say don’t worry about the check engine light. (laughing) – Yeah, it’s part of
the Mexican experience, one of the guys said. – [Priscilla] Yup.

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  1. Anyone planning to cruise, ur best to book ur port tours/excursions thru the cruise line/Autism on the seas prior to going (it’s much cheaper to pre plan ur excursions/tours & pre book them-before u set foot on the boat!)-or, usually, there is a kiosk on most boats to book last minute shore excursions/tours-BUT-they are SO much more expensive when booked on the boat! BECAUSE, if u go off & do ur own thing, & the tour/excursion is late back, they (if ur 1 family/a couple of individuals) WON’T wait for u! BUT if ur on an excursion/tour that has been booked thru the cruise line/Autism on the seas, & several other families/passengers-ie a big group of u are late back, they WILL wait for u!! The last cruise I went on, 1 shore tour was delayed back to the ship by over 2 hrs, & the ship waited for them. The next port, 30 mins after we were supposed to leave, a couple of people weren’t back on the ship, & they got left behind-apparently they had booked a private excursion/tour “last minute” looking for a cheaper deal since they hadn’t pre booked prior to leaving/booked it on the ship-they ended up being in a much worse position! It may cost u a few extra $ for excursions/tours thru the cruise line/Autism on the seas, but it’s TOTALLY worth it to be in a group from ur ship-if u do ur own thing & are delayed back, u seriously risk being left behind!

  2. LOL that Jeep drive looked like a laugh (n cool with some of the angles you got Asa)….always love seein Abbie smiling…makes me grin..xoxo thank you for sharing…so awesome to see you all havin such a wonderful time together…..awwww n the lil racoon…how cute…..the water looked beautiful though…xoxo big hugs n love

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    Loved the footage of you running with the Go- Pro looked cool, especially the shadow of you running looked awesome 😂 Jokes 🙂 Thank goodness Isaiah didn't leave his phone behind in Mexico♡♡ Abigail has a really beautiful smile, bless her and her innocent heart her joy makes me so happy! 😄♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying your trip. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Mexico. I laughed a little when I saw the Donald Trump sign where it says you’re on the other side. Abby looks like she wanted to dance and show those people how it was done

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    2. Do you ever worry about losing a gadget? Drone, your little stick thing, go pro? Like the drone going to far it loses signal. Or when you had the go pro on the zipline? My anxiety kicks in during those types of clips too.

    Things I think about when I watch your vlogs. 🤷🏽😂

  9. I love Mexico. I actually lived there for about 6-7 months and was back and forth over the border at least once a month for quite some time. It’s a beautiful country really and has some of the best food ever! Their churros are out of this world amazing!

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    My drive to work… Everyday 😂. Minus the sun. Come to the UK and enjoy our day to day tours including lots of mud 😂

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  16. I'm absolutely loving your cruise videos. I'm always amazed at how adventurous Abbie is. She just kind of goes with the flow. Same thing you mentioned yesterday about how taking her out and exposing her to different things is tough in the beginning, but it will pay off in the long-run.

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  19. I wrote about y’all in an assignment for my ABA class!! We had to write about how social media has brought awareness to autism and other behavioral disorders. I really encouraged my classmates to check y’all out!!

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    Question – As far as booking thru Autism on the Seas goes, are they the people who then provide the respite worker (Chris, in your case)? Does Chris work for Autism on the Seas or the cruise company? What a wonderful organization to recognize that perhaps the special needs of a person with Autism or a sensory processing disorder, are different than other people with special needs and/or a disability who may "only" require, let's say, accessible rooms, etc. (such as myself who has had a spine/spinal cord injury). My next question would be, having been on a cruise ship now, how 'friendly' do you think it really is for an adult with a wheelchair/mobility scooter?
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  23. I went to Cozumel this summer, it was amazing. We went on a tour around the island and found this little hidden street taco place it was delicious

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