12 thoughts on “Increasing Language in Children with Autism Through a Shoebox

  1. What programs are you currently using to increase language in your child or client(s) with autism?

  2. My 3 year old son has a limited words but can read,so I wrtie things on a white board and it works.he can now create his own sentence.

  3. My son is 5 years but not speaking word but his understanding is good 😊 he pointed every thing … did this picture things as well .. what more I should do… ?

  4. My 2.7 year daughter not understanding when I call her " come here " .plz tell me how I teach her follow me when I say come here

  5. thank you for your video ma'am.. I will surely apply and try this to my nephew. He's turning 4 this September and still can't talk or even say any word and when he want to express something, he often talked to his hand. I will do this technique just as an additional to his every day routine. thank u so much. Your videos are highly appreciated.

  6. What would be your advice to a parent trying to implement this strategy but eye contact is limited and the child has trouble sitting still to focus on the task at hand?

  7. Will definitely implement this. Just ordered the book and looking forward to reading it. Dr. Barbera, I am interested in your opinion on autism and growing up in a bilingual environment. With my three year old daughter recently diagnosed with autism and non verbal but babbling, the therapy takes place in one language, we speak another at home. So, I would much appreciate your input on how to get bilingual autistic children to talk. Actually, we gave up on speaking to her in language 3, I have MT Hungarian, hubby Romanian and in the wider society German is spoken. New on the channel, if you already talked about it please link it, if you manage to answer

  8. I tried search for autism alot and find this channel the best one to understand autism .im with hope that it will be helpful for me in curing my daughters prob she is 3 and half but still cant talk

  9. Hi Mary, what if my toddler isn’t interested in sitting at the table? For example, my son will want all the cards to shove into the shoebox as quick as possible. In the event that I don’t give them all to him, he leaves the table 🙁

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