100 thoughts on “Jake HaldenVang’s “Powerful” Performance Reminds Kelly of Prince – The Voice Knockouts 2019

  1. This guy's got everything. He's a really good singer and his voice is great. I miss something though, and that's authenticity. He's too eager to please, not confident with who he is yet to have the impact that he could have.

  2. Jake's voice is unique. I could feel his presence during the whole song; it was an amazing performance – truly!!! He definitely can go far! Cheering for you man, if not on the show, somewhere else spreading your talent!!!

  3. Jake ROCKS, All the Rockers out there should get be hide this guy and send him to the top, I got goose bumps when he rolled out with this song, and his voice. !

  4. Gwen listen and listen good if you dont choose him if the public didnt vote for him in the live playoffs there is something seriously wrong with you ., You have to save him . He could be your chance of winning . Top 3 Jake , Rose and Joanna

  5. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. I can’t stop listening !!!! I love that performance!! That version of this song is soooo much better!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Mucisian to musician ,,man your voice is awesome,, Kelly was right when she said that theres no one like you in the industry,,, im jelous with audience ryt now…. Im a fan man From PH…🙌🙌🙌🙌 cant wait to vote💕

  8. wow sir u never fail to show more of your astounding ability every single time you step on that stage,, i suddenly feel like a proud mom,,, REALLY REALLY looking forward to your future performances oh my god love you and your voice so much

  9. This was my favorite knockout, & I'm a team Blake country fan, but omg, he ROCKED that room, & MY HOUSE too! Jake, that was POWERFUL! 😉

  10. Love your voice Jake and yes its sooo powerful and reminds me a little bit of James bay.Love watching you perform.You do have a natural gift.Truly Amazing!God Bless You!Cant wait to see your next performance.😍

  11. Way to go Jake! I had never heard that song before so I had to go listen to the original after your performance and then hear your version again! Wow! So much better than the original the way you added your bluesy style to it! Very sultry sounding! I've been repeating it and singing it every day since and even have catch my staff members singing it or playing it during the day! Rock on, friend!

  12. Just wanted to stop in to Thank all you wonderful people so much.. All your comments warm my heart ♥‿♥ Your support has been overwhelming and it's very much appreciated!! You guys all Rock!! ✌😎🤘🎼🎤🎸

  13. First time hearing this song because of Jake! Love his voice! Def had to listen again because it's so " powerful"
    ** Very sexy *

  14. Gwen and Jake that is an incredible*** Iconic Version** of Major Lazer's (Powerful)..No disrespect to Major Lazer but honestly I rarely hear a song that I absolutely have to immediately listen to a 2nd time as I've grown up with some incredible artist in and out of recording studios…When I do ,its definitely a hit and whomever wrote that song should definitely want the royalties if this is rerecorded and rereleased…I love the the slight Stevie Ray Vaughn riff added and the powerful moment of electricity inserted by Jake coming through his hands reminded me of Mick Jaggers awkwardness as Mick always appears to be coming out of his skin with excitement..This is what a reality music show is suppose to highlight …."Talent"….Jake even showed some octave levels comparable to Adam Lambert at just the perfect areas and the funky quirky vocal noises takes me back to the Motown era…This is what the music industry needs NOW…Quality….Love his phrasing…..Gwen make this guy your project and work the magic between yourselves ,this has HITS written all over it…The "Je ne sais quo" factor ….Jake,Kudos ,that puts you in the top two but your delivery is much more mainstream and this gives you the edge…Now work on advancing the look past a shampoo commercial as Kelli eloquently described….Think bigger than life Bling and the lights will follow…Katie Kadan is a prime example and the bright vibrance of her attire and charisma definitely helps showcase her voice…Excellent performance…..simply excellent….this is definitely in my daily song list….oh,one more thing ,the ending of the song ,do something different to make everyone want a sequel…..something original and dynamic…..

  15. The Hook of the chorus….Do Not Mess with it….You know when you have the opposing coaches Blake and John's heads bobbing with the choppy melodic magnetism comparable to Hall and Oates you've got a winner…..Music Moguls like Clive Davis take note of this guy…

  16. Jake, your voice catches you and pulls you right in. So many layers to your voice. Try a song without the guitar because when you gestured with your hands during "Powerful" to your heart, you were powerful ! Keep singing songs that show off that voice ! Hope you win !

  17. Song suggestions for Jake
    “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin
    “Budapest” by George Ezra (to show his softer side)
    “Rock and Roll All Nite” by KISS
    “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix
    I’d suggest “You Give Love a Bad Name” but that song seems like a curse on singing competitions

  18. No disrespect to Royce, but I absolutely disagreed with the coaches' comments about this knockout. I think Jake is in another league, waaaaaayyyyy ahead of Royce! Jake's talent is undeniable!

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