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  1. i dont wanna live, but im scared to die, im bi, my crush rejected me recently, my parents and brothers always put me down, my parents accept me for being bi, but dislikes lgbtq+, and even tho i think they accept me, im scared.. i used to cut and im almost 13, i still would like to cut, but then ik if my parents found out, i would get the one thing keeping me sane taken away, whats that u may ask? my laptop, this is allowing me to have friends, and talk to ppl, and they're taking that away..

  2. I don't really know im deppresed or not, but i just like to force smiles and laugh. Some of my friends dosent really care how i feel, They only care if the had fun but not me.. I have this close friend, were together for 3 years now. But just everything gets on our friendship. I just don't feel comfortable in school. I don't feel comfortoble anywhere. But sometimes i like to cry for no reason lmao

  3. I have depression it started when I was 12 I had lost a lot of family and friends it’s gotten to the point that things that us to be fun are just not. My new friends don’t understand cuz we all have different depressions thing that happened in are life it has gotten pretty hard. I lost all of theme around Christmas so I try to just get past this time of year un like my friends how are out of school for the holidays lucky them I’m home schooled so I do school throw most of it . I am 16

  4. I’ve been bullied since kindergarten I’m in grade 8 now I’m scared to talk to anyone I have had people walk in and out it hurts I cry every night I feel so alone all the time I have PTSD

  5. Everyone usually say that you got nothing to be sad about because you're young and they think it's all fun and games but times have changed and the truth is it's really not that great

  6. I may be so late but I’m so surprise to see a girl who is Thai and Cambodian in the video because I’m also Cambodian.🇰🇭 Just hope that everyone here who has depression can beat depression as the kids in the song. Be strong 💪🏼 , you’re not alone!!!

  7. I wish I had something meaningful in life.
    so tired of living like this.
    I HAVE to let it go. It,s easier to finish everything than living depressed or useless.

  8. When I was eight I disabled myself, ran into a glass sliding door, 152 stitches, internal and external. This damaged my right knee cap, nowadays I can't do the thing I love, sport. I don't sleep, I'm starting or believe I have insomnia or something, also starved myself because I was "too fat" according to the bullys, now I don't even know when I'm hungry? Recently had 4, nearly 5 lost family in the last 11 months. Alcaholic father with scitaphrenia, mother with bipolar. Then theres me: Depression, anxiety's a big one, insomina and probly. Go to school everyday and try my best. That's all I can do, try. "It's better to try then to not try at all" says my lower school teacher. I take her words.

  9. I feel I’m trapped right now my dad is really sick my mom is sacred and she doesn’t talk to me and I don’t know what to do I am really scared I’m going to lose my dad.

  10. Mental Health is important, take care of yourself. Teens have it worst. So many people self harm in middle school and stop once they enter highschool, but some don’t, those are the ones to lookout for

  11. I’m depression mode like for long time but I trying to make other people happy but not me happy i hide my depressed for long time 😞

  12. I'be been bullied for 10 years, and depression kicked a year or after. I have found the way out. That moment I realized I had beaten depression. Depression is like cancer, once it spreads it can be fatal. I have a bit of words for all the people who have to go thru this right now:
    •Wake up, Wake up everyday no matter what, and survive until your last breath, until your fate meets. if you need someone to talk to find people online, they are the most understanding. I too have discord, it is: Nachos#7855
    I hope all of this can end soon for you, in a good way.

  13. um some ppl are acting like they're depressed cause if you scroll down the comments every single one is saying I'm depressed or something that have sense with depression , listen up not EVERYONE is depressed some of those ppl are just lying to get or likes or fame. It was just an alert c;

  14. Not gonna lie, reading these comments with people who are going through what I’m going through makes me feel so much less alone in the world. Thanks.

  15. yeah. i most likely have depression yes i cut yes my mother knows i cut but she wont do anything to help me. everything is an effort i struggle to find reason as to why i should get up in the morning my stepdad thinks im just seeking attention but im not im trying to find a way out and i cant ask for help because they shut me down, i cant tell them i like girls too i cant tell them im not a girl i cant tell them about the people i date because they will shut me down and run me down till i feel like im not worth breathing.
    i m getting therapy for my anxiety which is a start

  16. I'm scared for when I do… I do stupid things… I go alot in the wood, I dont care about pain, and I think maybe someday it will get to me.

  17. Two weeks ago at school..I literally had a breakdown and I actually left the class with everyone looking at me…my boyfriend didn't seem to care and it hurt me even more… other people who hate me cared more..this 7th grader I've never met cared about me more….I sat on the bathroom floor crying for like 15 minutes…I was so embarrassed..I wanted to wait till the bell rang then get my stuff and leave…he broke up with me last week because the girl who hurt me and caused my pain made him break up with me by telling lies…everyone hates me and I have 1 friend who isn't able to text and moved last year….I'm genuinely depressed…I may not seem like it but I am. My step mom mentally abuses me and my life is just hard…

  18. lol my sister was thinking that you will make a song about cyberbullying case ther a song call all the kid are deprressed

  19. Am I the only one who literally can’t cry even if I feel depressed like you want and you need too but juste can’t (expect some mental breakdowns sometimes but rarely)???

  20. I live far from my country and recently visited for a few days, after 5 years. But I still feel like I never went back there and my heart screams at me and tells me to return but my mom won’t let me, she says she risked too much to bring me to this country and that I should just stay. I’m starting to think she just wants me to be with her and not my dad (they’re divorced and my dad is back in my country) and I just wanna go back and be happy because those few days I was there were the happiest days I had in years. I just don’t know what to do, and every day I torture myself thinking of that but I’m too afraid to ask anyone for help so here I am sharing this story with the internet, because the people I’ve reached out to just judge me and don’t help me. I hope that whoever you are you are having a great day and thank you for reading my story.

  21. For the past year or so, I’ve cried more than I ever have. When I’m with friends, I hide how I actually feel in fear of them leaving me because I’m too “negative”. I try telling my parents how I feel but my dad is like “it’s because you lock yourself up in your room every day after school.” I may do that, but I close myself in my room, because I need a place to myself to cry, because I had a rough day or I need to calm myself down and do something I like. He says I shouldn’t get depression at this point of my life. My family had a situation last year that left me pretty scarred and on top of that my school was full of cliques so all I had were two friends that I constantly fought with.
    Now, I’m pretty much battling every day. From my mood swings, to me skipping meals and crying so much. On days when I don’t go to school, I stay in bed until like 2 in the afternoon. What’s the point in getting up? I feel like no one in my family understands. I have a therapist and I’m trying to get through it but it’s so hard

  22. Nobody really knows what's up or makes a move to help others until they've had the experience. Rest in peace, Big Brother. I love you so much. Ryan O'Neill 7-19-00 -> 7-30-19. I loved you so much. ❤ 🙁

  23. have you ever been so sad that even tears dont come. you feel like it would all be better if you cried but you just cant.

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