100 thoughts on “Mom Who Depends On Daughter For Nearly Everything Says She Feels Like A Burden

  1. Her daughter needs a life of her own and she's dragging her daughter down with her misery. What a selfish mother, she knows what she's doing and yet not doing anything about it.

  2. Here daughter is taking care of her because it’s her mom and she probably doesn’t want to see her mom go out on the street

  3. I feel bad for the daughter , but to be blind to your own demise is even more troubling. Take the Ex to court for what is rightfully yours.

  4. I feel bad for her as she's depressed from the divorce, and you know, as she was settled as a stay at home mother with no job, being dependent on her ex-husbands financial efforts was the norm. But as soon as they divorced, she didn't know how to cope with it and how to adjust. So she depended on her daughter(s).

    BUT she's those people who believe the internet and think that the internet is the real doctor… So her naive state, kinda led her to this as she thinks her "disease" is disabling her from adjusting or doing stuff.

  5. I'm 43 and try to stay in shape, watch what I eat and go to counseling to care for myself mentally as well. I hope I never have to depend solely on my kids like this =(

  6. I feel bad for her daughter hope she stays strong and she needs to get her as up and get a job and work out Her daughter's not a slave

  7. EDS can mimic lots of things (she shouldn't be saying she has it when she isn't diagnosed officially). You need genetic testing for that. There are other diseases like MS, Lupus, Lyme's, CFS…she should be going through the process of diagnostic tests. She latched on to a genetic syndrome to make excuses for herself. Thanks for giving the rest of us a bad name!

  8. She needs to lose 100 pounds and she'd be in far less pain. But that's not going to happen on the couch. I hope she also gets mental health help.

  9. I have an older brother like this woman, my mother took care of him until she passed away, I disagreed with it, I told her he needed to take care of himself. If he doesn’t want to work then he needs experience what not having a job entails……now that she’s gone, he’s astonishingly found a woman who’s willing to take care of him, so he stays home all day. I do wonder what would happen if she decides to put him out or she dies or something

  10. The daughter is NOT RESPONSIBLE for her care, wether she's sick or not. Momma needs to do what she can to be independent.

  11. I don't wanna do anything. Guess I got EDS too.

    TFW you're so lazy that you'd rather look for diseases you might have as a crutch rather than job openings and applying….

  12. Not saying she has it but it’s VERY common with EDS to struggle to get an official diagnosis . Please understand just cause someone doesn’t have a diagnosis doesn’t mean they aren’t in pain and disabled

  13. She needs to eat healthy, lose weight so she can get off her breathing machine at night. This woman will end up with heart failure if she does not start doing for herself n get healthy. I think she has read up on EDS n is psyching herself in believing she has the disease….an excuse for self pity.

  14. My sister has arthritis had it since she was 2 she is in constant pain but she takes meds to tone down the pain. My sister would never be this depended on me my mom or any of my siblings. This mom is ridiculous.

  15. I don't believe this so-called mother is being honest about wanting help, nor about wanting to stop being a burden upon her daughter. Since this woman can talk, use her upper arms, and wiggle her hands, she can still work at many jobs out there. Every USA state offers assistance to help people become hireable and get a job, as long as you put in the effort to prepare for and chase the said job. Most places also have specific programs to guide adults who are displaced homemakers, making the transition easier toward working for large companies etc. She'll most likely qualify for some kind of welfare-funded mental health care, as well. If she needs some official diagnoses, she can try to get medicaid & get medical help. However, seeing the numerous pill bottles and that she owns a cell phone, I can assume that she needs no financial help to get herself properly diagnosed. I was a displaced homemaker (and mom of 5), who sought assistance and found little jobs that led to better jobs. When my health issues wouldn't let me walk or stand at a job, I got a desk job. When it became too painful to leave my house for work, I got work-at-home jobs via online & call center type services. Just like Dr. Phil said, lots of people are always in pain, but still work. Integrity is what she needs.

  16. Oh my oh my oh my, this is making me PANIC! EDS does not need this lady! We don’t claim her, we don’t want her, we are suffering from a SERIOUS genetic condition (some of which even die young, thanks vascular EDS) and she’s mooching off off web MD. I’ve been to the new EDS center at IU University and it’s an EXTENSIVE process to get diagnosed, we went alllllll over my family tree, we had to study my entire medical records, my skin, my joints, had to do all these fancy tests to confirm it, and then my entire family was diagnosed too bc it’s genetic! No one in her family has any of the signs! Please, everyone, do not peg EDS as just a ‘whatever’ disease that people like this claim! I’m 16 and can hardly even walk because of it, it’s awful!

  17. Her daughter will eventually give up on her when she gets too exhausted. This mother is a lazy woman. She is addicted to drug.

  18. I have EDS as well as other things and deal with muscle and joint pain, dislocations and fatigue (as well as others), and it makes physical work very hard but people with EDS can still use their brains and aren’t completely dependent on other people.

  19. She needs to see a doctor and get a formal, clinical diagnosis. She seems like she has no problem with being cared for

  20. This is so unfair. I lost my Mother at a young age very suddenly. My Mom loved life. She loved us. To see someone take advantage of her children like this is so unfair. Why did my Mom have to go. Obviously this person doesn't want to live. It breaks my heart knowing my Mom would want to be here so badly while this person lies & wastes the life they have so luckily been given. SHAME ON THIS PERSON. I can't even call it a woman, because all the women in my life are strong, brave, & compassionate! Do better! You don't know how lucky you are to still be here!!!

  21. Act like a man is going to take care of you for the rest of your life, and see what happens to you. Set yourself up for failure by having zero work experience. Wow… what a great lady huh?

  22. Contrary to what a lot of people are saying, my wife has an undiagnosed fatigue disorder that is debilitating. I am still here to help her, but she can't work or barely walk. Can't drive… and Doctors who are unable to figure out what she has are sometimes jerks just like Dr. Phil is being to this woman.
    People don't want to be dependent on others.

  23. I have doctor diagnosed EDS and this is absolutely disgusting. I spend every day working my butt off to try to fight the symptoms of this illness and I can tell you 100% a doctor will NOT help you with it.

  24. Hearing doctor phil call my chronic illness debilitating feels a little validating, most people dont know how hard it can really be to live with

  25. And people feel like this is totally ok because that's her daughter and will actually say "well her mom raised her " as if her daughter asked to be born as if it's actually the daughters fault she went through divorce and is too depressed to continue her life ! I feel sorry for the daughter I'm sure the mother guilts her and manipulates her to death !

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  27. Assisted living, maybe? If the daughter is already paying for her mother to stay with her-and then continue to waste help life helping her- surely she can afford to pay someone else to help her.

  28. She is 56 years old. My mother is 61 and my father is 64. They are both still 100% self sufficient physically and mentally. We just dealt with the passing of my grandfather at 87yrs old whom we watched go from a healthy elder gentleman to old age and dementia catching up to him and him needing 24/7 care 365. We dealt with that for a little over a year. I couldn't imagine being 24 and my mom 56 and having to pretend the next 30 yrs that my mother is incapable of handling her own life and it now become my responsibility! Since when does it say upon getting married and graduating college you now have to take care of your parents. Her mom had her at 32yrs old she is more than healthy she is sour her first husband left her and misery loves company

  29. Go to an assisted living home. Live there. You should be ashamed of racking up 10k on your daughters credit cards. You keep making excuses instead of getting off your butt

  30. I would help my mom too because she raised me but I would also ask for her to clean around the house. Her situation sucks, the mother seems to be super depressed by her divorce and that has held her captive. She lost all motivation.

  31. hypermobility type EDS usually isn't even diagnosed by a gp and its hard to get a diagnosis since its not genetic like vascular type. I was told that i might have it by multiple doctors after explaining my pain and having tethered cord surgery which is often related to EDS. It took me 6 months to get an appt with a geneticist only for them to to a quick stretching test thing to tell me that my hypermobility isnt far enough for me to have hypermobility EDS and vascular type which they can confirm with a blood test really wasn't suspected. It's odd though because originally i was told i could only be diagnosed by one doctor in the state who is famous across the whole country and that it would cost 1,000$ and wouldn't be covered at all by insurance. So who tf knows.

  32. She seems like a nice lady so I feel a little bad at what I'm going to say. I think she is just overweight, and possibly has some mental issues. She is twisting the opinion of her nurse practitioner and not being properly diagnosed, to her advantage in manipulating her daughter.

  33. She has no self value when u let everyone do for u then u lose value she needs to take it back she knows wat she doin

  34. Well she is a burden but so was the daughter when she was a child, its just paying it back and paying it forward. nothing wrong with that at all and nothing to be ashamed of.

  35. I believe her. There are many unknown/misunderstood illnesses in the world. Not just Ehlers Danlos. Lyme Disease and hyperparathyroidism are just two other possibilities that have the same symptoms most doctors don’t even test for. Invisible illness is common unfortunately these days. Doctors are taught to treat symptoms rather than get to the root of the problem.

  36. Just watched the full episode and MY GOD. Mental abuse. Financial abuse. That poor, exhausted girl. I have EDS and several comorbid conditions. It’s been years of pain, surgeries, doctors, managing new problems as they pop up and managing the depression that inevitably accompanies it. So I get what it’s capable of doing to a person. If she truly believes she is ill, she HAS. TO. FIGHT. We all have to fight through a variety of life factors. Even if she cannot get into a geneticist for a while, there are things she can do in the meantime to improve her quality of life, but it seems like she’s more content with claiming a debilitating illness for convenience while slowly killing that poor girl with exhaustion and guilt.

    Really hope this works out for both of them, but especially the daughter. Too young to be subjected to this.

  37. Omg thank god theres someone else going through this! Cant say I know 100% how her daughter feels but I am in a similar situation

  38. Only in America do we have shows about children who want to put their parents on the street or in a nursing home.

    Check out any single Indian family in this country. They treat their parents like Gods because that's exactly what they are. When you were in diapers and vulnerable, they nurtured you and cared for you.

    It's an existential obligation no responsible child isn't willing to do if their parents need help.

  39. If she feels that bad for depending on her daughter then there is always nursing homes, assistant living, and rest homes. No excuse. This woman is full of bs. Nothing but a manipulator.

  40. Her daughter really wants to help her mother not everyone will do that. Am still with my mother up till now is mother's love I see nothing wrong with that

  41. This upset me, just because a doctor who's read a few more books hasn't formally written down a diagnosis on a piece of paper doesn't mean she's not ill. I lived for 11 years with an undiagnosed spinal injury. It's clearly on the MRIs but these human beings that think they're GODS just because they've read a few more books missed it. Doctors are placed on way to high a petalstool many can be lazy heartless pos.

    I'm not trained but even I can see my bones impinging on my spinal cord in the images, all it took was actually looking it's very obvious but the doctors missed it & ignored my complaints regarding pain after a head on collision. I absolutely can't stand the way he just treated this lady because people go undiagnosed routinely & if not for her daughter this lady would be homeless while waiting for a doctor to correctly diagnose her. No diagnosis no disability checks equal homeless without her daughters help. I applaud her daughter for helping her mother , things will get better for this lady & her daughter when she gets a better doctor & diagnosis or a check to at least lighten the financial burden. And that's another issue, she's probably drowning in medical bills, YOU KNOW WHY because she's going to hundreds of office visits trying to get better & get help, get diagnosed with proper treatment.
    Dr Phil without a doubt owes this lady an apology.

  42. I'm convinced if tomorrow a 5 year old kid comes up to her and says: cancer, she's gonna be like: I'M DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER.

  43. Will she is
    She’s literally ruining ruining her daughters life in her prime years to find a decent husband

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