Loud Autistic Stimming On A Plane

(gasping) – [Asa] Are you guys ready? (cheering)
(mumbling) (laughing) (suitcase dragging) Come on kiddo, you remember? You guys match, how cute. – [Isaiah] They did last time too. – [Asa] Yeah they did,
when we went to New York Summer and Abbie matched then. – We’re to the T today though. – [Asa] Yeah you are. – [Summer] Shoes. – [Asa] Everything, look at you. (laughing) Thumbs up, here you go. Hey you wanna put it in there? She’ll keep your iPad safe, okay? Easy peasy. – [Priscilla] That was so good. – [Asa] Yep, yep, there’s
always one redeeming person. Mrs. Haddock. – She was so impressive. – Yup, she did great. Too bad we can’t film that,
maybe one day we’ll talk to TSA and see if we can get
them to let us do it. So one of the cool things, I don’t know, it kinda seems a little chaotic like they don’t know what they’re doing, but at the same time
it’s so individualized that they pretty much just come up to you and they’re like “Okay
what issues might arise, “what does she need,”
you know what I mean? – So she tried calling, but
we were already checking in. So that way she could get some information on what we should expect. – Right, right, so she just y’know she put us through the fast lane and through the whole thing and walked us through the whole process. – [Priscilla] On the ground Abbie, look. – Yeah look at this. – Walk.
– Moving sidewalk, isn’t this interesting? This is where it gets
weird Abbie, are you ready? (Abbie moans) (laughing) Running start, good job. – [Priscilla] Shameful. – [Asa] Disappointed. – [Announcer] Group number
please board with group seven, and we appreciate you keeping
the boarding lanes clear until your group has been called. (Abbie giggles) (mumbling) (laughing)
– Okay. – [Asa] Look at you. – [Announcer] At this our
concierge key customers are welcome to board now– – [Isaiah] Hey, stand
up, stand up, turn, turn. – [Asa] Rich girl trick. – [Isaiah] Rich girl trick. – [Asa] Oh man, oh man, look at you. How to lose your AirPods 101. – Yup, she’s gonna chuck ’em. (laughing) – You look so cute in them, oh my goodness look at you. – [Asa] You look stressed. – I’m okay. – [Asa] So they normally,
you said they normally, yeah they do normally call for anybody that needs assistance, hang
on I’ll move my coffee. – Families with young children. – Right. – [Announcer] Dallas passenger Hotch, check your podium C tent please. – [Asa] But we’re the last
group to board, but that’s okay. Hopefully with any luck
she’ll make a few noises walking down through the aisles, and then it’s like hey, we’re gonna be in the
back of the plane, FYI. It’s helpful I think. – Yeah.
– Right? Go, yeah you wanna go? Well guess what, we’re really go gonna go. Couple hundred miles an hour. Hurtling through the air. – [Announcer] Welcome to board through the priority lane, thank you. – [Asa] Do you remember this tunnel Ab? – [Attendant] Hi how are you? – [Asa] Hi, this is
Abigail, Abigail has autism, she might make a few noises or whatever but she’s not in distress or
anything, everything’s fine. – [Attendant] That’s okay, no worries. – [Asa] Little sensory
processing disorder, can you say hello, say hello? – [Attendant] How you doing? – [Asa] Good job, let’s go. (mumbling) Why are you so excited? (Abbie vocalizes excitedly) All right, let’s put this under your feet. You ready? (Abbie hums)
(chattering softly) (Abbie yells) (mumbling) (Abbie yells) (Abbie moans) (Abbie yells) (mumbling) Hey, look.
(Abbie moans) Take my hands. (chill music) First flight in the books. (loud muffled announcements sounding) – Actually people
commented how well she did. – Yes, they did. – I thought that was awesome. – Yep. – For them to recognize. – Right, mm-hmm, they could– – She had a few moments where– – She had quite a few.
– She would yell out. – But they were short. – Well honestly people were
startled the first time, but then after that it was fine. – Well you know how she
does her long yelling thing? She didn’t do that at all. Like it was just a few
short little yells going on. (mumbling) (chuckling) Everybody’s comfy. So, we got, how long is our layover? – Our flight– – [Asa] We start boarding at
9:30, something like that? Okay, so hour and a half. That’s a cute blanket Cilla. – Thank you. – [Asa] Plane number two, are you ready? A little more hyped than we were earlier. That could be problematic, we’ll see. At least we’re in a good mood, good mood’s better than bad mood. You got it. – Hey Abigail! (plane noises drown out Priscilla) – She may yell out, she’s not in distress. (plane noises drown out Priscilla) – Okay, which (mumbles)? (plane noises drown out Priscilla) All right, I’ll pass that on. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – Welcome aboard!
– Thank you. – [Greeter] Hello, welcome aboard. – [Asa] Woop, careful. – [Greeter] Welcome aboard. – [Asa] Just like the other one. (clapping) Hard clapping. (mid-beat music) Which one do you want? Do you want juice, orange juice, okay. It looks very different here. It’s weird right? And we went back in time By three hours. – Three hours. – [Asa] It’s crazy, our
day just got longer. Oh lord, Abbie are you ready
to get off of this thing? You’re not you wanna stay? You wanna go for another round? You wanna head back across the country? – Maybe in 10 days. – [Asa] Huh? – Maybe in 10 days. – [Asa] Did you have a good time? You did, did you like the plane? Was it fun? – You were super busy. – [Asa] So busy. It was successful Ab, good job. – [Priscilla] Ab what’s
wrong are you tired? We’re waiting on the luggage, everybody knows how that is. And Miss Abigail’s taking a nap. Do not mess with that bag missy. Suitcases are here! It’s always good when
they don’t lose anything. Success!
– There’s all of our suitcases. (mumbling) – [Priscilla] Here we go, Abbie, can you pick that bag up? Please ma’am, thanks. – [Asa] We got the wagon! Now you guys are gonna take the van, and Priscilla and I
are gonna ride in that. Sound good?
– Okay. – [Asa] We got a dodge caravan, a little Deja vu huh? Damn Priscilla! – Back at it again with the mini van. (laughing) – Same old same old, here we are. – [Asa] Yeah, were we go. Oh my gosh you know what? – It’s like we never left. – [Asa] There’s way less compartments. – [Priscilla] That sucks! – [Summer] I really want this compartment. – [Asa] Where you gonna
put your Chick-fil-A sauce? – I don’t know.
(laughing) – Oh we are officially in LA. Like we are free. – [Priscilla] I need
my paper, just in case. – We are free from public transportation, which is fantastic. (cheering)
(upbeat music) We flew all this way just
for an In-N-Out-Burger! (laughing) Oh my goodness! (cheering) Yay, In-N-Out-Burger! – Abbie we’re gonna eat
and get back on the plane. – (laughs) Yes this is the
only reason we’re here. – So none of us have ever
been to In-N-Out Burger so we decided this is the first thing that we had to do on our trip. – Yeah.
– Yup. LA, LA we’re in LA oh my gosh! It’s dirty here, it’s not that clean. – The breeze is nice though
it’s not that hot out. – It’s not hot at all, that’s awesome. It’s amazing, it’s way
hotter in Jacksonville. The flight was a challenge. It was a challenge, it was
just really long flight and Abigail was over it. – She was just busy. – So busy, and was very
active she wanted to, okay I mean she was a
little more than busy. Like we spent five hours
with her blocking her from petting the guy, Priscilla and I blocking her from petting the guy in front of us. Petting, she wanted to pet his head, so. – But you know what, it wasn’t terrible. – No it was not. You know what made it not terrible? Everybody around us was
super understanding, and they talked to us about Abbie. – The flights crew–
– And the flight attendants– – Was amazing.
– And the crew, yeah. – I don’t know, I think it went amazing. – It went so well, so well, but it was a very active,
very busy event for sure. – What I think part of it is, we’re tired. I think that’s part of it. – Exhausted, so tired. Yep, time to eat. (chattering) This is madness. Everybody’s so nice, too. – I know, and they are
like, they know their job. – [Asa] Yes they do. (laughing) Here Ab this is yours. (laughing) – Holy crap!
– Asa forgot to ask for no tomatoes– – [Asa] That’s all right,
we’ll just pull ’em off. – [Priscilla] Because he
was a little nervous, so. – [Asa] Yeah, it was so busy in there. Okay Ab’s getting the first bite. – [Isaiah] Oh yeah. – [Asa] Okay what’s your review of In-N-Out Burger, how was it? – [Isaiah] Was it good? – [Asa] Is it good Ab, yeah. (plane flying loudly) – We were like right there. Like we don’t want any mishaps. – Airbnb house tour! Heyo, nice huh? – Ooh!
– Yeah, I like it. (Abbie yells)
(Abbie claps) – [Asa] Right. Is it good and echoey? Nice little deck area. (Abbie hums) – [Isaiah] That’s cool. – [Asa] Trip B episode. – [Isaiah] We have fancy
lights that do this. (chuckling) – [Asa] The pool with a diving board. Isaiah’s gonna get hurt. – [Isaiah] What? – [Asa] I said you’ll probably get hurt. – Are you saying that
’cause I’m not graceful? – [Asa] Dude y’know, yeah. – [Priscilla] So, this is our room. And this is nobody’s room. – [Asa] Nobody’s room. Wow, they got a fancy bathroom. – [Isaiah] This might be the Maass room. – [Asa] It might be the Maass room. (laughing) The girls. – [Priscilla] Maybe the girls in here. – [Asa] Or the girls. – [Priscilla] Girls. – It’s really sweet.
– Then Isaiah and gramps. – Yup, gramps is riding his motorcycle down from Washington State to hang out with us
for a day or two right? So this is where we’ll be
staying for the next 10 days. Front door’s wide open. – House is already paying for itself, I found a quarter in the night stand. – [Asa] Winning. Cheaper and better than
a hotel room for 10 days. (splashes) That was sick bro! – I’ve never dove off
a diving board before, I’m gonna do bad. – [Asa] Yay Abbie! – [Priscilla] Now! – [Isaiah] There it is. – [Asa] Send it! (splashes) (laughing) – [Priscilla] Oh brother, look at she’s. (laughing) – [Asa] Why don’t you
just stick to the fronts? – [Isaiah] Yeah let me do the fronts. – [Asa] You slapped your knees dude. Like your knees were the only part of your body that sent it. (splashes) (splashes) So, what do you think? – I love it. – [Asa] Nice right? – I am so tired. – Yeah. Okay so the Weezners don’t get here ’til like one a.m. some time around then, so you guys will see them tomorrow. We’re gonna hang out, we’re
gonna order some food, hang out in the pool, we
will see you guys tomorrow. VidCon tomorrow?
– Yup. – VidCon tomorrow, bye.
(beeps) (chattering) Tik Tokers, they’re always so extra. – You guys Tik Tokers? – [Asa] No, you are. So why are Tik Tokers always so extra? (laughing)

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