25 thoughts on “Memory and the Brain | SUPER BRAIN with Rudy Tanzi and Deepak Chopra

  1. memory is stored in the neurons. imprinted particles. it`s not individual it`s multiplicative. what the fuck is so hard? there is no singularity but a complex cosmos of Vedanta. they do not exist as possibilities but as matrixity . we are not downloading our vocabulary, we know it because we learned it and it`s imprinted in THE BRAIN. why the fuck do you refuse physicality Deepak? the possibilities come from united particles. have you heard of theory of uniting everything? it`s in fat :))

  2. Does it really matter where memory is stored? The question is: will I use my memory or will my memory use me? Am I the one who is using my brain or is my brain using me. That is something for a human to find out during his/her lifetime……

  3. The soul is like ROM memory and the brain would be the RAM memory…. unless the memories from the soul are only on-demand streaming, in which case, there's no "RAM" in the brain. However, I would think there would have to be at least a small amount of information/memory stored in a "data buffer" area of the brain as the on-demand streaming is flowing information into the brain.

  4. I am sorry, but there is no such description of memories as quantum mechanical "possibilities" in the Vedantic teachings. Please quit selling this utter horseshit and denigrating the ancient Hindu knowledge in the process. The topic of brain and memories is itself profound and should be researched with sincerity else it is nothing but bad sanskara.

  5. That was a powerful discussion by two genius human beings! I wish that I could talk to both of them just for 5 minutes…

  6. What neuroscience lacks completely is a holistic approach. A specific memory probably isn't stored some specific cell in the brain; rather, it's quite plausibly stored in systems of cells too complicated to understand in a reductionist paradigm.

    Just like the sense of self which probably doesn't sit some place in the brain. It may be a phenomenom that emerges out of the relations between the systems in the brain. Like an ecosystem which can't be nailed down to a point in space.

  7. What if Memory is located in one of those dimensions (or in the intersection of some of them) we are yet to discover or fully understand?

  8. I am looking forward to buy Super Brain ebook on Amazon Kindle very soon.(also other ebooks about leadership and a book with Deepak and Amit Goswami)

    Thanks Deepak and Rudy. I love the building of the bridge and gap between science and spirituality. One of my favourite subjects of study in life:) I am a Quantum activist as well:D A pure consciousness and Mind activist!

    I want to see more youtube-videos and discussion about Super Brain,consciousness etc. of you guys.

  9. Thanks for your comment! Have you watched the other videos in the series, as well? They discuss love, neuroplasticity, Alzheimer's and more. And let us know what you think about the book once you get it!

  10. Thanks for reply. I have not watched the other videos in the series and will do that. And I will let you know what I think of the book. 🙂

  11. I cannot agree totally that the memory is stored in the spirit because when someone get something like amnesia from trauma to the brain their spirit is still there but the memory is not:/

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