Jungyeon overcame her depression [Happy Together/2020.01.16]

All right. Jungyeon, – your life was pretty good. / – Yes. It went up at the age of 30. It went up. She starred in – an MBC drama / – That’s right. as an actress. You began to pursue your dream – in earnest. / – That’s right. I see that you aren’t smiling. I thought you were a smile machine. I was learning new things, so I felt happy. – Then in 2017… / – You know, it was the first time in your life – to hit rock bottom. / – Yes. I think I struggled a lot then. I suffered from relationships with other people. I received quite a shock – and heartache. / – I see. I couldn’t get over it. When you are struggling, you should meet other people, talk about your problem, and receive consolation. But I couldn’t open up. I went deeper into the cave by myself. I couldn’t even make an effort to overcome it. I hit rock bottom. Negative thoughts filled my head. “I lived the wrong way. I was foolish.” “I am a failure.” Those thoughts swept me away. – Negative thoughts. / – Yes. I lost the reason to live. I only thought about saying goodbye. – Seriously. / – Saying goodbye? Saying goodbye to the world. – My goodness. / – Yes. You must have struggled a lot. (Not even Hyunmoo knew this.) I didn’t talk to any of my friends. I just lied down on the bed all day long. My mother was worried that – something would happen to me. / – Of course. She came to my place and took me to the hospital. There is such a thing as a depression test. My result was 98 percent. – It means… / – It had reached its height. I was an empty shell despite being conscious. (She was an empty shell despite being conscious.) I am sorry. (Thinking about the past makes her tear up.) I am okay. So… I think I dug myself into a deep hole. It was so bad that I stayed on the bed for a year and a half. I didn’t eat much. Losing the will to live made my appetite dissipate. My weight was down to 40kg. My muscles were gone. Unless I held on to something… (She had no energy due to lethargy.) You can sit down and stand up, right? I couldn’t stand up. You had no strength. I was in that state. (An emotional scar ruined Jungyeon’s body and mind.) That lasted a long time. Starting from October of 2018, – I began to overcome it. / – I see. (The turning point) Since then, I resurfaced as if I am manic. (Laughing) That’s how I live now.

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  1. Well, all started from interpersonal relationships, we need to know how to deal with ourselves to keep on being sane enough to live our life!

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