13 thoughts on “Jeff Lichtman (Harvard) Part 3: Brain Connectomics?

  1. Very beautiful visualizations. This work really helps to SEE how complex inner brain connections are and this presentation, if anything, perfectly fulfills it's purpose to point out what the actual dimensions are we have to deal with in order to obtain a general understanding of the brain's complexity.

  2. Great job. Whatever those machines cost, they are worth it. Not knowing how the brain works is an embarrassment to science. In a sense, this reminds me of the Crick and Watson situation, where they were faced with a biological system full of complex interactions that were marginally understood. Once they exposed the mainspring, all else fell into place. Hopefully some similar insight will expose the central dogma of the brain and all those very complex looking attendant processes will resolve too, soon.

  3. i'm doing my bachelor degree in mechatronics, how can i get to work on projects like this? i'm really really interested

  4. these synaptic vesicles at the end 24:00 still belong to the brain system or is this already the actual flow of information?

  5. Outstandingly insightful work. Truly stunning just how complex biotechnology is, and how remote the day where we will be able to completely understand how it works.

  6. How sad that billions of dollars are wasted on really useless scientific endeavors like telescopes and particle beam accelerators instead of brain research.

  7. “The thoughts that come out of my brain are far less impressive than the machinery of my brain“

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