Meet Cameron – What Every Parent Should Know About Toe Walking

One of the other pediatricians actually
said, you know if he doesn’t grow out of it then we’ll have to do surgery on his
Achilles tendon and I said, “wait, wait what?” He was about two. He learned how to walk normally and then all of a sudden he just started kind of getting up on his tippy toes. Every time I went to the pediatrician I would ask about it
because it was really obvious and he would get really high up there and so I
just kept asking, you know should I be concerned about this? And they kept
saying no, he’ll grow out of it he’ll grow out of it, and finally at age five
we went through referrals to physical therapy and things of that sort to try
and see if we could fix it and we did rounds and rounds of that and it just
wasn’t getting any better. They would have him walk on a balance beam. They
would have him walk – do a bunch of different kind of activities with his
feet to try and strengthen his arch because he’s also really flat-footed.
When he’s actually on his heels he’s pretty flat-footed so they did a lot of
stuff to try and strengthen his arch. We would have to go home and do a game with
marbles where he had to sit and pick up marbles with his toes and put them into a
cup to try and help strengthen that muscle. Every piece of advice I got was,
it’s nothing to worry about, he’ll grow out of it. And just as a mom
in my heart of all hearts was like it’s not getting better and I need to figure
out a solution and I need to go to somebody that knows feet and knows
children’s feet and try to figure out exactly how to solve this problem. I
started doing some research and I came across Pediatric Foot and Ankle with Dr.
Jarman and there was a whole website page specifically for toe walking and
treatments for toe walking and I just kind of immediately connected with that
and thought… here’s my guy thank you! I called right away and they got us
in pretty quickly and we started treatment from there. They were
really great and immediately Dr. Jarman struck up a good rapport with Cameron
which was really important because doctors are a little bit scary for kids
and he just immediately came in and gave him high-fives and started with, you know,
started with talking directly with him and it wasn’t you know scary for
Cameron at all. It was a really comfortable feeling for him to kind of connect at
that level with him so we learned from Dr. Jarman that tippy-toe walking is
actually called Equinus and so that’s what he treated him for and we had a
course of treatment that’s been going on for a little over a year now. I was
relieved like I knew in my heart of hearts that we needed to do something
and somebody needed to figure out what to do about it.
Yeah as a mom it was great to see him get on his heels, walk normally, look like
everybody else walking to Kindergarten with his backpack on. You know it’s a
really for all of us involved Dr. Jarman definitely made a difference.
I think the the treatment in the course of everything that we’ve done, and you
know, the consistency of him wearing these and just kind of following the
course of treatment was huge for us.

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  1. My son just turned 3 and has been for walking since he took his first steps. I'm really getting worried. It keeps me up at night. I'm nowhere near this doctor. Can you tell me what the treatment is? If i could find the right place in Naples Florida would be great. I dont want him getting surgery. Please help.

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