Maye Musk Answers the Best Questions About Parenting from Kids at Brain Bar

When did your kids have to go to bed? I
think when they were younger I would say 7 o’clock and in maybe around your age 8
o’clock but I think they kind of read in their beds and didn’t tell me about it
because it was hard to get them up in the morning. That’s me… How wants to ask the first question? What did you do when your kids did something bad? Well my children were perfect I would
send them to their rooms and they couldn’t watch TV they just go to their
rooms they do tell me because I was working from home that they would then
sneak out and record their favorite TV shows but I didn’t know about that until
I was much older but they knew they had to go to their rooms I had to separate
them because they were usually all getting together getting to up to
mischief together. What makes you laugh? when I’m with my children I laugh until
I’m crying I laugh so much because we joke about so many things so I do like
a lot clever jokes and people who say funny things. What should I be when I
grow up? you never know where life takes you but
you’ll slowly start seeing what interests you I would say around about
the age of 12 I knew what my kids were thinking about because one was getting
more into was into in battery storage and solar energy things that
were never spoken about and then also then my youngest son loved cooking now
he’s got restaurants and then my daughter loved the movie industry and
she’s a film director so you never know just keep track you know pay attention
to what you really would like to do and then work towards that! Okay! have you been on a rocket ship? I haven’t been on one but I’ve seen many and I don’t think that they want to
send an 81-year-old to Mars that rocket launchers are very exciting for
me if not nerve-racking what are you doing to be so pretty? well, today I have had people do my hair and makeup did they do it nicely
yeah they chose my clothes It’s very pretty. I mainly eat very well so that my skin looks good
because then you eat more fruits and vegetables then your skin looks pretty
and I stay out of the Sun and and then I’m staying active so that all makes me
feel pretty why our parents like to do more things
well we we are a little older than you and we have a little more experience so
we don’t want you to have any accidents or or get hurt in any way
however we can get a driver’s license and you’ll have to wait until
you’re 18 so definitely we can do more than you Why do we have to eat
vegetables? We have to eat vegetables cause they’re delicious they’re very
nutritious they make you healthy and sometimes there are some vegetables you
don’t like you don’t have to eat those you have to eat the vegetables you like
I would say peas and carrots so easy to like when you’re very young but later on
then you might go into more salads I think fruit is better

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  1. This is darling! I love the boy: " What should I be when I grow up?" and also; "Have you flown on a rocket?" I've not heard you speak Maye, your voice is beautiful and your laugh is AMAZING 💜

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