Leg Lymphedema — Managing the Symptoms of this Disorder

Leg Lymphedema – Managing the Symptoms of
this Disorder Although leg lymphedema is not curable, it
is possible to manage the symptoms to provide relief from swelling and pain. There are approximately
140 million people who suffer from lymphedema in one form or another. However, lymphedema
that occurs in the legs can be one of two types – primary or secondary. Primary typically
affects the legs and feet and secondary affects the legs or arms. What is Leg Lymphedema? The swelling that is experienced by those
who have leg lymphedema is one of the most common symptoms. It is usually confined to
one side of the body, but can be on both sides. It may be caused by a trauma to the body or
as a side effect of treatment for cancer. There are several stages of lymphedema. The
first stage is when swelling in the leg is noticed and generally can be relieved if it
is elevated. Pressing the skin on the leg with your finger will leave an indention. The second stage includes swelling that is
not relieved by elevating the leg. Pressing the skin does not leave an indention. The
third stage includes permanent swelling and there is generally scarring and the skin becomes
hard. As mentioned previously, the condition is not curable, but it can be managed by elevating
the leg and the use of a lymphedema pump to remove the fluid, similar to what the lymphatic
system does when it is working correctly. How does a Lymphedema Pump Help? A lymphedema pump has a sleeve that is attached
to a machine. The sleeve is placed on the leg and it applies pressure that aids in draining
the lymphatic fluid that has accumulated. The pump pushes air into the sleeve that is
placed on the leg, inflating and releasing in sequence. This helps the lymphatic fluid
to flow from the leg to the body in the same way the lymphatic system does. The result is relief from the swelling that
occurs in leg lymphedema. The machine that is used is quite portable and can be carried
from one room to another or taken on trips, vacations or visiting relatives. It operates
quietly and many people use it while watching television, reading or listening to music. The Benefits for those Suffering from Leg
Lymphedema The benefits provided to people by using lymphedema
pumps to manage the swelling and pain of leg lymphedema are many. For those with severe
swelling, it is generally not possible for them to manage the everyday tasks that most
people take for granted. They cannot walk very far. Often walking from one room to another
within their home is quite painful. Exercise is recommended for lymphedema, but this is
not possible because of the pain. Another beneficial aspect is that most lymphedema
pumps are covered by insurance. When your doctor writes a prescription for the pump
for relieving the pain and swelling of leg lymphedema, it is considered a medical necessity.
This means your insurance company will pay for most of the cost. There may be a small
co-pay, but the major portion is covered. Dramatically improve the quality of your life
and successful management of Leg Lymphedema with our Lymphedema
Compression Pump. We’ll work with your doctor and insurance
provider for you. Call us Today at:
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