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My son came into this world, I was so happy
to be a father, but at about 7-8 months old we started to notice some things were just
a little out there, no eye contact, they’re constantly holding a car spinning wheels,
not babbling, not affectionate, my wife kept telling me, be ready. Well I basically at five months, I knew my
son, something was wrong and I knew it was autism but the doctors wouldn’t diagnose him.
Then finally at eighteen months old he was diagnosed. And we were told by the doctors kinda what
we already knew, it was time to stop denying it and find out everything I could about this.
And just like with everyone else, it’s a giant jigsaw puzzle. It’s confusing and but just
knowing that this was going to be a part of our lives and Jayson just being this beautiful
boy that he is, we knew that we had to become proactive in the community, instead of just
reactive. Instead of always looking for a place, if we couldn’t find a place right away
we would make a place. Having a child that lives with autism at home,
when I come in allows me, in a little way, kinda to deal with or to socialize with the
other children with autism that come into the gym. Jayson does come in and loves to have
here but we also don’t bring him here every single day because this is his life and our
lives and we need to leave it for a little bit of a treat for him like the parents bring
their children in. Some of the children with ASD they’ll get into something for a while
and then not want to have anything to do with it. You know they go through phases and we
just don’t want to burn him out on something that we’re locked into for our lives. And his school and all, I’ve gone to pick
him up and I’ve seen him, he’s kinda around kids but not too much like playing with them,
but when he comes here you know he jumps with the other children and he you know he’s starting
to interact with other children more. At home he’s got a brother and a sister, but
20 and 18, you know and he’s 5. And then all of our friends that had children, all of their
children are the ages of our older ones, so there’s not many play dates that come over
so this is his chance to get out and play with other kids. Thank you for taking the time to watch our
video. Please if you know someone who lives with ASD in their home and these people feel
that there is no place for their child tell them to watch this video, subscribe to our
channel, please visit the gym and they’ll see there is a place for their child. There
is a place for them. Thank you for watching.

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