Meet Charles Nager, MD: Urogynecologist and Chair of OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences

very early in my career I learned that
there were a lot of women who suffered from pelvic floor disorders and by that
I mean they have disorders of urinary incontinence or pelvic floor prolapse
and these women were incredibly bothered by these conditions and they
significantly disrupted their quality of life and I learned that we can do a lot
for them and I got very excited about taking care of these women and helping
them improve their lives. Well we started the Women’s Pelvic Medicine Center in
the late 1990s it was actually started by Dr. Albo and myself Dr. Albo was
trained in urology he Nelson did a fellowship in urogynecology I was
trained in OBGYN and did a fellowship in urogynecology and we thought the
best thing that we could do for women in this county was to develop a
multidisciplinary clinic so that women got the best of both specialties one of
the most important things I want patients to know about these conditions
is you don’t have to live with them that they are treatable there’s a stigma
about them there’s a certain belief that it’s not something you can talk about or
see a physician for and we need to stop that we think that what we offer here at
UC San Diego Health and the Women’s Pelvic Medicine Center is something
unique we offer the most comprehensive the most thorough the most broad
conservative and surgical approaches by extremely competent providers we have
some of the most experienced surgeons in the town with decades of
experience and we can provide that kind of care the patient’s need so they can
get safe and effective resolution of their symptoms

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