It’s okay to ask for help

Don’t hold it all in, please. It’s just gonna break you,
if you hold everything in, it’ll just pile up and
you will just lose it. You will become mentally and
physically exhausted and so stressed, so talk to someone, talk
to anyone, talk to me, talk to your RA, if you don’t have
an RA because you live off campus, talk to a counsellor, talk to a
friend, just make sure you’re letting out what you feel
because when it builds up, it’s gonna break you down and it’s not fun. One really suggestion is reach
out to supports that are on campus. We’re here to support you, we
want you to be successful, we want to walk with you on your
journey here at Laurentian. The other thing is again maybe
utilizing the Medicine Wheel, looking at the four quadrants. So what are you doing spiritually,
mentally, physically, emotionally to take care of your well-being? I think a big part of it is who
you surround yourself with, your support system and if you
don’t have that support system, then there’s really good
resources on campus, they wanna help you and
wanna see you get better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
because there are many people who are going through
the same things as you and there are many people who
are there that can help you, but they don’t who you are. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to people around you. You have to take that first
step, seek services, even talk to a friend. Just the smallest stuff
will get you on your way to getting help and getting better. You’re not alone, 1/5 Canadians
suffer with mental health, so we all need to figure out
how to deal with it together and everyone is here to help you. It’s not a shame, it should
be spoken about openly, and if you need help, don’t feel shy. In this era, everyone is mentally stressed, nobody is 100% mentally healthy. There can be days where you
are stressed, depressed, and there can be days when
you are totally 100% fine, and there is no shame in that. We do see some students who may be afraid to come into service, or they are
nervous to talk about what’s going on, or they don’t feel like
their concern is valid. I hear a lot, well “someone
else has it worse than me or “my friends going through more than I am so I don’t want to be a burden to them by
talking to them about how I’m feeling.” It’s so important for everyone to know that their problems are valid, what
they’re going through matters, and actually one of our
workshops, The Inquiring Mind, one of the key focuses of that workshop is reducing stigma on campus, while building resiliency. So that’s always a workshop I
recommend to students as well, just help them feel valid in their feelings and help those feelings feel normalized and to know their not alone
in how they’re feeling. We have a few ways students can access us, so they can send us an email at, [email protected], they can pop into our office, we are located on the 2nd
floor of the Parker building, or they can give us a
phone call, at ext. 6506 We also have walk-in services,
so every Monday through Friday, from 1pm-3pm, students can simply walk in and meet with a counsellor that way, which is really great.

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