Mom Brain

I got fired from the ad agency yesterday. LAUREL
Oh no! MEGAN
Oh my god! MOLLY
Yeah, I messed up. I missed a deadline and we lost a client because of it. I don’t
know what happened, I just spaced out. MEGAN
Did you tell your boss you have Mom Brain? LAUREL
Right. MOLLY
I don’t know what that is. LAUREL
What?! MEGAN
It’s a real thing. It happens right away. MOLLY
Wow. I had no idea! LAUREL
What?! MEGAN
Right after I had Anthony, I was getting ready to leave the hospital, gathering up all my
stuff like cards and flowers. The nurse walks in and she sees me trying to stuff the TV
into my purse. She was like “What are you doing, ma’am?” And I was like, oh my god,
I don’t know! Mom Brain! LAUREL
Remember when Tomothy and I got in that epic fight a couple of weeks ago? Awkward silence. I left the garage door open and a pack of
coyotes got in there and ravaged the place. And he was pissed. But honestly, it was Mom
Brain, and as soon as I said it, diffused. MEGAN
I hijacked a bus full of kids and took them on a joy ride to Vegas. MOLLY, MEGAN, LAUREL
Mom brain! MOLLY
Oh! Last Fourth of July, I said “Let’s organize a neighborhood parade. I want to
get my trombone out and play it in a marching band!” I organize the parade, there are
floats, and then halfway through I realize I don’t play trombone! And I hate parades!
That must have been… MOLLY, MEGAN, LAUREL
Mom Brain! MEGAN
I hijacked a bus full of kids and took them on a joy ride to Vegas. MOLLY, MEGAN, LAUREL
Mom Brain! LAUREL
I went into an NHL men’s locker room, suited up, got ten minutes of play time, and
I scored. And then I realized, I don’t even know how to ice skate! MOLLY MEGAN LAUREL
Mom brain! MOLLY
Gosh, this makes me feel so much better about the ad agency, I — Wait a second. I don’t
work in an ad agency. I’m an oral surgeon! (Hysterical laughter) MOLLY AND MEGAN
Mom Brain! LAUREL
Mom Brain!

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  1. I'm a guy and for some strange reason, I enjoy all your videos. Your videos are funny, entertaining and more importantly, and to me it's like a crash course in the behavior and world of women. I hope you continue to make more videos and wish you continued success in your You Tube series. Note! When your videos end I like the expression on Molly's face. Gets me every time. Also, someone should invent an episode of "Dad Brain" or did I go too far? šŸ˜„ā˜®āœŒļø

  2. You guys are so funny when I'm having a bad day you make me laugh please keep the videos coming!! Love you guys!šŸ˜˜

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