39 thoughts on “Men’s Brains and Women’s Brains with Mark Gungor (Nothing Box)

  1. Gotta admit. He is correct.
    When I play videogames, I think nothing. I don't think of world's problems, I don't think of my own problems, I don't think anything. I just sit down, pick up the controller and play without thinking about anything. Same thing happens when I watch someone else play the game. Infact, funny thing is. Many of my friends have noticed me having my jaw open drooling as if I were braindead when I play videogames or follow them playing videogames.

    Basically, I'm just a vegetable when I play games. 🙂

  2. For any German speaker out there: I immediately had to think of an old Loriot cartoon 😂: https://youtube.com/watch?v=sJSLPv86QXo

  3. In all fairness,CAN YOU PLEEEEASE DO A VIDEO ON BLACKS AND WHITES BRAINS ???!!!!!So we can find out that blacks are smartre. PLEASE

  4. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!.. Ok Going into my nothing box in the garage ,He forgot to mention…THATS where the boxes are!!!… LOL!!

  5. And thats why videogames are very popular with men and not that much with women… or football, or soccer or anything that only requires air and a couch😂

  6. It amazes me people are actually listening to this person when it's only speaking sexist bullshit without any scientific or psychological base whatsoever. Guys, grow up, if you have a "nothing box" it's not because you're a man. Let me tell you there's plenty of women with an "nothing box" in their minds too. We call them stupid women 🙂

  7. This video should be removed, it's sexist. It's pure hatred, there are no difference between man and beasts.

  8. but every woman can lose blood for 7 day's and we don't die…….. a woman gives birth and it needs 10cm wide to…. Yes we can and yes we care, Yes we have to take care of the children.
    And if the man doesn't care, he belongs in the nothing-box, underground 🙂

  9. Yes, I have the unique male ability to just shut my brain off and still be conscious. I do this all the time, men do this all the time. In fact, I think it's partially what lead to the world as we knew it being built. Think of all the massive buildings of the world, how many thousands of man hours each one took to create, you think guys were just constantly thinking of stuff while they worked? NO! Sure we'll think sometimes, but we will just basically let our mind remember how to do the action that we were taught in our particular job, you're not really "thinking" about it, just recollecting enough to do the job. This ability has allowed us to turn of minds off for hours at a time so we can do some braindead work… or else we would go utterly insane like some people do that can't turn their brains off.

  10. If men really had a nothing box that we could go to anytime…there would be no need for recreation, alcohol , video games etc because we could just turn off. I don't see any men with that capability lol. I doubt the credibility of that study greatly.

  11. Deze is grappen maker 10 punt, een spirtueel of geestelijke begeleiding is dit niet…criminelen orga noh? get ready for what your about to receive !

  12. As a guy, I really don't understand what you mean by this "nothing box"? Why the hell would I want to be brain dead? I'm always thinking, wondering, or being creative, or something! Who the hell wants to do nothing? Is that even possible like you say?

  13. Big misconception by this guy.
    It's not a "nothingg" box, it's a "recharge through meditation" box. Men can recharge mentally and physically by going to their "nothing" box and recharging.
    Women short circuit themselves on a daily basis, because those wires need to ALWAYS BE ON if they are all connected. A woman will cycle through ALL of their wires constantly, and eventually they are reminded of something they hate, because NOTHING GETS THROWN AWAY. Because that electrical current of emotion needs to constantly be on, it will find itself travelling through the "we hate this thing" wire on a regular basis, and many times, a woman is in proximity to their boyfriend/husband when that wire goes off. Now, being that it was emotion that triggered the wire and not the man, the woman will ALWAYS believe he was the one who reminded her of the thing the "we hate this thing" wire represents and take her anger out on him.
    Ladies, you need a wire that is grounded, to prevent these short cicuits.

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