I Challenged Noob1234 to an ULTIMATE Spot the Difference Battle! (Brain Games)

fought the difference challenge memorize
the room then push the button through your cheat notes – oh so now noob the
goal is to spot a difference first person to spot the difference wins don’t
get a head start noob I see you but we’re gonna Malaysia touch you plea I’ve
seen the secret place before Oh people do prank you a lot I understand
what are you talking about I prank everybody okay now let’s get to finding
differences now you have to memorize the room take it all avoids moving around
somebody’s moving there’s a person in my room baby yeah that’s me
I’m trying to spot differences new press when ready you know are you ready are
you ready I think so ok 3 2 1 choose the match um oh these these match right oh I
can’t give you any hints oh there’s multiple rooms ah
bleahh yes there’s another person in my room again oh I think you have an impersonator! um I’m standing in front of you right now
oh okay yeah it’s okay they all look the same you know what guys they
legitimately look the same I think I found something
no no it’s nothing absolutely nothing but babe what did you just do game over
I thought you press the one that isn’t different guys that’s embarrassing
there we go I won’t mess up this time boys memorize the room yeah you’re
looking up pretty high okay what do you see up there I see green I think ya
might be able to have yeah yeah I I didn’t give you warning are you playing
the game to fail away the fairway or the fail way the fairway okay okay I am
going to have you click this button right right here this button yeah you
saw yeah first of the button $10 $20 see we just made it because of you knew
how did you know I memorize that room pretty well leave a like on this video
if you’re proud of noob for solving the first puzzle even though I so also
breathe yes yes everybody go look at my channel oh no I forgot you have a brand
new channel I got a plan you challenge you plus a gun get what I think you’ve
already pranked me you know what because of that I’m not having any more hints
for you well I’m pleased I didn’t have a chance to look at the room oh me there
neither I have to do it quick though cuz you cannot win it’s mine you did it
correctly last time okay you’re you’re good
no you can’t look at the same room as me we got what to go on no I don’t have to
be able to see together I know the room it’s this one are you sure I’m sure
are you positive wait you are bet ten dollars hold on I’m here I do think your Corral
I’m gonna push the button press the button 3 4 10 1 noob this is the last
time I trust you da boom was different yeah it was ok hold on we’re gonna get
back to where we were okay that was our boat lose the match
yeah choose the match oh oh no I should have studied it better you
we yeah I know the match should I give you another chance are you are you sure
no does that mean he should do the middle one no okay just go for it
yeah royally be calm has a new sale going on he buy this long sleeve
painting to get a purple one for free in the description that’s gross it’s
true that’s a secret don’t ever tell anyone let’s memorize the room oh we’re
going in jail noob Yorkist you’re in jail
no you’re in jail on my channel no this is not about your channel this is about
solving matches well everybody wants to see my channel link in description down
below choose the match let’s see that one match
this one doesn’t matter which one this one matches there, the middle one bri that
one does match bri why here these don’t match I think that’s how it
looks like in the original one uh-huh no see this one is the original over here
come look yeah yeah but that doesn’t matter so so
what button should I be pushing this one no no wait I’m trusting in you how does
the game work oh no find the match wait I think it’s
the first one I don’t think so buddy I think the first one matches are you
ready seriously I gotta go to the third one if I don’t get this you can’t push
it before me yeah I I didn’t cheat I just found the match three you cheat not
you wait I’m throwing on some pasta it’s fine he probably support me in this just
work individually this time and we’ll see who comes out on top are you taking
in the view yeah you could go swimming that’s that’s true you know what I’m
concerned we need to just go ahead I don’t want noob to drown everybody like
oh my find the match not dope it’s not this one not this one
oh so all of them are Romi he knows I’m Ashley I have something to say if I get
the next match correct you’ve got to subscribe to my channel I mean noob
supports this we’re gonna subscribe to noobs channel and be one big happy
family yeah
you’re naughty how you gay right there’s no way you know because your girl have
nice big brains is that what you’re drooling are you asking me way I’m doing
cuz all my brains obey all fluids come out yeah yeah we established that I’m
gonna just take in the view here where’s the body wait what good boy will
you talk to minute new no you’ll be okay I I feel like this one won’t be too hard
this one are you sure I’m gonna press it I believe in you all
right here three two what comes after two three two one one
hey you know what noob I haven’t been keeping score is it two two three
I think five t2 arming the lead I think it’s three to two and I am in the lead
nobly five two two our mobility I’m just gonna look at the room oh it’s a movie
theater hey what movie are we gonna watch we we
should watch frozen I just like Elsa so we’re gonna click
the button but but you have to give me time to look it’s not this one it’s not
that one you sure yeah I’ll complete I’m sure I’m sure the buttons look wrong the
buttons yeah I’m having trouble deciding right
now I think this one week I’m going middle one all of our fate rides on this
moment if I get this then you owe me 10 more dollars okay I think we’re up to 20
now okay eight seven six five you can’t slow me one week in step three
dollars I’ll let you not pay me any dollars but you have to help me prank
question oh that I’m totally down for high five this isn’t working we have to
memorize all of this this is a lot going on I think this one’s gonna be a little
difficult there’s gonna be these what do you mean yeah you wanna bet yeah let’s
go please oh I don’t think I gave myself enough
time this one doesn’t match that one doesn’t match I think it’s the middle
one new what do you think we’re white ah no one the middle one what about this
one he don’t feel confident about that one how is it different uh definitely in
the middle line I’m going for it we lost it the whole game oh no no just
watch uh we there we go noob I know the one this
time just we’re gonna go for it immediately and we’re gonna go down here
nice new this like bleeding bless it buns give it oh yeah I can’t believe
you’re gonna be back as soon as we finish the easy rounds guys which are
almost done with we’re going to extreme oh it’s magma hot yeah don’t don’t step
on that okay oh my gosh bleep um I need to memorize this room quick
before he dies please it’s gotta be this one right here please I think you’re
right go for it what you all minus one and this is me
plus one yeah that’s why Pleet undoing the in all
the lands and you owe me another $10 what lands are we at I thought I was
pranking Preston for you but twenty dollars but that’s ten more cuz I got
that one right oh no he’s raking in the cash mm-hmm
definitely not well number one okay why is that
these are lanterns these are bells this one it’s this one nope nope I think this
one no Britt don’t do it for you’ll do it don’t do Bri are you sure are you
sure are you sure me you want doom is way better at this game than me I’m
humiliated that’s okay bleed I think I’m winning the game you I think nuba is
winning the game it’s like four to three right now five if you win new what prize
do you want me to get everyone has to go five to my channel okay that’s a good
price building a secret base control Briand busted next oh no you can’t tell
me you’re pranking me tell Bree oh he’ll freak
I heard you this one’s kind of hard you’re not inspecting the room
okay are you ready no all right okay I’m ready you’re ready I think this one’s
gonna be a little tough that’s the match did you already find it automatic
noob is cheating oh it’s not this one it’s the middle one blue yeah I haven’t looked at the last one
definitely just third bunch why why do you think that because we we gotta find
a room that max right yeah this room is the one that matches okay so go ahead
and push the button believe in you is it what’s the body please are you pranking
no I’m not thanking you that means I definitely should push a
different button OOP I would you feel if I push the middle button don’t don’t
push that button for you push this button I trusted you I got you so good
Bri you listen me push the wrong button I can’t trust move anymore I’m gonna
beat you to all the buttons go break you I got a point is it for – for now ye –
six oh no you don’t know how to do math new mad math you talking about all the
shocks and doing dolphins and whatnot that would be I don’t even remember
marine biology no means that’s the army how about Navy
SEAL my god oh it’s not that one well we yeah
I don’t know be my plane starting to hood I don’t know I feel like you’re
just trolling me guys he paused he pawed I think this one bleep i’ma hang out by
the fire bleep because I’m getting calling this warm be careful be careful
can i I feel like I need to assist you Bri I’m warm get out of here you’re
gonna kill me away how many hearts do you have i oh I got one hot just like
the rest of us no I need you know down by the beef Oh bleep I love my fist in
my pocket from going face it earlier and now I have some cooked fish look throw
it on the ground let me see it see you like Oh nope
you can’t have fire on the carpet but you also can’t be on fire I’m staying
here Bleus really warm in here I find people getting cold out there hanging
out I have to be inside the fire so I could stay warm how is newbs still alive
like I I don’t understand I don’t know how this is happen
right I’m invincible you’re invisible or invincible in invincible bleep okay well
I’m gonna push this button and if we fail indivisible no you took away my
warm fire humble that boy you’re no longer fun
that’s mean I don’t trust him anymore guys I think it’s just rumbly this is
where you memorize the group we’ve we’ve been through this a couple times now so
there’s dad and then there’s that okay okay okay boy
you ready you’re you’re ready I think it’s the third one why if you’re
confident feeling inside my bones inside my inside my toes
oh your bones are in your toes let’s go ahead and push the button if you feel
comfortable guys how is noob doing so well we have to hold you bleed I got the
feeling side my bones inside my toes I think we have to give noobs some
compliments in the comments because uh you think you’re smarter than you may
appear obli I think my sandwiches here your sandwich
oh yeah probably you have to help me what no my challenges here we have one
more round but we might sandwiches here it’s okay
sandwiches don’t expire that fast obviously Oh in there share it with me
let’s get some diamonds and with the Hayat diamonds in sigh of our secret
test okay I am gonna change this now because you always prank me and leave me
with no doubt oh yeah mmm that one definitely no secret test here this
one’s not right yeah a secret test there the second one’s right my sandwich
if you just pooped everywhere you don’t need a sandwich maybe I ought to decide
two or three you trying told me blink I think three three go for it everything
you’ve chosen is correct I told you please inside my bones inside my toes oh
my gosh huh look at all the knowledge what is your favorite book new book yeah
but we I don’t read books maybe you should taught me how it servi
oh that made me feel so bad I’ll teach you I’ll teach you first we just you
know have to beat the puzzle my gosh o3 yes do you know the room um
probably guess one bleep oh no no there needs to be a book here great right
there not this one why why I knew why is it
not that one oh it cuz cuz bleed that one doesn’t have this thing why here the
room had this thing here I don’t think it did yeah did bleed okay I’ll trust
you you’ve actually won each round that you try so go ahead bleep I know that
you’re up to no good what do you do that way I’m not go ahead please are you sure
have I ever won my judo wrong way yes wait come on toss me look at look at
this face guys I don’t know how to feel about that face are you sure I’m so ugly
I’m sure why are you sorry I’m so late question but I have no idea why looking
at things that made you sort oh no I can no longer play with you you have trolled
me way too many times and I’m gonna get hurt
good times I got you bring more than two I can’t trust this guy what do you have
to say for yourself name God remember if you get to my videos within the first 60
minutes of them being posted I will read your comments and put them below and uh
loop I’m getting out of here

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  1. Brianna you got this πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒ€πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒ‚πŸŒ‚πŸŒˆπŸŒ‚πŸŒ‚πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒ‚πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  2. Noob1234: Bri we should watch Frozen
    Movie clipPreston: Let it snow…
    Me:πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† This is a good movie let me get some pop corn

    (also bri if you dont give me answers, you are just as nooby as ASWDFZCVBHGTYYN

  4. the noob voice was soooooooooooooooooooooo anoyying but i managed to stay for the whole video because of bri

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    You should
    Wait up here is also fail this one should work!
    Noob1234 channel's is this one!

    Or this one

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