Kid Miraculously Healed Of Brain Injury

The accident happened on I-35 going
North. I remember looking back and seeing no traffic whatsoever and just being
really relieved and turning around and then I would say two seconds after
that, we flew in the air. We were hit by a 18-wheeler. He
was going 73 miles an hour There was another truck there…instead of
hitting his brakes to get away from the truck, he just switched lanes and didn’t
see that we were there. And so the black box data from the truck shows that he
never hit his brakes. Caden was in the coma for a week. The very first thing
that they said was like “don’t Google this, It’s really bad.
90% of people die” and it was devastating and I remember just kind of
crying, calling Grant, calling my mom. The words a doctor said was you’ll never had
the same son. I really felt that the Holy Spirit was saying ‘you can claim that,
you’re not gonna have the same son, he’s gonna hope he’s gonna have a reason and
he’s gonna be more on fire for me than if this hadn’t happened.’ So that’s what
was amazing about his injury. There was no medicine, they could do nothing. Yeah
the doctor said that because there had been some trauma to the frontal lobes
that he would probably not speak for months. Nobody can take credit
for what’s about to happen We knew God had given us a promise for
Caden’s life and we were very much holding on in faith to that in spite of
how grim things were throughout the week. Right as the Sun was rising up they took
off the master let him try and breathe on his own. I woke him up like I would
like I woke him up this morning and he just opened his eyes and looked at me
and blinked and smiled and when he opened his eyes that set off the whole
recovery that the doctors were just astounded at. They would come and be
like ‘well this is really good but don’t get your hopes up.’ So we come in and we’d
say we really don’t expect Caden to wake up. We’d walk out and then they’d
call us back in and just say ‘Caden opened his eyes.’ They would come in and look
and be like ‘okay yes he’s looking good, didn’t expect to see this, that’s
very good.’ We’d say ‘okay well that’s incredible but we don’t expect Caden to
be able to communicate right away.’ And Nikki looks at Caden and said ‘oh Caden will you
ever speak again?’ and then in that moment he said ‘yes’
Caden is talking. It was really neat because every time we tried to tell them
as doctors like ‘please don’t hope too much for your son’ which is
a horrible thing to say but it really is from our
experience in this, Cayden kept proving us wrong. So I asked if he remembered any of his
Bible Bee verses. You asked him, you said can you say one of the verses and he
actually started saying John 8:12. Then that was the first sentence he said. It
was one of the best ways to to show like ‘no he’s here, he’s functioning, he is
speaking, he’s remembering things.’ like he is, he’s communicating with us. Prior that
it was just kind of like thumbs up and when Caden started saying his
verses, he remembered all of them because it’s one thing when a kid is like
speaking or saying ‘that’s my mom or my dad’ you know eight passages is probably
like 16-20 verses, so it’s pretty incredible already when a seven-year-old
can do that after being in an accident but when you have a child who is waking
up from having severe brain damage that was just something to add to what the
doctors were seeing so we had to go to a neuropsychologist and she literally said
to me ‘it’s fortunate that Caden is a good looking child because he’s never
gonna function the way he functioned before, he’s not the kind of kid who
you’d ever asked to go into a grocery store and remember five
things on a list.’ Oh really like he can’t remember five things. Yeah
we’re gonna see about this. So I went to the parking lot and I signed
up for Bible Bee. I feel like now that I’m in Bible Bee I’m
basically stomping onto what they were saying like walking over its stomping on
it. The kids at church would be like ‘oh we can’t do this’ and like but they all
knew Caden and they all looked up to him and I’m like ‘if Caden’s doing
it, so can you.’ It was incredible to watch him, to watch
the other people not have excuses and the very first year he made Nationals
was like one of the most exciting times of my life because as a mom to have
people put these limitations on your child like ‘no not gonna do this, not
gonna do that’ and to see your child the first year memorize, I think the first
year was like 516 verses…and memorize them like that and go to Nationals, I
think I cried the entire time. What was put in Caden couldn’t be taken out, like
not even an accident getting hit 73 miles an hour having severe
damage, brain damage, almost dying could take away the Word of God. If I could do it and I was hit by an 18
wheeler car and got a brain injury and then was re-healed then
you could do it too. Well in the accident we learned that the safest place to be no matter what is
in the center of God’s will. So, what followed that season of our life
is that in May of 2017 we went to Southeast Asia to visit a friend and
while there the Lord put it on our heart to move there and become missionaries. So
for the past 14 months we have lived in Southeast Asia in a restricted country
that is restrictive towards the Gospel towards Christianity towards evangelism
and we are there working as children’s ministers basically and supporting the
International and the persecuted Church there and to say it’s
restricted means that all the work we do has to be underground
and hidden so it’s a very interesting situation to be in with your five kids
but something we were struck by that I want to share as being a part of this
community, being a part of this family that we are. God sent us into this
situation prepared because we went in as a Bible Bee family and which means we
went in filled to the brim with Word of God and we went to a land that is very
dry like a barren desert, a very weary land that is almost completely void of
the Word of God and so I got to see our children, I got to see Caden become
like these wells of living water and they’re on this thirsty thirsty ground,
you know thirsty ground when water gets poured on it, it just sucks it up right
away, right? And we began to see this passion, this excitement and this love
for the Word of God begin to spread not only to the other children in the
International Church where we have been ministering but also to the people there,
the local people there that we have had opportunities to reach out to and so
it’s been amazing to see this hunger for the Word of God spread and it’s
incredible, God is so good, we’re going back after the new year. This has been a
wonderful season home to see all of you, we’ve been so thankful to see all your
faces and hugs and handshakes and sharing news, so just thank you so much,
God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support. I want to encourage the
parents because there are many many times as we were in Southeast Asia that
we wanted to quit. It didn’t change when you’re on the other side of the world.
But it was, Bible Bee to us there was that oasis, it was water, and whenever
we felt like we had enough we got a Bible study from the Del Toro
family or we got a Kahoot from the Cruz The love that we felt knowing
that we weren’t alone was amazing and I want to encourage the kids because you
guys are equipped with something so invaluable and at some point you’re
gonna understand. When we were there, I think we were there for maybe two weeks
and where we live, there are idols everywhere. There are altars everywhere.
You go to eat and there’s an altar down here, here, there, everywhere, and I
was talking to my son Caden and he said ‘you know mom the other day I was
wondering what’s different about us and about them as I was watching them pray
at these altars’ and as a mom I got prepared right? like I’m gonna share some
tidbits with my son. And he paused and he said but then the Holy Spirit told my
heart the answer. And that’s when I realized like ‘you’ve been spending time
with Jesus, you’re well equipped for this battle.’ And that’s what I saw. There were
places we can’t go, places that are closed, hearts that are hardened, I
watched my kids language teacher who is also someone who’s there to survey, just
keep surveillance on us, who’s hard to the Gospel. I watched him
jump up and down as my son Kai was proclaiming to him. See there are
places where we work where you can’t take your cards cause it’s
illegal. That’s how valuable the Word that you carry in your hand, the
cardstock you print your verses on, and that’s how amazing it is.
And I watched this man who would not let us share anything with him jump up and
down hearing my son proclaim. So there are places that you are
going to go, and as parents that’s why we do this, because we know that we’re just
paving the way for you, for hearts that are going to open to you now as children.
You don’t have to wait to be adults or to go across the world to make an impact
with the Word that you have, and it is so sharp, and I encourage you to pray it, to
share it, to live it, because you’re the generation and you guys have weapons and
you’re the army, and so I just want to encourage you tonight. Thank you.

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