Indian Street Food in GUJARAT with BRAIN EATING WIFE (Vadodara Non-Veg Tour) #RockEats

The spices from the Chinese, Hello friends, How are you? I’m back in Vadodara this time with my wife, with Manisha. Last time I was here I did a veg food tour. So tonight we are gonna have a non veg feast. We’re going to go to a bunch of non-veg places and have some of the best meat you can find here in Vadodara. Now Manu, you’ve been here This is like your first proper time in Gujarat, right? Manu: Yeah
Karl: What has been the standout veg dishes for you? Because that’s what you’ve been eating so far, just veg. Manu: There is shrikhand which is my favorite, second is the Gujarati snacks mainly, chivda, dhokla, khakhra and bakarwadi. Third is aamras. Karl: Aamras okay. Can you see this what we’re sitting on, this old motorcycle. Manu: We should sing that song
Karl: What song? Karl: No, this is a Punjabi restaurant. Sorry, we’re in Gujarat but we’re gonna eat some Punjabi food. So we should be singing Diljit Dosanjh.
Manu: No This thing comes from Sholay, you don’t know you need to watch Sholay. This is a family friends restaurant, we’re gonna start here. I’m gonna try a couple of really unique dishes, it’s something called Kadaknath chicken and it’s black chicken from Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Then after that we’re trying something very special fenugreek chicken. Hello, bro. Good to see you again. Kunal: Yeah,
Karl: So you’re gonna take us around tonight and show us some other restaurants after this one, right? Kunal: Yeah, we will be going to 4-5 places.
Karl: Awesome. So we’re gonna try a bunch of dishes okay, we’re not just staying here. Can we go in the kitchen?
Kunal: Yeah, we can go. Karl: Wah, that’s the bonus of knowing the owner. Access Hello namaste. So this is your kitchen bro.
Kunal: Yeah, this is the indian section where all the gravies are being prepared. And this side is the tandoor section and roti. This side starter section is being prepared and this is the pickup area, where the food is prepared and kept here and from there it is dispatched. Chef: You have to wear this cap.
Karl: Oh yeah yeah, you can put it on me I’m holding the camera. It’s amazing being in a kitchen like this, right?
Manu: Yeah, I have never seen this before, how all these gravies are prepared and these vegetables. Karl: And they’re literally frying everything fresh making all the masala powders fresh and hygiene level is good, too. That is so important in India, right?
Manu: Yeah Karl: You won’t get sick at a place like this. We will go and eat some street food soon and Manu: No,
Karl: Yes, we are. Manu: At 3 am you’ll be like, ‘babe my stomach is funny.’ Karl: Yeah, the amount of trips I’ve taken her on to the hospital alone where I’ve had severe pain from eating Indian Street food, like severe pain where I need of morphine, it’s been like three times now, right? Manu: Yeah, you can’t eat street food. Karl: You can’t stop me eating street food. He’s making Kadaknath chicken right now. All right Manu, we have fenugreek chicken and we have Kadaknath chicken and Kadaknath chicken is black chicken. Do you know anything about black chicken? Manu: Yeah, I just found out. It has very low fat content, it’s high on protein, it has iron and it has medicinal value, it increases your hemoglobin apparently. Karl: Maybe that’s why it’s black, right?
Manu: Yeah I think. Karl: So the chicken is actually black look at this. Try it and let’s see what it tastes like.
Manu: Yeah Karl: What’s the flavor like? Describe it. Manu: I don’t know, I can’t describe it. Karl: I’m gonna do a better job at explaining it than her. I want you to try fenugreek chicken now. Manu: Okay.
Karl: This is something unique. I’ve only found this at their restaurant as well. Manu:Yeah,
Karl: And this is what I had the first time I ever came to Vadodara. I came and tried this first because Kunal told me it was a signature dish. Fenugreek is like an Indian herb and then it’s got garlic in it. It’s not what you expect, right? Manu: I loved it.
Karl: It’s good, right? It’s really really hard to explain to you what fenugreek tastes like. Manu: It’s better than the fenugreek we eat at home that we are forced to eat by our mothers. Karl: You just have to trust me on fenugreek chicken and come and try it. Now, I’m gonna try this now as well, Manu completely failed because She was eating the dishes with like a Mexican naan like a cheese naan. Let’s do it, I’ll do it properly with plain roti. So fenugreek chicken If you’ve ever had like fenugreek paratha, it’s that same flavor but a ton of garlic in it as well, okay? Yeah, that’s the only way I can explain it. You have to know what fenugreek taste like to to get one of those. Try the black chicken. See look at this the meat is like like dark brown and gray and this skin is all black and the bone is black as well. Let’s try this look at this that’s black. Wow The chicken is a more like red meat taste.
Manu: Yeah, yeah. My favorite is fenugreek chicken but you gotta try the Kadaknath chicken just because it’s unique and the black chicken is 900 rupees a kg in the market it’s quite expensive and quite hard to find as well. I’ve only ever seen it in Chhattisgarh that’s where I first learned about it. As soon as I got in here felt like I was back in Punjab, right? Manu: Yeah, I love the truck art and I love that wall especially the old radio, the fan, the boxes, everything. It’s old. Karl: Amazing job on the design, right?
Manu: Amazing, it makes you feel nostalgic if you been to rural India when you were like, as a kid. Like the utensils were also earlier they’ve made of copper and brass
Karl: These ones. Oh there’s water in it, you just got soaked. It actually went on you.
Manu: Yeah, all of it. They used to use these utensils in the older days before steel and everything became popular. I think they’re coming back in trend now because people want to you know, stay healthy. Karl: I heard that it can help purify water add some kind of if it, it leaks minerals into the water I don’t know if that’s true, but Manu: Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard too and people have started using them again as well. Karl: Oye chikna, chikna oye chikna Gaurav: Yeah, who’s that? Karl: Say hello,
Gaurav: Hello Karl: And look who else we have, we have Viral. You guys might remember him from the veg tour we did last time he took me all around Vadodara and we covered all the veg dishes. So the whole family’s here in Gujarat actually. Yeah, these guys are my Gujarati family Kunal and Viral. Manu you’re going off the the script. Where are we going? Where you taking? Manu: I’m going to test your knowledge on Indian vegetables, no general vegetables. Karl: Ok knowledge test.
Manu: What is this?
Karl: It’s coriander. Manu: Ok you get 1 point. What’s that? Karl: That’s curry leaf, we have them on the roof at home.
Manu: What’s that? Karl: This thing,
Manu: No you’re not allowed to smell it.
Karl: It’s mint, mint. Manu: Ok, what’s this? Karl: This thing, it’s a lettuce. Manu: Well
Karl: What’s this thing? Manu: Spinach
Karl: No, it’s lettuce. I’m Indian now, didn’t you know. You got anything to say to the people who say I’m not Indian? Manu: You’re wrong. Karl: This place is called A-one fry center and as you can tell, they just fry. I’m gonna try a ton of different meat dishes here. We gonna have something different tonight. I’ll tell you once we sit down.
Manu: No, tell me now.
Karl: No, no. Manu: What, why you laughing?
Karl: I’ll give you, give you a hint the last time I had this I was in Pakistan. Manu: Halim?
Karl: No, no. Sorry. Manu: What are we having? Karl: I’m not gonna tell you what it is until you’ve eaten it, all right, so let’s find a seat. Manu: Biryani? Karl: No, no, you’re not gonna know what it is, that’s the thing. That’s the fun, let’s go. Guys this is an Indian frying pan. It’s a massive steel circle plate and they’re going to cook bheja fry or mutton brain for me and Manisha. She’s gonna get a shock. The last time I had Mutton brain was in Pakistan when I was in Lahore and it was, it was cow brain fry though. This guy talking to the chef saying brain fry time. Let’s see if Manisha eats and she likes it. I didn’t particularly like brain fry last time I had it in Pakistan it just It’s different to meat okay, because you’re eating the brain. Manu: I know what we’re eating.
Karl: Look she found out how did you find out? Who told you?
Manu: I have my own ways to find out. Karl: I didn’t tell everyone not to tell you. You are sneaky. Manu: Brain fry Karl: You cheated. Have you eaten brains before? Manu: I don’t think so.
Karl: The brain was actually a yellow in color. I don’t know if it’s yellow in color really or they’d already put like turmeric on it, but Yeah, they started frying it. They started mixing with onions and tomatoes and a spice mixture and it’s coming right now? Manu, Is this your first time ever having brain? Manu: Yeah
Karl: Okay She’s trying not to take all of it off the spoon. Yeah, it’s like egg.
Manu: Right? Egg bhurji Karl: It’s a very soft brain. If you can imagine brain, you imagine it’s soft and it’s exactly what it tastes like a really soft mushy brain. The spices from the Chinese Just hit us like completely. We got two extra dishes too. We have Mutton liver, I’ve never had this before and we’ve got creamy chicken tikka. Let’s try these now. Manu your turn. Manu: I’ll try on my own.
Karl: No, no, no. No. No, I have to feed you. This is the liver from mutton,
Manu: Yuk
Karl: these little bits you don’t like it? You don’t like the insides of it. The liver is good.
Manu: Maybe the taste grows on you. Karl: Okay, you can feed yourself this now.
Manu: Yeah, thank you. Karl: I just wanted to feed her the gross stuff. Manu: This I knew would be good. Karl: This looks so creamy like super creamy, so if you don’t want brain you don’t want liver you don’t want to eat balls this is the thing for you. I really wanted to get her to eat balls But no balls here tonight. Manu: What are you saying? Cut that out.
Karl: No that’s going. Hey, what did you get Manu?
Manu: I got my favorite stuff. It’s sugarcane, this is what you get jaggery and sugar from. It’s way softer than the one we have. Karl: Look at you Wait, we’re eating meat tonight, put this down this is veg.
Manu: Dessert time. Karl: Kind of dessert yeah. No outside food allowed. Look at you, you just chomped out a big bite. You can’t get to these places unless you’re a local unless you know these places, right? You’re not gonna get them on Zomato or the internet. So we’re really lucky that Kunal and Viral are taking us around, right? Manu: Yeah, that they big foodies like us. So they know which place to go to just we’re just sitting in the car and moving on to the next place so easily. Karl: And tomorrow, what are we doing?
Manu: Uttarayan
Gaurav: Tomorrow we’re having fun. Karl: We’re just walking through the old city now on the way to the next restaurant. I think we’re gonna try some different types of ground meat there.
Manu: I think we’re trying Mughlai food. The streets are so busy because everyone is out buying kites, right? Manu: Yeah and I love how they carry the kites on bike like that. Karl: Everybody is carrying kites. Tell us what we’re having Manu?
Manu: Achari tikka, malai tikka and matla chicken.
Karl: What matla chicken? Manu: Matla is pot, an earthen pot in which this chicken is cooked. Karl: Okay, Try it tell me how it is. Manu: It’s nice and mughlai flavor.
Karl: Can you taste this is cooked in earthen pot? Manu: In texture you can tell. It’s different from the boiled one. It’s more like steamed.
Karl: This one is achari tikka which means kind of pickled chicken. They’ve marinated this one in like pickles, so it’s very it’s very tangy. It’s very a little bit spicy. This one this is malai tikka. This has been marinated in like, what you call it? Cream Really rich, really creamy. This is the chicken cooked in the earthen pot. It tastes smoky that what it tastes like to me. It’s different. But it’s steamed. Now this is Saudis style mutton, I haven’t been to Saudi Arabia but let’s see how it is. This is the special bread and as you can see it’s yellow and that’s because they turmeric in there, turmeric. Let’s see how it tastes with the saudi mutton. You’ve gotto eat this with the curry. It doesn’t taste good on its own but when you eat up a curry, it enhances the flavor. If you want to try some really good mughlai food in a place it doesn’t cut corners like for example the owner was just telling us they don’t use mayonnaise it, they don’t use anything else but cream when they marinate their malai tikka for example. You got to come here to immy, okay, and try the take the special bread, the turmeric bread with the Saudi mutton, it goes perfectly together. You gotta come here and try that. I need to go to Saudi Arabia. Will you come to Saudi Arabia with me Manu? Manu: For this, yes. Those are special bread. What was your favorite dish tonight?
Manu: Mine was the Saudi mutton and the special bread. Karl: I really liked that too but mine was the fenugreek chicken.
Manu: Oh yeah, that was also good. Karl: I never had a flavor like that like fenugreek and and garlic together.
Manu: Yeah, it’s amazing. Karl: It doesn’t like, it looks different to what it tastes like it’s so freakin good. You don’t expect that flavor from there.
Manu: Yeah Karl: We’re in the old city, man. Yeah, it’s a lot of non-veg here. Hello, thank you, bro. We’re making a bunch of other videos here in Gujarat I’ve been making videos in Vadodara and Ahmedabad and she went out with Gaurav to another part of Gujarat. Where did you go?
Manu: We went to Rann of Kutch, Dholavira, Mandvi, Hodka, Dhordo, Ajrakhpur, a lot of other villages as well. And you did that because I’ve already been to all those places so, you and Gaurav went there and Manu: You haven’t been to all of those places.
Karl: Not all, but I have been to Kutch and all. All these guys are getting the kites ready, check this out. Putting this string onto these bales for tomorrow for Uttrayan. It’s cool, right?
Manu: Yeah. Karl: And they’re painting the string red at the same time, I can’t wait for Uttrayan. Manu: Yeah, I’m gonna buy the kites now. Karl: Okay, let’s go. Check out the rest of the Gujarat vlogs and Long live India. Manu: Long live India

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