It’s a whole spectrum!

Hi! I’m Mary. I am autistic and the autism
is in my brain. That’s why I experience things a little differently. Today is my
birthday. Dad made these pictures for me to prepare for the day. I’ll be more
confident when I see pictures. They show me what I need to do and in what order. You may be wondering what I’m doing with my hands. It helps calm me down when I’m very
excited. I’m not comfortable when everybody’s singing and looking at me. Still, I like having my
birthday and my friends understand that sometimes we act differently because
they know me and they know about my autism. To them, it’s completely normal.
– “Are you okay?” – This is my friend Kate she’s really fun and we’re always
playing together. “Woah, echidna! That’s the animal that was missing in my
collection!” – Maybe I forgot to tell you but I’m very interested in animals. I
think I know all the animals in the world. Echidna is an animal that lives in Australia and New Guinea. Many people think it’s a Hedgehog when it’s actually a rare species of anteater and lays eggs like a bird but it’s still a mammal. When I grow up I want to make TV shows about
animals! This was a great day, I am very lucky. My autism is just a part of me and always will be. To understand me you just have to get to
know me because no two people with autism are the same. It’s a whole spectrum. Good night everyone! Good night. Good night. Good night. Good night.

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