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  1. People around me give me hard time sometimes. Girls get together, gossiping and back biting. That's why I have a very small circle of friends and we sincerely understand and support each other. But I am really happy. Allah makes me happy. At hard times, He brings me true friends.

  2. Oky actually im studying now for my final . Then İ saw your vid and watch for release my stress. Good job ! Your mission is complete , by make other happy ! Your contain help reduce my stress HAHAHHAA thank you XDD

  3. Masha Allah, so much very very very Nice  👍👍👍❤❤❤💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹my brother  Rasheed Oh🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋❤❤❤👍👍👍

  4. If you want to relax for a moment, you can hear a song 'Deen Assalam' cover by Sabyan, or another songs from Sabyan Gambus.
    It's a nice song. Maybe you like it.
    Keep fighting, Rasheed Oh.

  5. Ma Sha Allah .. if you ever feel alone just go to offer prayer you will feel like you are talking to Allah and that he is listening you , you will no longer feel lonely , you will feel very better, light and joy yourself. ☺️😊

  6. If you’re depressed there are many solutions, you can learn about it from authorized sides BUT there is one thing i know you can say it and remove your depression , i think so , just try it ::::: allah allah my lord i dont worship any god except him , say it 10 times i think , thats by my translated english words , but is better if you can say it with arabic if you can understand the meanings of the word :::: الله الله ربي لا اشرك به : you can have pronunciation from the internet

  7. If you're sad, you should listen to Qur'an in Arabic and you will be happy إن شاء الله…. احبك في الله ❤️🌹

  8. Salaam bro

    Yeah Islam doesnt cure depression. But it DOES give your life purpose which in turn may take you out of depression.

  9. https://youtu.be/N2DftPB_YCc

    This is Surah Rahman, recited by Qari Ziad Patel.
    The Surah helps against depression and is MashaAllah beautifully recited by Qari Ziad Patel. I listen to it with English translations. My favourite part is “Is the reward for good [anything] but good?”.

    This is dua al faraj, recited by Abu Thar al hawaji. Its beautiful, MashaAllah it is really short so you can easily listen to it if you do not have a lot of time but feel depressed.

    Another way to cheer yourself up if you feel depressed is to read articles about the benefits of Quranic surah’s. It makes you happy and you learn so it’s a win win.

    MashaAllah, I am really proud of you Rasheed, and happy to welcome you as a new brother. InshaAllah, you’ll get a lot of love and peace and happiness in this life and the next.

  10. Praying charge with postive energy.. i suffered from depression before. After praying a lot i felt i'm happy and stopped thinking about things that made me sad 😍😍 hahahah you made me laugh by this dance 😂😂😂😂❤

  11. MashaaAllah this is so true. I love the fact that you refer to the Quran. Latahzan inAllah ma'anna – Don't be sad, Allah is with me ♥️

  12. Stay positive all cause whatever you faced bad setuations there is always hope there is always second chance just look at the bright shiny side in your life


  14. May Allah bless all of us with happy life,,,may Allah protect you ❤️stay safe ,,and if you need to know anything ask imam in the mosque he is the best teacher for you ,,,with my support,, sherry ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Meditating on creatures are in the Islam because you will think of the creator and your Faith will be stronger
    also and the must important think you have to listen to God
    if you are a good Muslim and Trust in الله
    he will help you ..
    (After the hardships the vulva will come )
    believe me cause I had depression before 🌷

  16. May Allah Bless You Brother Rasheed
    I love watching your videos and I enjoy listening to the Korean language
    I would love to hear the translation of Surah Al-Fatiha in Korean

  17. (62) Unquestionably, [for] the allies of Allah there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve

    (63) Those who believed and were fearing Allah

    (64) For them are good tidings in the worldly life and in the Hereafter. No change is there in the words of Allah. That is what is the great attainment.

  18. Allah is always with us in sadness and happiness. Therefore, when we feel happy, we must thank him for giving us this moment(Alhamdu lillah)🌸💜. When we feel sad, Allah will be with us because we remembered him in sadness.☺️😊love from Jordan🇯🇴❤🇰🇷

  19. Bien sûr mec moi je suis musulman quand je m’éloigne de lislam je deviens dépressive violon sans pitié et à chaque fois je me rappelle que c’est des connerie je reviens à mes prières et à allah tout deviens normal mais une fois le satan 👹 m’attaque me met des connerie dans ma tête je me met à fumer boire et faire des trucs méchants et c’est là où ça commence la déprime ☹️ et le moque d’argent etX

  20. The sad thing is. Nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting . We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we wouldn't ever know It 💔

  21. When you see nature, it is about witnessing the existence of Allah as everything exist because of Allah. So, when you look at trees, birds, rivers, food and everything, remember Allah. Everything is created by Allah

  22. From what I understand, the root cause of depression is the lack of faith in the Creator and the understandment of Creator and the ultimate purpose of life.
    Develop that relationship with Allah and we will learn to embrace fortunes and misfortunes alike.
    Love you brother:)

  23. I have a chronic illness that make it difficult for me to sleep at night

    When I begin to think negatively about it and feel impatient, I remember the Hadith that everything that happens to a believer is good for him
    If a difficulty happens to him, and he was patient, Allah will reward him
    If he had good times and thanked Allah for it, Allah will reward him

    So in either way, it turns to be all good ❤

  24. Since you are a new Muslim, I will tell you advice today when he mentions the name of the Prophet Muhammad, you say peace and blessings be upon him, or when someone who prays to the Prophet says to you

  25. The second information is that Islam does not deal with the nationalities of Muslims, as the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said there is no difference between an Arab and a foreigner except with piety and good deeds.

  26. كلنا معك ..يا استاذ رشيد ..اخوك من ماليزيا..
    انت دائما عقلك عبقري..وانت متواضع وطيب

  27. I’ve struggled with depression in the past. It’s not always easy to stay positive, but I think you are right that we should try to think positively about ourselves. ❤️ Prayer helps too

  28. Yes, indeed with hardship will be ease, because, you won't find yourself always going through hardship non stop. For example when you got flu, it's not that you got flu and never recovered! Or if you got no money it's not that you got no money forever, there will be ease after that. You will recover after you get sick and you will get money after you don't have money. Plus, everything is related (butterfly effects) so one problem you got it will contribute to the solution of other problems, we just don't see it. So we must be grateful to Allah. If everybody for example in this planet become rich then who will gonna clean toilets because of rich already no need to work especially that dirty work. And even if we all become rich we can't even withdraw money from ATM since ATM workers became rich already and don't need to work to put money in ATM.. See… Be grateful, this world is nothing and short compared with the eternal life in paradise. You can't not believe this or can't not believe in God The Creator if you believe in justice, because, you think the most cruel person let say Hitler, killed millions and then when he died nothing happened? This is our mind can't accept, deep down in our hearts, because every man is born submissive to his Creator, or simply said born Muslims. That is why if people died during kids or before the reach mental maturity, they won't held accountable for their action and paradise are free for them. So for us who matured already we are held accountable if we deny our Creator when we got the message of Islam. It's simple logics but many don't see it.
    And every hardship given to Muslims, even just dust enter our eyes, it will be rewarded. So be patient and spread positivity.

  29. If there is problem in families especially between wives and husbands, read or listen Surah al Baqarah everyday.. It is like a Miracle..https://youtu.be/8x_URBJW5Dk

  30. Please my friend, please add the Arabic translation for the Arab viewers, may God bless you and protect you and your livelihood

  31. Depression treatment methods
    ١. Frequent saying (استغفر الله والصلاة على النبي محمد ) كثرة الاستغفار والصلاة على النبي محمد
    2. Reading the Qur’an
    3.Qiyam prayer, Duha prayer and Sunnah prayer .

    Biography of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarni

  32. يريتني متمكنة من الانجليزي منيح لحتى اعلق براحتي وريت في ترجمة للعربي

  33. Brother rasheed… I suggest you find an teacher (ustaz) to teach you the basics of Islam. learn 6 principles of faith and 5 principles of Islam. learn the basics of faith (faith), fiqh (how to pray) and moral (tasawwuf). My advice, don't be in a hurry. do it slowly but steadily. May Allah s.w.t give you the strength to remain steadfast and endure the trials. If you have a problem, you can find a qualified scholar and teacher to help you solve the problem. Prophet Muhammad left two things: the Qur'an and the sunnah (hadith). If you hold on to it, you will never be lost. Other references you can make are ijma scholars and qias. May we all meet in heaven in the hereafter. Amenn… ❤🇲🇾

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