I Fixed Depression With This Simple Trick

Hey everyone, PushingUpRoses here, and it is time to read some emails. Dear PushingUpRoses, I follow you on Twitter, and read your tweets about depression. I just think…maybe you wouldn’t be depressed if you didn’t dress in all black all the time. It LOOKS depressing. Doesn’t it FEEL depressing? You look DEAD. Why not try wearing yellow sometime? Yellow is like the sun and the angels! Like God shining his light on EVERYONE! It’s a really happy color. Huh. Holy shit, I’m cured! Just kidding. I definitely, DEFINITELY still have depression. Because even though I look adorable in this ensemble, I find the things that help me the most are therapy and the pills in this little bottle, because without them I can’t function! That and I like looking dead…KAREN. Thank you for watching and special shoutout to my therapist. Can’t wait to talk to you about the comments section!

100 thoughts on “I Fixed Depression With This Simple Trick

  1. Now I know why you wear black, because you can really throw out that shade. Damn!

    But seriously, gotta love the people who don't get it at all.

  2. Has Karen ever considered you wear black because you have depression? or that black goes with everything, or sliming?

  3. Nothing solves mental health difficulties like unsolicited fashion advice! Thanks, Karen! ๐Ÿ˜€ By the way, have you heard that if you vaccinate your children, theyโ€™ll get autism?

  4. Maybe if we put our antidepressants in yellow, they'll be twice as powerful?

    I will now be keeping my antidepressants in a yellow travel container instead of a lime green one. Clearly not a happy enough color.

  5. I have a neurodegenerative disease, and do therapy and meds for depression, myself. After being told by my neurologist that all the stress in my life was quite literally killing me, I finally realized (much later than I should have) that I'm not required to be involved in and solve everyone's drama. I took a very hard look at the people in my life and decided who added to and enriched my life, and who was sucking the life right out of me. I kept the former, purged the latter, and have been happier (and physically healthier) in the past three years than I'd been the previous ten.
    It's not a magical cure-all, but it certainly made a difference for me.

  6. Aaahhh yellow is the key, silly me blaming bad brain chemicals, traumas and terrible coping mechanisms. Bippity boppity boo bitches dress me as the fricken sunshine and watch me glow. Ha ha oh well lest you have that effervescent wit about the crappy comments thrown your way. For every ignorant butt head about mental illness, many more people everyday get informed and educated and the stigma lifts.

  7. But wait! Have you tried activated almonds? Eating 50 oranges a day? Sunning your perineum (apparently a real thing)? What about these other 500 scientifically questionable activities that are way more convoluted than therapy/medication/other forms of professional help?

  8. Anyone who would write something like that to someone with depression is straight up from the planet asshole! no excuse in anyone being that ignorant. Jeez, I am not sure the human race is smart enough to survive. I am a nurse who practiced in the psych field and have a hefty background with depression myself. I wish people would read about depression just a little bit before making comments.

  9. Wow. That emailer's a real piece of shit. ๐Ÿ™

    By the way, you look stunning in black. In fact, I'd hazard to say the elaborate and macabre face makeup PUR is my favorite PUR (though any PUR is a welcome PUR).

  10. lol girl, i wear all sorts of bright and pastel colors hardly any black (except for like sometimes my work shirts) and im still depressed af!

  11. Looking good, black or yellow attire!
    Keep up the great work! Love your videos! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

  12. Ah, I always loved the you should smile suggestion. Oh, yes smiling will fix everything shitty in my life…right…let me get on that.

  13. I guess you could say
    *puts on sunglasses*

    Looking dead makes you feel alive!!!


    Maybe it's just familiarity bias, but personally I think Red suits you well, hence it being in the channel art and such…

  14. When Iโ€™m depressed I think about my friends and family, and how we need each other. YouTube commenters may not be the best support group, but there are many of us that care about you.

  15. It's disquieting nights like this that make me wonder less why I can't seem to connect with The Maps' music as much as I'd like to based solely off her vocals.

    Weird, but I don't get it myself either.

  16. So Roses' evil-but-opposite twin from the parallel universe is a bubbly sorority chick. Because you don't look right in that outfit.

  17. Fun Fact: If you don't think you can fix your depression you never will.

    In all seriousness some people dig a hole then once they get there they get comfortable and don't know any other feeling. So even if others try to help they will refuse the aid.

  18. i wish thoose people would learn maybe some of us look better in black red purple tones of color and not yellow or greens or whites and not everyone wants be happy 24/7 so i feel for ya roses i allways have i do miss the retroware tv days… heck i still go to magfest to hangout with gamechasers and pat nes punk but stuff happens people go diffrent directions i get it

  19. even though you have depression, you could joke and have a light hearted attitude. btw love your videos and keep up the good work. even though you feel depressed, your videos make people smile and laugh. never forget that

  20. Black actually calms me. I've worn black clothes for over 3/5ths of my life. People have accused me of wanting to appear "cool". Frankly, black is easy to match and fit into almost any social situation. And for some reason it's just easy on my psyche. I don't know why exactly, but I just accept it. So, to those who think I should be wearing more "bright" colors, I say PUSHAW! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Funny story: my family tried for years to get me to wear "other" colors. Christmases/birthdays were not a fun time for me. ("Let's see what people want me to where THIS year!") Once it finally settled into everyone's mind that, yes, I DID actually like wearing black, then…the endless line of "shades of grey" began. I remember my sister laughing as I unwrapped Christmas gifts one year… "Oh, look! It's another grey sweater!" ๐Ÿ˜› Now that I'm 51 years old, I think it has FINALLY sunk into everyone's head that black is my freaking color. Sheesh. Took 'em long enough. Anyway, yeah, black makes me happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Hey thanks for being real and talking about your depression. I'm on Zoloft myself, it helps. I hope you have a great day and enjoy your Christmas in LA.

  22. I wear yellow a lot and I still have depression and take meds. So her logic flies out the window. I once went off my meds because I felt better and yes I do know better and I won't ever do that again; and the whole world just went black and the urge to die was overpowering. Plans were made but clearly I did not go through with them. There's nothing wrong with needing help. There's nothing wrong with taking meds.

    PushingUpRoses-Your videos make me smile. Thank you!

  23. I just finished talking about how yellow is not all cutesy and positive under another video and here we are: yellow is "sunshine" and "angels".

  24. Sometimes I wonder how dead inside those who think a simple outfit change can affect how hard depression hits. I could wear the loudest Hawaiian shirts and still feel like tomorrow is a good day to kill myself. Been there, done that, wore out the shirt.

  25. That can't be a real message…. There is only one thing that is an "easy hack "to "cure" depression. Anyone with depression knows what I'm saying. :/

  26. Oh look. Neurotypicals looking down on people for the struggles that Neurotypicals have not had to suffer themselves.

    How very…Neurotypical of them.

  27. Yeah, look how dead you look. What with all that movement, and talking, and making videos… everyone knows that nobody ever dressed in a dark colour while alive. That's just hard science, right there.

    I'm sure the e-mail made a lot of sense in that person's mind. Somehow.

  28. It's almost like Karen believes in those old colored light therapy (look it up, it seriously was a thing) crackpots from the early 1900s. Obviously because it's made of ancient wisdom.

  29. Follow your vids since some time. Never comment, but lurk. Had to comment here, since it made me laugh SO hard, I had to share it with some friends who also suffer from depression. Hope they can appriciate the irony as well.

    I was diagnosed PTSD a few years back and finally got sufficiant and working theraphie, but.. I heard stuff like that SO often along with "You just should make happy memories and forget the past." And I did but nothing stuck, and I GOT depressed because… Gosh dangit what's WRONG with me? Why do I refuse to be happy?!?!
    Imagine my relief when my Trauma-Expert said: "Yeaaah that's not gonna work and heres why… Let's work on that with something that acually will help."
    So yeah… if you are a fashion-Expert… help people who ask you for fashion advice… otherwise just… Don't.

  30. I wear fairy kei pastels all the time. Because i like feeling like a walking stick of candy floss. But i just checked and I'm still depressed ๐Ÿคจ

  31. oooooh so it's the awesome black dress that triggers mood swings, not the chemicals in your brain. Dammit, why did noone say so sooner?

    btw, I do not live with depression but what the heck? This woman has the reasoning of a 5 year old.

  32. Can we pleas get more of these amazing mini videos?!? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Itโ€™s hilarious and real. โ€œI like looking dead…KAREN.โ€

  33. "Nah, this whole " Karen" thing will blow over. I won't need to legally change my name or anything crazy like that. "
    …… Well , shit.

  34. Flashback to when my local GP wouldn't give me anti-depressants and suggested a sucicde attempt via walking into traffic to get proper help and the medication I need… yes, that actually was said to me once… by a doctor

  35. You are lucky that these pills actually help you in some way! Some people get the opposite effects from them… and there is always some kind of dissonant Karen on the way arguing something that makes sense only in her internal world…

  36. Using that logic , lemons and bananas are the happiest fruit! And canaries are the happiest birds! You know, because sun-angels and shit.

  37. …I'll never understand why people think that the way you look to them is more important than how you look to yourself. Why do they assume that how they feel when they look at you is how everyone feels? Why do people project the discomfort they might feel onto that person's personality? I guess people like feeling like they have control over their surroundings and if you're personality or emotions are contrary to how they think you are then you're out of their control and they freak out?
    Human brains are silly…..

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