How To Use Your Brain To Accomplish Anything

Improvement pill here so I was watching
this new documentary about Bill Gates on Netflix the other day he said something
very interesting in the first episode he said word for word you have to pick a
pretty finite number of things to tell your mind to work on you have to decide
what you should care about and he’s right because if you think about it our
brain is essentially a problem-solving machine right we have the ability to
think about the past in order to prevent problems that we’ve already experienced
from happening again and we have the ability to think about the future
imagining hypothetical scenarios solving problems before they even exist our
brain is constantly trying to solve problems non-stop even when we’re not
paying attention to it it’s running in the background coming up with new ideas
trying to find solutions and it’s actually extremely good at this so good
in fact that your brain can make any of your wishes and desires come true that
is if you know how to use it correctly so today I’m going to go over a simple
three-step process for using your brain the right way make sure you watch this
video to the very end if you want to make your dreams come true step number
one you must instill belief we don’t believe you can do something your brain
won’t even bother to try and solve that problem for example if deep down inside
you don’t really believe that you’ll be able to one day own and run a successful
business then your brain is not going to come up with business ideas it’s not
gonna push you to figuring out all the little components needed to make this
dream come true like how do you set up the business how do you get the logo how
do you manufacture the product etc because it thinks the entire idea is
impossible it’s going to think why should I focus on figuring out all the
smaller components of starting a business when we don’t even believe that
we’ll ever run a successful business it’s a waste of time instead it’ll focus
on what it thinks is possible for you to actually accomplish like how do I do
better in school or how do I climb the corporate ladder or even how can I get
better at this video game you need to genuinely believe that you are capable
of doing something in order for your brain to start
working on solving that problem but how do you do this it’s simple all you got
to do is look for one small win when I started my online entrepreneurial
journey before I made any money all I thought about was okay I just need to
make a hundred dollars online in the form of passive income next month
which is like a thousand times more believable than making a hundred
thousand dollars passive income every month and because I set my eyes on such
a small win it wasn’t really hard to convince myself that this was possible
and my brain was extremely focused on figuring out a solution to this problem
it thought to itself this is definitely doable so I’m gonna figure out how to do
it and once I got that small win it became very easy to scale up if I can
make a hundred dollars in a month it’s not so hard to believe that I can
eventually make five hundred dollars in a month and once I’ve done that I can
convince myself that I’ll make a thousand dollars and then two thousand
dollars and so on instead of trying to convince yourself that you’ll be a
social butterfly and the life of a party one day you should focus on daydreaming
about one day simply being able to say hello to some strangers instead of
trying to convince yourself that one day you’ll have the body of a Greek god you
should focus on daydreaming about just losing five pounds and having a slightly
smaller stomach focus on getting your first small win something that you
genuinely believe that you can do and then scale up from there step number two
you have to feed your brain the large majority of us solve problems by
combining stuff that other people have already discovered 99.9% of all
inventions are simply a combination of things that had already existed before
for example the bicycle helmet was a combination of a ship’s bow which is the
front of the ship plastic and foam in order for your brain to come up with
solutions for your problems it needs to have access to stuff that other people
have already figured out so that it can play around with different combinations
and come up with solutions so you got to feed your brain for example if you hope
to one day build a successful business then you should be spending some time on
forums like reddit calm entrepreneur or watching videos of people documenting
their journey on YouTube or reading books about successful entrepreneurs
just so you can feed your ideas that have actually worked out for
other people before if you hope to one day improve your social skills and make
tons of friends or even get a girlfriend slash boyfriend then you need to be
spending time on forums like ready calm social skills going through courses like
the befriend course or reading social skill related books regardless of what
sort of goals and desires you have you need to be feeding your brain the right
materials in order for it to solve those problems and finally step number three
you need to be feeding it every single day using your brains I make your dreams
come true is sort of like operating a steam engine powered train that also
suffers from ADHD it’s going to take a while for you to reach your destination
aka your goal and there’s going to be a bunch of little problems your brain
needs to solve in order to pull something off like building a successful
business so you got to keep stuffing coal into this train you got to keep
feeding your brain otherwise you’re just gonna stop half way before reaching your
final destination on top of that this train is also very easily distracted if
you stop feeding it thoughts and content about a solution you want to solve and
you instead feed it information about something else it’s gonna think to
itself hey it seems like this new problem is more important why because
well it’s what the rest of me is currently thinking about so it must be
urgent so I’m gonna go this way and try to solve those problems first instead of
going that way your brain focuses on whatever you’ve been feeding it recently
so if you feed it information about health it will think about health if you
feed it info about finance it will think about finance
but if you feed it information about what your friends are doing on social
media it will think about that instead you need to constantly feed it
information related to the problems you’re trying to solve so that it
remains focused on making your dreams come true instead of trying to solve
problems like I wonder how I can feel less jealous about that vacation Jim and
Mary just took so again in order to use your brain correctly so we can solve
problems and make your dreams come true you need to instill belief by going for
the small wins you need to feed it the right materials it needs to solve the
problem and you need to constantly be feeding it every single day
so it remains focused this episode is sponsored by audible one of the best
ways to implement steps 2 & 3 is by consuming books because when you’re
consuming the right books you’re feeding your brain the right information it
needs to solve your problems and you’re also feeding it every day I personally
prefer listening with audible in most cases over reading because it allows me
to feed my brain during times where I can’t really pull out a physical book
such as when I’m working out at the gym eating food at a restaurant or even when
I’m getting a massage audible is constantly being updated there are new
and interesting self-improvement books being released every single month so if
you want to make your dreams come true I definitely recommend you trying them out
go to www.hsn provement pill it’s a 500 500 to get a 30 day free trial which
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recommend you guys to listen to why everything is EFT by Mark Manson which
I’m currently listening to it’s talks about how to cultivate hope in the crazy
world like the one we currently live in so definitely check that out
besides that guys stay tuned

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  2. 4- you need to feed your brain

    like please eat healthier food that boost brain capabilities. don't be eating fast food every single day and expecting your brain to function the same as others that take better care of them through food.

  3. This talk didn't touch me,i tried hard not be affected by those motivation videos,cause in the end after believing i faill alot

  4. The first one actually works because at the beginning of the school year I said I'd at least get 98% and at the end I did because I believed I could.

  5. I like how the brain is outside in the video it's more accessible I want mine outside now so it's easier to talk to it and feed😁

  6. Yes that was me.. When i am working on bussiness development or learning something that helps me grow. Suddenly the gaming thing comes out. My mind says you have plenty of time jist play the game and relax you can work rest of the things tomorrow
    And im done for the rest of the day.

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  9. you're brain won't think by itself because you ARE the brain, YOU are the one thinking YOU are the one who controls you're body,you're brain is not a separate entity so basically,to be succesful do it yourself.

  10. One thing about audible that I don't like is that everyone is creating a big hype around how you can listen to these audiobooks everywhere. Like what's concentration and focus? When you concentrate you do a SINGLE task at a time. So how does it go with working out and listening audiobooks? Or driving a car and listening audiobooks? You gotta concentrate and this way you're just getting distracted aren't you?

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