100 thoughts on “‘I Am So Ashamed,’ Father Says After Watching Himself Argue With Son

  1. At some point dr phil has to address the mother and child and how they are teaming up against this father and ablsolutely destroying him emotionally.

  2. Very rarely do I disagree with Dr. Phil but this kid needs to be helped and the father is clearly being taunted. Also the mother is SO WRONG for the way she is handling the situations!

  3. The mom:Doesn’t set rules
    The guy:Could probably control himself better
    The kid:has some issues maybe autism and needs special care and treatment

  4. If i broke something the last thing my mom would do is buy me a new one. She would say go pay for it yourself. You broke it you pay for it.

  5. The father is just exhausted n he is broken from inside because of his wife who spoiled her son i mean the future" murderer"….i want him to get divorced asap n leave these mom n son duo together..!

  6. Kids got a speech impediment at 14. He's obv got issues. But allowing him to play video games all day isn't it. Throw the whole family away!!

  7. That kid is a disrespectful little punk and his mother helps him grow in that area it is not the father the father is trying to discipline him

  8. So many parents like this who and behave inappropriately and take out their issues on their kids and then they expect them to be saints. Sorry folks but the kid is just a kid…morons, they learn, they mimic and copy what they see and learn and act out the behavior and reflect it out of distress and not understanding and knowing what to do or how to process them that's WHY YOU ARE THE ADULT AND PARENT YOURE SUPPPOSED TO DO BETTER AND BE THE GUIDE AND TEACHER NOT THE ABUSER

  9. I'm agreeing with everyone else the kid and mother taunt him to acting and I'm really worried that dr Phil is so renowned person and is putting all blame on the father. Ridiculous.

  10. Where is my mom ??? Oh sorry…RIP mom , but I wanted you to come and beat this small boy until he fake he's passing out and you continue until he scream again, " mom forgive me, will never talk to you like that ever" . Now you can go to your room .

    Some parents think they love their children, they are killing them slowly by not giving them the truth. See when the world is gonna kick him hard because he thinks everything revolves around him. WAIT !!

  11. The Father does much worse without the camera the child is just taking the opportunity in front of camera but he is so scared. This man will and can not ever change. At least the child is believed.

  12. I can’t lie….I would of got 1 RASS LICK IN HIM BOMBO!!THIS CHILD telling me he wants me dead??? and swearing???? Are you maaad??? Nah you’re getting LICKSSS I’m not here to be your friend and allow you to talk to me any how!!! Yuh mussi mad!!

  13. Anyone who thinks the father is to blame needs to watch the whole episode. The father tries to discipline his son but the mother is the biggest enabler ever and prevents him from doing so! And everything Dr. Phil did for them was a waste of time because after 9 days of being at the treatment facility they went and picked up the boy and brought him home because it was “too cold” for him there!

  14. why this kid has no respect to parent at all. as parent, if you want your kids to be discipline and well behave, you both need to cooperate, helping each other, supportive, and be a good sample for your kids

  15. There's a difference between disciplining a child and being abusive..
    And controlled beating ur kid to discipline them is not wrong at all..and especially a spoiled entitled kid like this one do deserve some smacking..

  16. Wow… The mother isn't even sideing with the father. No wonder the son thinks it's okay to continue to act like this cause the mother almost encourages it.

  17. People need to stop using their childhood as an excuse for their parenting failures. That was like 40 years ago. Nobody is feeling sorry for him now! He has no empathy if he can turn around and hurt his own child and scar him for life.

  18. Uh. Is he supposed to just let his son speak like that? That kid needs to be put into a program or sent somewhere to get help. He's actually actively telling this dude he's going to "stab him tonight".

    I get you have to love your kid no matter what, but just letting him hit you and freak out like that isn't the answer. I would have gotten my behind spanked red for that kind of talk, and I'm glad about it. Even if I am now anti-spanking. The mother is making everything way worse by sitting there acting like he's a monster instead of addressing the problem and helping him parent.

  19. This poor father. That mother made her over weight spoiled entitled bratt and because he wants to discipline and the mother wont let him he blows up. And rightfully so because I would beat my son if he talked to me this way.

  20. Kid: I want you dead by the time I get home.

    Wow. What a shameful, embarrassing child. Sadly, the parents created this mess.

  21. Uhmmmm that kids taunting the father. That kid is out of control because the MOTHER is encouraging it! What a joke Dr Phil… that kid needs help not the father

  22. I think he was incredibly restrained…I would've smacked that kid and left him and his mother and went to have a quiet life without them…both talk like babies and not all there

  23. mans needs some old school beating.
    it's not abusive
    its just tough love and discipline.
    Consider all of those, the mom's on the son's side.

  24. I think the father was 100% right in spanking the child, and the mother who isn’t helping is a submissive immature woman

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