13 thoughts on “Jake Paul Thinks He Cured Anxiety

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  2. This video was great. You didn’t just go off on Jake like some would but broke the tweet down sentence by sentence. It was entertaining, informative, well researched. (I’ve kinda given you a hard time about research lately.) I want to see more like this. Best wishes with the new channel.

  3. ngl getting control of rumination, going for a walk every day and spending time with friends/family is what helps manage my anxiety/depression.

  4. Oh yeah, I created my anxiety and my triggers because I wanted to suffer all I have. Yeah, I'm one of those who rolled her eyes to the back of my skull. You know how many people, especially non professional individuals who think a 'workout" will solve anxiety? I workout every day and it's still there.

  5. I try not to judge when someone talks about an illness but there usually needs to be some evidence to back up your case.

    For someone who claims to have anxiety Jake seems to live one hell of an extraordinary life. He is very open and overly confident when it comes to meeting people, seems to handle being around crowds very well, goes out every day, parties hard everyday, is rarely seen without a huge entourage around him, doesn't mind being swarmed by screaming fans, doesn't mind having a camera in his face everyday, is happy being on stage in front of an audience. I know everyones different but the average person with anxiety would struggle to do half of those things. Funny how he filmed his life EVERY DAY a few years ago and yet not once have we ever seen him have an actual anxiety attack. Just saying…

  6. I do not believe for one second that Jake has any significant mental health issues. As those of us that do, do not use them to excuse behaviour. I have PTSD and Depression due to my Stroke. I have had panic attacks, I cannot control the panic attack, as I cannot control my environment. This is just another "celebrity influencer" attempting to justify and explain why they are a horrible human.

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