Love and the Brain | SUPER BRAIN with Rudy Tanzi & Deepak Chopra

Many feel we’re nothing more than the thoughts
and feelings that are prompted in our brain by what’s happening outside in our world.
But if you are mindful of those thoughts and feelings, and you choose to live a better
life; remember, you create your own world. So if you choose to live in a better world,
a utopian world, then you will be there. It’s all your choice. Chopra: Well let’s talk about what happens
to our brain when we fall in love. I think it’s important to say that we fall in love,
not the brain. The brain carries out the physical expression of that love and from my understanding
I know that when you are feeling that feeling of love, you make oxytocin which is supposed
to be a bonding hormone. The love hormone. You make dopamine which is an antidepressant,
serotonin which increases self-esteem, and then opiates which give you that high feeling,
the intoxication if you will of love. So the intoxication of love has its own chemistry.
What I’ve also found out recently is that all these chemicals are immunomodulators.
They modulate the activity of the immune system because they are receptors to these. So the
brain in love? Tanzi: Well I think we know that there are
many neurochemical changes, very intense ones, when one is falling in love. Especially if
they’re young and infatuated. So the first question I think about is if I’m a young single
guy, and there are two women in front of me, and both are equally beautiful. But one of
them, I look at her, she’s another woman. But the other one, for some reason… I don’t
know her, but love at first sight. Who knows how many cues are coming from this beautiful
woman versus that, that makes me say I need to meet this person. And now later she’s gone.
And I keep thinking about her. And I want to find this person again, meet them again.
Like they used to do, you put an ad in, I saw you on the train at 3:00. What makes that
happen? Well what makes that happen are cues that involve the entire body. Smell, sight,
things we don’t know about. The brain allows you to react to the fact that you are somehow
falling in love. But it’s your entire existence, it’s all of your sensory systems. Things are
happening that cannot be readily explained that allow you to fall in love with one person
versus another. Some would say it’s just pheromones, which you can smell subtly but don’t know
you’re smelling. But it’s probably more than that. Chopra: And there’s memory involved perhaps
that goes back to previous experiences that influences the interaction right now, the
charge right now. Perhaps this woman reminds me of my mother or… Tanzi: Sure. Chopra: …somebody that I loved before, etc.
So it’s very complex but the brain definitely changes when you’re in love in a healthy way,
right? Tanzi: Yes. As soon as your brain, for whatever
reason you have now fallen in love, a memory of your mom’s face or new cues, either way,
your brain is simply allowing you to register that and express it, but that’s not the same
as saying that your brain has fallen in love. Your brain is allowing you to experience it.
At that point you must ask, are you now completely a servant to this new neurochemistry that’s
taking you over as you fall in love, or are you still in charge? You being the real you,
not just your brain.

32 thoughts on “Love and the Brain | SUPER BRAIN with Rudy Tanzi & Deepak Chopra

  1. i passed from acute psychosis, to differentiated schizophrenia, to bipolar disorder and to hipomaniacalism in matter of 3 years

  2. Love and the brain…. in the four seasons of ones life one experiences this in four different ways. The ultimate is falling in love with ones 'higher' self. When that happens it is the core energy exploding into unconditional love…. a Big Bang without sound. When this happens too soon, it is indeed very difficult to be able to handle the energy that sets itself free….

  3. I second that question about those that fall in love online. Can you explain that? It does happen-even to the most rational of human beings.

  4. I believe in the universe's organizing power, karmic connection/memory and the memory of the present life. I also believe that energy is unpredictable and consists of frequency, vibration, light, sound and that the brain is the instrument used to experience this universal energy physically and through our senses. LOVE is just… LOVE <3

  5. What about the neuro pathways in your HEART? they have nothing to do with thinking about what you feel?? I would think they would have a lot to do with Love, not lust or desire. Which this video could easily be labed. Lust and the Brain. Or Desire and the Brain. But really doesn't get to the aspect of Love and the Brain.

    Again, shows Man can take something apart and observe it, but still never understand the deeper mechanics of why it does what it does!

  6. These are more of an exploration of ideas from Deepak and Rudy's new book, Super Brain. But do you have a specific question? We can always submit it to Deepak for his "Ask Deepak" series!

  7. Increasing knowledge only increases knowledge. There are a lot of Knowledge regarding brain and its function in market.The whole point arises is whether this knowledge makes a difference in our every day life.

  8. I love these videos, but I have to say that the 'Super Brain' theme music is way to loud. It's a headphone don't. Just had to throw that out there.

  9. Still recovering from Valentine's Day? Now everyone has made it through the most romantic day of the year, Deepak and Dr. Rudy Tanzi discuss what happens to the brain when we fall in love.

  10. If the brain does not create consciousness, how come all drugs change our mind, the way we understand reality. How come drugs such as MDMA makes we feel empathy for others?

  11. It has always felt that way. When you fall intensely in love, it feels like something that sparks within then the brain becomes aware and starts producing chemicals to enhance the experience.

  12. these videos are just samples so you buy the book and so you get a feel for what its about that's why they are being brief on these videos get the book and it goes in to much more detail about the subjects given in the video.

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