Meet Psychiatrist John Krystal, MD

– A lot of the real world
problems that we face with mental health and addiction are discovered in the context
of primary medical care. If we put primary care doctors in the position of being the front line for mental illness and addiction, we have to empower them and support them in terms of digital decision support, in other words, when the doctor gets a sophisticated input about the information or the data, it is becoming possible to predict what particular treatments
this individual patient is more likely to respond to. And so we want to harness that technology, to help us figure out what
kinds of interventions work best for which kinds of people. This also is part of
computational psychiatry now. However, we would much
rather be in the process of prevention than in
the process of treatment. So what we’ve tried to do is bring mental health pretty
uniquely, innovatively, at Yale New Haven, we’re universally screening people who are coming into various
parts of the hospital. I think that this is a
transformative moment for society, in terms of the recognition,
the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders
and addictions broadly.

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