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  1. Depression and anxiety can be physical caused by chemical imbalance or vitamin deficiency…others can be emotional.  Doctors can't use a one size fits all treatment.

  2. its not psychological needs, its spiritual needs, the way our spirit feels determines our thoughts. Our spirits need to feel loved, and connected to other loving spirits. You cant think your way out , only spirit your way out. modern society is deliberately set up to keep peoples spirits fearful-advertising, and ridiculous work loads work hours and social expectations on how we need to be to be acceptable to others.

  3. I must say I feel extremely blessed…I spent many years…around 20, on antidepressants, my most recent psych dr refused to increase my meds, instead, referred me to the most incredible psychologist. After seeing her for almost 1 year, I chose to go off all meds and just deals with my pain head on and use the tools (natural) she gave me. I have been off meds for almost 18 months….no my life is not perfect, I have emotional issues I deal with…but I choose to feel the pain, not dull the pain, and because of that, I now realize its about what I thoughts I choose to accept and what thoughts I choose to denounce as lies💛💛

  4. Shhhhh. A sound from his voice is the golden sounds and he will voice to sell (random)
    Shit, i want valium after that *(that is a rude un true statements. ) i dont believe the hipe.

  5. hey tucker didn't you catch the guy giving the finger at the start of the video? this video should be pulled and edited to pull that out.0:43

  6. The fact that people respond to treatment such as TMS, antidepressants, ketamine, psilosybin or suddenly depression just disappearing shows that it isnt strictly psychological. They have recently uncovered genes that indicate that theres an inherent predisposition to depression. It doesnt mean you'll get it but it increases the odds that you could.
    Anhedonia is not a choice and currently theres no clear reason why one would have it nor how one could get out of it. Losing interest in life is not a choice. It's very much a naturally occurring thing much like any other irregularity in nature. The brain is an organ like the kidney and heart, they are subject to injury and deficiency leading to sub-optimal performance. What he's saying is only part of what we have somewhat understood.

  7. I like this guy. I will read the book. Ive been dealing with anxiety for many years. Its very minimal right now because some good things have happened in the past 6 months. But i can always feel it even if it's not causing problems at that moment. I went through a spell of about a year that anxiety woke me every morning. It's so incredibly draining. I want to know the root cause of this anxiety. I want to know how to rid of it. I don't feel like me.

  8. Read the bottle…may cause suicidal thoughts. Maybe may cause murder thoughts too? Over-prescribed anti-psychotic drug control NOT gun control.

  9. I'm not shocked at all at these "findings" regarding loneliness. In the past I had many co-workers I still consider friends, but they have all since moved on in their lives. I have many acquaintances, with whom I share greetings & pleasantries, and I am friendly with neighbors & fellow Church-goers, but I have no truly close friends. No one outside a precious few of my family is reliable in times of need. A friend, closer than a brother, that is worth dying for as the Bible mentions, is a very RARE treasure.

  10. This Johann Hari is a liberal Anit-Trumper. Not that some of what he is writing about isn’t true; Just be careful of Liberal Indoctrinating bullshit in the book. I agree anti-depressants should not be taken; but I don’t like people who try to tell others what to believe.

  11. Schools cram memorizing things to get good grades but the Bible teaches you truth and about life that helps guide you to make better choices and decisions. its important to have wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that you can keep walking in a better path and avoid the ignorant and the fool and avoid the snares of the wicked so you can walk in safety so that you can have a better future years from now so it's very important that younger kids get familiar with the Bible at a young age and hear the Good News of Salvation through the finish works of Jesus Christ which is a free gift and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior so you can have eternal life and be filled with the Holy Spirt and the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. If you find yourself feeling stuck in life, and can't move forward, unhappy and feeling depressed living in misery and thinking about suicide. Maybe its because you made bad decisions, choices, maybe you were born in bad circumstances in life. Maybe you didn't have a loving Father or Mother or experienced physical abuse or experienced something bad that plays over and over in your mind that you absorb those bad experiences and feel like your in knots and that nobody understands you. and feeling stuck in life or because your in bondage to a negative spiritual sin that's holding you back from enjoying life. There is hope. Cry out to Jesus Christ to come into your heart and Save so you can have eternal life and experience the love of Jesus and for Jesus to set you free.

  12. Medications can help lift mood enough for therapy to work. When in great pain it is hard to do anything. Studies have shown Cognitive Behavioral Therapy alone often works as well as medication alone for depression. Even better is the work of Albert Ellis and REBT. Search for albertellis.org . I have a MS in Psychology and a MSW and have seen great improvement in a short time with these approaches. But people are complex and nothing works for all. If they are living is chaotic situation the systems also need to be addressed (Social Work is system rather than illness oriented). If there is gunfire heard every night anxiety is justified, if the person has been abused then fear is protecting them.

  13. Seriously del your facebook and only talk to people on the phone or in person. If they won't cut them out of your life, they are a waste of your time.

  14. MDMA contains the answer to depression.
    The only problem with MDMA is once the drug wears off you go into depression for 4 days.
    Zoloft tries to replicate MDMA but does a horrible job.

  15. The reason they prescibe drugs us because you need to start treatment right away! I totally agree with a START on drugs, as you do not want anything to 'happen'. The real issue here is that they KEEP you on these drugs instead of doing cognitive sessions. They need to do a drug treatment, figure out the cause of your issues, and have a plan for you that includes weaning you off of these drugs! Somewhere in the human psyche we have from 'survival at any cost', to sadly 'life just sucks' movement. Keeping busy is a great way to keep inner depression in check. Depression from outer sources are a totally different beast though!

  16. Control your thinking and don't let your thinking control you. Yes many say "that's easier said than done"
    I know for a fact it is an easy thing to do, don't be so weak and put your attention outside of your head, put your attention outside of your head,
    put your attention outside of your head!!! See you're thinking of what I just wrote and not thinking of anything else…

  17. Sexual addiction is the #1 cause of suicide and depression with its progressive, compulsive defeat and constant feelings of pain rejection by others that don't have their problem. Many turn to drugs, psychiatric or street, for relief of their psychic pain. It only makes the underlying problem worse, denial of their problem, even when the chemistry is 'corrected'. They cannot really appreciate life and the members of their own family, because they have let go of the center of their human dignity, the calm, intuitve wordless gentle constraints of the moral identity they were given to develop into their own authentic character, the purpose of life. They like excitement, lies, illusions and lose themselves in it. They become our activists, clergy, politicians, profesors, addicts, convicted criminals, liars, thieves, serial killers, terrorists, mass murderers, perverts etc. They accuse others of what they are and what they have done. Their once bright inner world collapses into darknesss and they are then referrred to the outer world with only their excuse making derelict intellects and evil cunning left to get by on. They hate seeing the inner world they left behind alive in others. They seek out others like themselves and for the false hope of a social salvation through being part of a herd mentality and their individual hypocritical virtue signalling. They don't like to be reminded by example of what it is they should have become.

    Cain hated his brother without a cause and killed his brother just because Abel was a more gracious man than himself. This has always been the root of trouble between individuals and groups. They mostly hide in academia, politics, religion, the arts, anywhere where they won't be held accountable to a legitimate authority or have to deal with others graciously without consequence. They are the living dead, compulsive, progressive criminal perverts, from the gutters to the halls of power, the real zombie apocolyspe. One day they will all have to be killed, but not before they cause a horrible nuclear war. Only a special kind of people will be able to survive that and go on to realize the hope that all honorable people have had for thousands of years, real peace, all over the planet with only people of right intent to face the eons of time together with. The Creator works through advancing civilization, not religions or churches. Each person must find the Truth himself, privately following the common sense decency everyone gets when they are made.
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  18. I am not religious, and dont attend church. But i do recognize the old version of that "scrub in the back yard that people got together and formed a community" was church. As fewer and fewer people attend church, more become lonely because they dont have a community to replace the one that church provided. Whether you think religion is a construct or it is real doesnt matter, it does have a place and has a very real and effective use in our society, at least until something replaces it that does the same job

  19. How can you be lonely in this world? There is constant access to virtual friends on YouTube and constant contact with the mysterious and hidden corporate and government surveillance states. I agree you can't have real friends anymore because they record everything and your bound to say something inappropriate or Illegal at some point.

  20. Fighting depression without drugs is possible. I was condamned by the medicine as ‘’ MD’’. In reality it was a depression provoquer by massive and addictives licites and Illicite drugs by doctors during a first hospitalization in Psychiatrical services. Provoquant a deep trauma, after three days without absolute memory of the events, just the trauma. After this one, diagnosis of mental illness with many other Psychiatrical Internements during ten years, with harassments, tortures, humiliations and fake diagnosis. But behind the walls of the public hospital.The symptômes was provoked by the drugs using as weapons, as the tortures, and the violation of my physical, intellectual, and moral integrity. It was a long way, with sufferings for me to understand what it happened, to survive, and to stop all their medications under constraints despite their control, their threats of more medications and sequels, when I was not interned, I was in freedom provisory . The health care French system authorizes these medical deviances. Doctors are functionaries or assimilated , they depends of the Social Security and of its state’s programs, of the Health Ministry, and for the Emergency services from where my first internment was organized and the tortures, of the Defense and Interior Minitries. In 2014 I send a testimony and complaint at the French Justice, 18 pages, including my Pharmacological expertise, I am Pharmacist, but it rejected it, without any meeting with the judge.It was via the Police Office. With Police woman arrogant and so happy to annonces me the reject of my complaint. The same arrogance and violence from her during her first convocation at the claim of the invisible judge. Less of one hour to explain my case, and she said me than she hasn’t my written testimony that I sent to the Justice, asking me what judicial procedure I wanted for my complaint. It would be like I asked with arrogance at my patient what Medicaments they want, because I would be unable to choice for them.. Just to say, yes it is possible to fight against mental illness whitout drugs, or with drugs but very well adapted. Against addictions also. A psychological support is welcome. But at the condition that the experts in psychology and doctors are not our assaulters. That it was the case for me. But today and at this time French State is still in the denial of its crimes against humanity.Including the denial of our identity, as person, as victim also. #MeToo #Metoodoc Amina Naili, February 10, 2018. From Bordeaux, France. 🍀🎈

  21. Most things that we think are common "knowledge" are just lies that have been force fed to us over 30 years.

    Everyone has to assume now a days that they are being lied to by everyone and everything, or at the very least misinformed. You must do your own research before concluding a creditable opinion.
    The more you care about the creditability of your opinion, the more research you must do.

  22. First you need to figure out if it is sadness or depression…do you have reasons to feel the way you do, have things happened to you, are you struggling with real issues like loss of job, loss of spouse, breakup…if you don’t walk through the journeys that are difficult, if you take a magic pill to avoid the pain, how will you ever get away from it? It will sit inside you and like a black hole drag everything in your life into it. Talk therapy!!!! Pharmaceutical companies don’t care if you are dependent upon a magic pill! It is more money for them!!!

  23. it is depressing in a world that hates white males, the future looks so dark, just joking around with friends will get you tossed out of school, say something your fired, watching your Natural mates being mind washed to breed with other groups on advertising, TV, movies, watching your brothers serving in the military risking and losing their lives in wars that have nothing to do with your peoples needs or wants? Yeah it's easy to get down in today's globalist world

  24. In my day men were the head of the house, women were their wife posessions, children under mom, parents of husband more important than parents of wife, wives could B smacked around if step out of model expected by husband, not look at another man eye to eye orcalled flirt. Of course there were exceptions & extremes of meaner men & nicer gentler men. The best we can do is read God's written word, pray for discernment of good & evil, cry when need, grieve when need, laugh when can, but put ourfaith in Jesus Son of God & our Father God, It is written; I have not given U the spirit of fear, but the Spirit of Love, Power & a sound mind to all who Believe! God is not angry with us. His mercy endureth forever.

  25. well school teachers are told to tell parents to get their kids on ADD drugs. the schools are making money on pushing this crap, fake news media will not tell you the truth. http://www.rense.com/general4/addd.htm

  26. this johannhari guy is a total ass wipe. duh its because of how people are living,,,, really like people who thing cnn tells them the truth and they fall for the lies thinking they are constant victims of police crimes so they go out and kill police and burn down things and then kill each other creating black on black crime and then the blacks feel like drug addict tweekers so they then give themselves a mental illness and go out and kill and burn down things that have nothing to do with their issues such as burning down a black beauty supply store or gas station that did nothing to them, they actually make the issue worse because of fake news and they can all thank obama for this, he passed a law giving all news media the rights to make fake news with no liability from it when people do go out and kill,

  27. I’d side with Johann on this- psychiatry came off the couch 30 years ago and started writing prescriptions- we are a “pill” to fix everything society.

    I also believe that there are people that do respond to these drugs well, but the majority of people do not and in truth, react adversely. Especially those that abruptly discontinue taking them. SSRI’s and tricyclic medications do NOT make anyone “happy”, they’re drugs that make the patient apathetic. Yes, big pharma, trends in medicine/psychiatry has put us in one hell of a mess. Look deeper and you have the NWO Agenda behind this- drive us down psychologically, get us all doped into a state of apathy and we have the perfect “controlled” society.

    No one thinks past their noses, it seems- much less no one wants to either reject the situation that is depressing them or causing them great pain. Secondly, the technological revolution is making us weaker as human beings- too many use the internet to interact with other humans and don’t go OUT and literally socialize, coming together for a purpose. Most simply hide in their homes, sitting online on social media, expounding upon their opinions with no REAL dialogue. Much less we refuse to stop this sickening agenda at play in real time. Nope, easier to gripe online.

    We are on the edge of a huge societal breakdown.

  28. Good one. One gets tired of seeing Tucker have to battle looney libs & stubborn ideologues every night. Frankly it's a bit depressing.

  29. BigPharma dictates everything at this point. When doctors treat you only by what drug they can give you there is a bigger problem then y'all know. They convince you you are depressed. They give you antidepressants for problems they don't want to find because there could be a natural cure. Keep em drugged and calcify the pineal gland because then the masses can be controlled.

  30. The docs have it right, but they have it wrong. The "chemical imbalance" is there, but they wrongly treat it with pharma drugs. The "chemicals" needed to actually fix the problem (not just try to allay the symptoms) are simple nutrients. They're called magnesium, selenium, zinc, "vitamin" D, iodine, etc. People are suffering horrible side-effects from pharma meds instead of literally taking care of their "chemical imbalances". It's sad.

    Other drug-free methods for depression not caused by deficiency do exist. FasterEFT is one of the best alternatives within the "tapping" emotional-healing modality. Check it out on youtube.

  31. Glutamine and the b vitamin Niacin cure depression. Gluten and chemicals mess up the gut and you become deficient in these as well as other aminos

  32. Well Im very opposed to children being put on drugs that alter their brain function before their brains are completely developed. Not to mention the lose of IQ that results from taking SSRI meds.

  33. While I have read Mr. Hari's book and find it very informative and agree with a lot of his points, I find this interview by Tucker downright disgusting and misinformed. It is very clear where Tucker stands on the matters of mental illness, he is pro-stigma, believes that the truly mentally ill need to be institutionalized, and that some illnesses like depression and anxiety are made up and are nothing more that a money-making scheme created by psychiatrists and "big pharma". As someone who suffers from major depressive disorder and Aspergers syndrome, I do agree that just taking medication isn't enough, and finding meaning and purpose in one's life can be a huge benefit. But that's not to say that all people that take medication are weak as Tucker assumes. Rather, I'd say we are strong for knowing we have a problem and facing it head on, while Tucker continues to promote his alpha male stiff upper lip suck it up snowflake attitude.

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