Living with ADHD

ADHD stinks. You can’t focus on anything.
In school my grades got really bad because I just kept focusing on things
that weren’t important like when I have to be doing math and be focusing on that
one crumb on the desk. I’ve had ADHD since birth basically. And it’s been
really hard. ADHD also has side effects such as depression and anxiety. And I’ve
had to press him since fourth grade and I’m in eighth grade now. ADHD also comes
with a lot of pills…I used to take about three to five pills. I’ve taken that
range of pills my entire life. Today I take three pills a day; an antidepressant,
a focus medicine and a medicine to help me sleep. Did I mention that ADHD also
comes with insomnia? I’ve had insomnia since third grade. My insomnia I got so
difficult that I just couldn’t sleep at all I stayed awake for a maximum of four days
and I just kept falling asleep in school. During recess I fell asleep and woke up
to all my friends staring at me. Yeah ADHD is probably the most degrading
disorders of all time in my opinion. Just comes with so many side effects and
makes you really self-conscious. People also probably think I’m really weird in
school…especially because sometimes when I get really upset or anxious I just
curl up in a ball and don’t talk to anyone. And that can last for up to an
hour or two. It’s just been really hard to cope with it and I’m just really
hoping I can learn to manage it better as an adult.
Overall ADHD has made me a better and and not-so-good person at the same time.
I don’t really know how to explain it. I feel like ADHD is kind of a burden but
it’s kind of a special thing to have because kind of just boosts your
creativity level like… noticing
things just gives you a better imagination.

100 thoughts on “Living with ADHD

  1. I have adhd and mine is like when someone is aruging with my I will fight them I am a really bad kid when I have that kind of stuff

  2. I'm the person with the most pretty much worst anxiety on the planet and I do have ADHD I am in grade 3 and my name is Justin

  3. One of my older sisters has ADHD. She suspects I have ADHD. I have a hard time paying attention, and my imagination is huge. And teachers are like "JUST PAY ATTENTION." It's not easy. Seriously. Even in a room with nothing but colourless walls… I'd be staring at the colourless walls, just imagining things.

  4. ok i need advice. i'm 13, i'm female, my dad has adhd, i relate to most of the symptoms but i don't want to ask my mum to take me to a therapist because she'll just say i'm making up excuse for being lazy in class n stuff. does anyone have any advice? :'(

  5. A girl at my school self diagnoses herself.
    Last time in our class we were assigned to do a presentation. She raised her hand in front of everyone to say " WHAT IF YOU HAVE ANXIETY DO YOU STILL DO IT?" I have anxiety and would tell the teacher on my own time. :/ She also said she has ADHD and depression. Even though she participates in a lot of presentations and volunteers A lot and speaks clearly. (=^・ェ・^=)

  6. Attention defecent hyperactive disorder. Is a mental illness cause be a shortage or loss of a chemical in the brain call dopamine, dopamine caries signals from the brain to nerves that control impulsivness, sleep, and ability to focus. (I did a report on ADHD last year) ( so people could shut the F up and stop saying "you can't keep using your ADHD as an exuce")

  7. I have ADHD to and it does suck. I'm watching this at night cause I cant sleep. I also take 2 pills a day but I forgot what they are for.

  8. Don’t worry me too it fucking Sucks same here my class is fucking annoying Fucking annoying I put my hood up and cover my face cause there fucking are 23 kids in my class

  9. I'm not joking when I say I have adhd I've had depression since 4th grade too. I'm not asking for likes I'm just saying something about my self

  10. ADHD isn’t like that !

    Why? Because I have it!

    My grades are great and I don’t have depression and I have axienty but it der actually good! I also sleep every time and I don’t focus on different things! I think she doesn’t know that A.D.H.D isn’t a physiological Disease! It’s just a Ad from your body till you are grownup!

  11. I do have ADHD but mine is not that bad….yeah i lose concentration and sometimes i have insomnia and hyperactivity, but not THIS bad

  12. I have ADHD and I know that depression isn’t a symptom. Only the medicine you take have side effects of depression so take a different medicine.

  13. I have the less agrovent, counterpart, ADDD. It conflicts with my PTSD. (my dad had cardiac arrest) ADDD also comes with side effects like depression, anxiety, and in my case perfectionism. I (currently) don't have meds.

  14. My brother is on the spectrum, has ADHD and ADD. He’s 16 and still doesn’t know how to blow bubbles with gum, roll his tongue, nor snap his fingers. He had to take medication for 7 years but 2 years ago he got off. He always used a fall asleep in class. Once he got detention for threatening too beat up this kid. Sometimes he doesn’t pay attention in class. Did I mention that when he gets angry he gets angry! Like dangerous angry! He threatens and throws punches!

  15. Listen i have ADHD 9 one of the highest levels of ADHD and i am one of top students so dont blame ADHD for youre shit grades just fucking geta grip

  16. I can actually relate a lot like to this, For me it's hard to sleep because I'd be focusing on like a video game. I'd also get so mad at people for making simple noises like whistling in class. Also I'd have to tap my foot all the time and use special seating because I couldn't sit still for 2 minutes. Just wanted to say, your not in this alone! 😁

  17. I have ADHD and seeing people have the same thing and relate to my symptoms makes me happy because it lets me know I’m not the only one.❤️ I wrote this on a Friday at 1:00Am because I cant sleep and as I wrote this I was focusing on my blinds😅

    ADHD has taught me to be who I am
    People may call me a weirdo but I don’t mind it sometimes

    I’m really insecure about my body and my actions

    And I can never sleep

    As she said that when the gets angry she curls herself up in a ball. Well I do it too 🙂

    Just know that if your feeling lonely because of your disorders just know that your not the only one and that u are just unique 🥰❤️🏳️‍🌈💚

  18. I am suffered from ADHD, and this is very true. I have to take Ritalin pill to keep me focus, but that made me even more depressed.
    Luckily, my mom is a nurse, and she has been talking on Facebook and even Youtube on how to cope with ADHD.

  19. I have ADHD. Everyone has it different I take 1 pill for focus for school I get really tied I don’t have depression or anxiety it must be a you thing my cousin has it like jumping up and making noises I just can not focus and draw on work it’s a very new problem and at one point it wasn’t discovered and children were just seen as naughty.

  20. I was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago now (I’m 12) and it gets on my LAST ADHD FILLED NERVE.
    – I zone out every 10 seconds
    – I haven’t got any meds or pills
    – I fidget with anything 24/7
    – one noise makes me pay attention to it for 20 minutes.

    I can’t remember any more (did I mention memory? :P)

  21. Some people think that ADHD is fake and it's only a lie in order to sell more pills, well, let me ask you this to all you people that think it's fake, why don't you try not sleeping for f*cking days on end because you can't f*cking focus on anything, why don't you try fidgeting so much that your pencil breaks whenever you just hold it, f*ck off to all of you that think ADHD is just a money scheme, shame on them.

  22. I have ADHD too and it sucks. I have similar experiences to this like depression, and attention stuff but it’s kinda personal. But I am going to therapy so yay ;w;

  23. I have ADHD and I love it because I don't want to be like all the others and it's nothing wrong to have ADHD or other diagnoses

  24. I have adhd and Take pills for that, but before i took pills… (Im a girl)
    When i got angry i could punch everyone and everything and Run home from school without Anyone knowing it, so ya, I have depression, VERY FUCKING hard to sleep, and everyone thinks I’m a weirdo because I scream in the corridors a lot,and fights

  25. I don't have ADHD, but I feel sorry for those who do have it because they find it difficult to focus on things.

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