Launch video – Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Lab

The greatest challenge of eye tracking is to capture the natural behavior of the person being eye tracked. Our mission is to empower professionals with the best products when it comes to studying human behavior. The Pro Spectrum eye tracker is a high frame rate eye tracker is designed to deliver the highest quality of eye tracking data, while still allowing full freedom of head movement. There is an increasing interest in combining eye tracking with other physiological signals. I have been working for Tobii Pro as a Biometric researcher specialist, giving them advice and supporting them as a user. We have developed a three dimensional mathematical model of the human eye. This allows us to extrapolate data even when conditions and positions change. Tobii Pro Lab is our new software platform, where we have worked a lot to increase the workflow efficiency. It’s a biometric platform that allows for combining eye tracking data with other biometric sensors. Pro Lab comes with a sync out solution, it’s easy to use because it can be automatically configured. I’ve learnt the importance of having high and accurate timing synchronization, and that means to synchronize it down to the millisecond. As a researcher you want to know who can you track and in what conditions does the eye tracker work, so we have a report available for anyone who wants to see how we test our eye trackers. We have been doing this for 15 years; collecting data and fine tuning the algorithms. To be able to train those algorithms to work on as many people as possible, you need to let the algorithm see a lot of different faces, a lot of different eyes. The Pro Spectrum gives you high accuracy, high precision, high frame rate and freedom of head movement and that is a unique combination.

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  1. We just ordered a 600hz Pro Spectrum here at the Brigham Young University School of Communications. I'll let you know what we think!

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