Meet Bella, Bipolar Disorder patient

I’ve got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder
when I was seven It’s a really unique disorder I think You get really high really manic bouncing off the walls like everything’s great, everything’s perfect I don’t need medication all this stuff and then you drop but it’s like everything is awful like why am I doing this why am I here I want to be very clear I would not be sitting here without medication We need those things to survive and I think we need to start sitting down and having a conversation about how can we make that accessible to the people that need them No seven-year-old should feel like they want to commit suicide and that’s what I felt like I’m 16
I still shouldn’t have to think about that I shouldn’t have to think about how am I gonna go to college because of how am I going to get the emotional support how am I gonna move out of my house how am I gonna keep a job I don’t really relate to kids my age I think that comes back to I’ve had to grow up so much faster I have bad knees my back hurts occasionally I like knitting Hi, my name is Bella and I’m a 65 year old woman

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