MBTI perché è importante – MBTI why is it so important?

let’s try again I’m filming this video because I would like to talk about something that I really care about which I think it’s really important but for some strange reason at least, so it seems to me.. it is not taken seriously especially here in Italy In fact there is hardly any information in Italian on this topic so Even if I’m not an expert and certainty I don’t have any kind of certification either I’ll try to explain it I’ll try my best What I want to talk about is MBTI or more precisely the theory behind it later I’ll also explain why I’m specifying this MBTI is acronym for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and essentially people who know about it know it for the Test it should be a test to measure some personality traits Fortunately it’s not just a test It’s not like one of those tests you could find on teenage magazines although, if someone really wanted to you could go and take it online just for fun and not think too much about it you could… But in reality everything started with this little brick Jung thought that he could just make our life easier telling us about his theories on personality types so at the time he managed to spot some characteristics in peronality and from these he divided them up into groups It’s difficult to explain but bear with me here.. so he identified 8 groups later on in the years, the MBTI system divided them once again in 16 categories I have to say in a very accurate way the problem was they were all hypotheses so no matter how precise and brilliant these intuitions actually were proof was missing anyone could say: “it sounds a little subjective” “arbitrary” “a person may give one impression to me and a different one to you” “so what’s the meaning of placing people in boxes?” I just wanted to add that I can’t stand the idea of using fixed categories however… But now, thank god, we have the technology to investigate further deep into these theories and it has been done by Dario Nardi go and buy his book! it may seem like I’m trying to sell books but I promise this is just me haha It is very interesting because what he said was “wow interesting this MBTI thing” “but we are missing all of the hard facts” so he conducted a research on university students in the end we are always the ones! he asked them to read about and research the MBTI and to come back with an idea on which of the 16 personality types they could have a preference for (In MBTI that’s the term you use: “preference”) to which of these types they felt closest to after this he and his team would connect his subjects to EEG mapping equipment to see what was going on inside their heads which areas of the brain would light up while they were taking part in various activities or exposed to various stimuli like practicing their hobby singing, playing a musical instrument writing or just sign a document or even interacting with other people talking, listening part of the experiment even involved a speed dating scenario to see how they reacted under that circumstance and what he found out it’s still not definitive because it’s not such a huge sample of individuals but what he discovered is that there are some patterns all of the individuals who identified with a certain personality type would have the same brain patterns or Cognitive Processes, as they are called in the MBTI extremely similar within the same type, and extremely different from the other types to me this discovery was mind-blowing apparently it’s not that mind-blowing to anyone else apart from me however let’s just stop and think about it for a second now I’ll explain why I think this is so important revolutionary do you ever have that feeling of when I don’t know… even your Best friend you think that you know him so well and to have understood by now what kind of a person he/she is how he thinks yes it’s true… most of the time but it always comes that moment in which when you find yourself in front of a situation your reaction seems so logical maybe even the only possible one instead you look over to this other person that reacted in a completely different way or had a diametrically opposed thought and you ask yourself… “Why?” “that’s impossible!” and you are tempted to think “does he not get it?” or “maybe he did’t understand” instead most of the time that is not the case and this is the proof ok I know that theoretically we all know that “everyone is unique, different, you are a little special snowflake” but one thing is to say these things and another is to know them know and to be aware of How and How much we are actually different from one another having said this I’m not implying that we should put people into boxes, or that there are only 16 types and that’s it because within every single group there are many variations, shades and exceptions obviously also because our personality is always subject to changes and transformations due to the environment in which we were raised to events however, this I’ll explain more in detail in other videos giving you some data inside every personality type group you can find more similarities than differences another thing that I really care to specify is that here we are not talking about behaviour and this the reason why the tests you can find online even the serious ones need to be taken with a grain of salt I understand that for measuring (this is what a test does) specific characteristics of personality from the outside the only thing you can refer to is behaviour because those are the ones we show, that we put into action and it is also true that if we use a certain cognitive process probably they are going to lead us to act in a certain way but it’s not certain! it’s not a matter of actions so two people might be experiencing the same cognitive process but still act in different ways so you can’t predict type on the only basis of behavior or vice versa If you are interested if you would like to know more about it and you would like to discover your personality type my advice is In case you want to try and take a test go and try the one of Dario Nardi because it is definitely the most accurate compared to what you can find on the internet that should be useful to get an idea, a sense of the MBTI but then please go and read the theory behind it understand what exactly is intended when they talk about functions because they will have names that will confuse you one is called Intuition, does this mean that you intuit stuff? no… others are called Feeling or thinking, does this mean that if you think you don’t feel or experience no emotion? obviously not it’s not about that it is important not to fall in the stereotype trap or fooling yourself by thinking that you can understand everything just by reading some initials as you will find out, MBTI uses combinations of four or two letters to name types and functions on one side they are very useful, shorter, easier to remember and they prevent us from talking for hours on the other hand either you immerse yourself in this topic to truly understand what each term means or it’s easy to misinterpret them so if you want to take the test just do it otherwise the only real way to discover for which psychological profile you have a preference for is to research the functions thoroughly I think it is extraordinary the idea of being able to, not only understand ourself more, but also to understand others and to be understood by others just imagine how different the world would be if interacting with one another we could have more awareness of the reason why we think like we do, why we think certain things and why other people don’t… we are not the same and the this very fact does not make any individual better or worse than anyone else… or weird, or all of these negative adjectives that are usually associated with what we can’t understand yes just imagine how much diffrent it would be I think it’s worth it we all should learn from it I’m just giving you this idea I play my part in my next videos I will explain things more in detail but for now I think I have made my point

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  1. Francesca, the experience you had where people around you are not as interested in the MBTI as you are is something that I share. The test was revolutionary for me and I've never been the same since discovering it and studying the associated cognitive functions and personality types.

    Your Dario Nardi recommendation is intriguing. 🙂

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