Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

Main changes occurring in in the brain
with aging and we see it in humans we see in rats, is that there is a
development that what you might call “inflammation,” so a lot like what happens
when you’re injured, but in this case it happens in the brain. Up until a few years ago we
weren’t even aware that inflammation developed in the brain. Now we see that it’s in the background of a lot of
disease. What i discovered is that marijuana, at least a specific component of it, will be called a cannabinoid, is the component of the plant that when in the brain, at very low
levels, is able to reduce this brain
inflammation. I’m incredibly excited about it because
this is the first time we’ve ever had a compound that actually works in the old brain. Everything works in a young brain, but
this is working an old brain. So this means that if you’re sixty, seventy and you’re
having some problems with mental decline, we might have a mechanism that can target that. You can use very very low doses, we’re
talking about the equivalent of one puff of a marijuana cigarette per day, just one. Now this is this something that’s likely to produce the euphoria of the high, and we think we might even be able to
the lower doses, so this is just the beginning of what we think will uncover as we continue to investigate this line of research. So our thinking is that you might actually
take this medication via a patch, you wouldn’t actually have to inhale any, you
know, cancerous smoke. You wouldn’t have to you know prepare
the cigarette’s; we could get around all those those behaviors that some
people find unpleasant, especially in the elderly. I would like to be able to find, what we
call a “magic bullet” that would be able to reduce inflammation and its
consequences on your mental function, without having to raise the specter of it being in a drug
abuse. Having good four five cups a day minimum, for about two years, so period of time
where your bathing your brain regularly in this has chemical and
whatever else is in the coffee is neuroprotective. It prevents the death of neurons, whose death leads to parkinson’s disease. Simply take in fewer calories. We’re not even sure matters which
calories you take out. Just, you know, you’ve heard about various diets: don’t
eat carbs or proteins or sugars. As far as we can tell just don’t eat so many
calories. Try and get a balanced diet, you know mom’s advice was right on, eat a little bit of everything every day
and don’t focus on one thing/ Just don’t need so much. That has been the most effective, anti-aging therapy that anyone’s ever ,you know, described in the animals or

100 thoughts on “Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

  1. Whats good in one area may be bad in another. Ok, so it decreases the risk of Parkinson's but increases the risk for Schizophrenia…

  2. a better title would have been "marijuana and coffee are good for treating some conditions in some circumstances"

  3. Yea everything is natural if you think about it lol.  Every single drug including amphetamines comes from "an herb"  Meth is qat, heroin is oppium, cocaine is coca . thc is marijuana.  WTF makes anyone think weed is good for you,  You think big pharma would ever let you smoke it if it cured sh*t? lol…  Weed makes you a happy slave.  They want happy slaves.  Anything to keep you from innerstanding the human mind and to not find where you came from.  Weed will keep you far, far from innerstanding anything spiritual.  I can break down the science why

  4. Cannabis smoke isn't cancerous. There are studies proving that the anti-cancer cannabinoids cancel out the carcinogenic effect that the smoke would cause.

  5. "Inhale cancerous smoke"

    Right after he said that everything else he said literally lost all of its relevance.

  6. smoke weed and drink coffee everyday!!! I'm bout to brew myself a cup right now and pack a bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the health benefits of Marijuana can only effectively deliver healthy benefits if its injested w/o smoking it! Make tea or bake with it, smoking it is really bad for you. I'm a retired smoker and I really miss it, but smoking it will reduce your lifespan for sure.

  8. Not at all. You don't need any of that dark crap. Get fresh air, sun light, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

  9. So drinking 4-5 cups a day of coffee is really good for your brain and anymore than one puff on a joint is bad for you? What a load of bollocks.

  10. I called a center to set up a referral and they asked what machine I needed to be tested in, they shoukd smoke pot these idiots and everyone, am not a freaked doctor.

  11. It is not a marijuana cigarette stop calling it that for fuck sake it is called a "joint" or a "blunt" yes they are slang terms but that is the original names for it.

  12. I agree with a lot of the things he is saying, but some stuff he says proves he hasn't done proper research. Cancer in Cannabis Smoke? One puff a day? (That's not even $2s worth of cannabis). I mean, this was uploaded in 2010…

  13. Marijunana is a wholefood, and plant based. Meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, salt, oil, refined and processed foodstuffs are causing it and killing you. Eat beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. No dieting just real food and grass!

  14. people shut the fuck up… the worst thing for you. is cigarettes and alcohol… but that free for the taking. liver damage, kidney damage, ageing, damage, brain damage… marijuana no damage… you are not to use anything to the extreme… as necessary anything else you're a dumbass

  15. you f**** people better not f*** it up for those that need it for medical reasons I've been using it for 30 years I'll be fucken band that you son of a b** is going to f*** that s*** up I'm only alive because of it

  16. Weed makes me paranoid, sadly, I used to love until I got about 20 y/o. I'm not against weed or anything it just doesn't work for me.

  17. I spent 8 months 14 years ago in A RECOVERY HOUSE so I'd never smoke dope again. And I never will. The shit fried my brain.
    Coffee causes me the most terrible headaches when I miss a day without drinking it, and coffee prevents me from staying focused to detail and prevents me from reading more than a paragraph in a book at any given time.

  18. Cannabis is Illegal in most Countries because it Repairs Cells and your Neurotransmitters, these are The Electrical Senders and Receivers that are Required so your body can Function correctly. This plant, it is claimed, actually Tells or Instructs a Mutated Cell or a Cancer Type Cell to Commit Suicide, thus Ridding the body of Cancer
    People need to Check Out "The Endocannabinoid System" and "The Lymphatic System"
    Cannabis is illegal because of David Rockefeller and Standard Oil, as late as 1950s
    Cannabis is Illegal because it is Good for you and Repairs Brain Cells
    Alcohol is Legal because it is Bad for you and Destroys Brain Cells
    Peaceful Non Compliance

  19. it's very true when I was young I fell down and I suffered of right hemisphere damage in the brain after that I was took medicine for more than seven years like 10years I went to the hospital I was told I was ok before that I used to have a headache most of the time but when I started using marijuana am very fine until today

  20. I agree with cannibus, but not so much with coffee and particulary the caffeine. Most big coffee drinkers I know look drained, well aged and act like absolute zombies without their fix. Caffeine is one seriously addictive drug. Completly wrecks your body's natural energy distribution.

  21. Pot is such a huge industry because people have turned Cannabis into a lifestyle instead of using it as a complimentary ailment.

  22. One time, I was smoking about two hours after I woke up. I was feeling pretty good, started making coffee and drank a few big gulps then I started feeling the anxiety/paranoia. I'm Bipolar but maybe my brain is weaker but I'll never do that again.

  23. Coffee makes you thinking in a sober and clear way as pot makes you think outside the box and be more creative…

  24. we like smoking cannabis with our much all day if you feel like it .ONE PUFF or less you say.I say get EDUCATED you dummy.

  25. In order to age gracefully, one should consume marijuana with fewer subsequent calories. Such cruel irony!

  26. What aridiculous title for a video. Aye! You said – very softly – words that are far more important than "marijuana and coffee" – "AT SMALL AMOUNTS". Some people don't read very much and therefore do not recognize the ineradicable truth that the "dosage" can be both poison and cure. If you think you can just drink coffee and smoke weed at ANY rate or frequency and not bring on the very OPPOSITE of a positive effect, you're deranged. Weed and Coffee are both positively linked with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction i.e. fatigue, and it makes good sense: both agents affect the functioning of the responsivity of the mind/body to the world around it. The stress system (mental system) and immune system (biochemical system) are essentially two sides of the same coin. Both systems are disrupted by drinking too much coffee and smoking too much weed. Whereas a regulated I.e infrequent (non-daily) usage of marijuana or coffee probably wont have serious long-term effects, long term usage (daily usage) will eventually degrade many bodily functions until the user is forced the recognize that they've developed a "allergy" to coffee/weed. All things – especially exogenous agents – are potentially harmful to heath. It is unfortunate that people have allowed cannabis  to be spoken about as if chronic usage didn't typically create problems – both psychosocial, and hormonal-regulatory.

  27. this is misleading. It was dramatically edited. Marajuana is a neuroproctant in circumstances of TBI and inflammatory neouons. however, you must use the marijuana within 15 minutes iof the TBI, and just about everything causes imflimaion, including marijuana and coffee.. stress, hot foods, insomnia, ……

  28. This is just anecdotal of course, but my grandma has been a coffee drinker her entire life (as well as a cigarette smoker until about eight years ago) and my grandpa never drinks coffee, and has never smoked a cigarette. You'd think he'd be the healthy one, but nope. He's tired all the time, sick all the time, and he got prostate cancer (which was taken care of and he's fine). My grandma has more energy than me sometimes, you'd think she's in her 40s rather than her 80s. The only indication that she feels her age at all is that she usually goes to bed before 9 PM.


  30. I smoke about 5/6 bombers every day since 1967 love coffee and I was told by the VA that I’m the healthiest guy in the building the building was tripler medical hospital on Oahu. I’m 65 an can it work any of my employees I’m x 82nd airborne. Out

  31. what about second hand smoking? and the smoke from cannabis? smoking and inhaling the smoke from leaves are bad for your lungs… and cannabis contains tar.

  32. Yesterday i drank a 23 ounce monster and then i smoked went home and i passed out my heart possibly stopped because this happend to one of my friends and he had to get airlifted

  33. omg PEOPLE!!! That professor is high same as you… 😀 If you are ill or suffer with some disease- OK use medical maryJaneIf you use it just to switch between alcohol to have fun… you are so dumb :)) Peace!

  34. Smoking weed is much worse for your lungs than cigarettes!!! Not just one organ. Its bad for your stomach too… you just dont realize it 😉 Every maryJane user got caugh like tuberculosis… Do you really think its good for you, when you wake up in the morning and got sore and ugly caugh? Wow 🙂 so paf paf another joint to avoid that sore, that caugh. Avoid that problem…Avoid your whole life with smoking maryjane 🙂 That is wise advice for you smokers. Pís

  35. If I drink too much coffee, I get nervous. If I get nervous I can place some CBD oil under my tongue to induce CALM, and REDUCE neural inflammation . IF marijuana makes me hungry, but I’m supposed to CUT CALORIES, drinking coffee curbs appetite and gives me pep to work out…..and it’s a vicious cycle. Somethings missing still!

  36. So, I've been smoking cannabis and drinking coffee since I can remember when. I'm 47 but I look closer to 30. It feels weird seeing other people my age and I often think younger people are older than me, lol. I even feel young :))

  37. Marijuana causes shrinkage of the brain like that found in very elderly people. It disables memory function and so inhibits learning ability. Damage to the mind caused by marijuana doesn't become obvious until it is too late. Your brain is a very delicate organ and a very precious one– don't abuse it.

  38. coffee makes me have to go to the bathroom so much so i can't drink more than like 2 a day lol and for weed i get high off like 0.1g of dank so i usually only smoke like 0.1g to 0.3g a day

  39. I think he meant cannabidiol instead of cannabinoid. There are many different cannabinoids, however there is just one named cannabidiol, or CBD.

    Wow. I'm smarter than a scientist.

  40. That's why we have depression pot helps everything cancer exp my mom died when I was a child pot let here live longer eat an everything

  41. I dont get all these people putting cannabis down to a " drug" yet they pop prescription meds like there is no tomorrow. Cannabis is a very positive plant that can be made into amazing uses.not only medicine. I swear I have to laugh at all these people that act like they cannot stop smoking weed they have something wrong with them the plant is not addictive. You would think they were in Alcoholic Anonymous or something. All weed makes you do is feel better relax and maybe get the munchies it also decreases hypertension and high blood pressure. I swear somebody will always try to find the cloud in the silver lining

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