How To Use More Of Your Brain Power

So you’ve asked, “How do I use more of my
brainpower?” I’ve got some great news for you today. And today we are going to
level up your use of your brain. First things first. Let me debunk a myth
for you. And as it would turn out you are in fact not using 10% of your brain. You
are using 100% of your brain. A lot of people come to me and they say, “I really
like to use the other 90%.” You are in fact, way smarter than you think.
You’re using absolutely every neuron in there as much as possible. We think that
it was research done in like the 1980s, that said that about 10% of your brain
was conscious, where Hollywood ran away with that. And said, “Oh, we’re only using
10%. We need to activate the other 90.” No, you are in fact likely about 99.9%
subconscious. But I’ve got news. That subconscious, you’re using all of it.
There’s a reason for that. What we say in neuroscience is that every neuron is
super opportunistic. In fact, the way I like to think of it is that every neuron,
it’s almost like it has FOMO. It has a fear of missing out. Every neuron wants
to get as much oxygen, as much glucose, as much glycogen as it possibly can.
It wants to be involved in as many neural networks as it can. What that
means is that all of your brain is constantly as active as it can be. In
fact, you are using so much of your brain that if I plug a 40 watt bulb into the
top of your head, it would light up all day every day and it would be even more
candescent at night. Your brain is not only a hundred percent in use it is in use 24
hours a day. Contrary to popular belief, your brain
doesn’t shut off when you go to sleep. It continues to act. And in fact, it levels
up while you’re sleeping. This is another reason of course
why neuroscientists will constantly tell you to get more sleep. Sleep is critical
for bringing even more brain power to your life. Okay, we could not talk about
how to level up your brain power, use more of your brain power. If I didn’t
tackle what the things are that are really detracting from your brain power.
Let’s start with this. Great new research shows that one of the number one things
that’s really distracting you and not you use your full brain is unfortunately
your mobile device. Your cell phone is like always sharing a part of your brain.
Your subconscious is effectively saying, “We need to listen to it because it might
at some point need us.” And so, because of that, your mobile device is really a
distracting thing that is decreasing your ability to focus to concentrate and
to use your maximum brain power. The next thing that research shows is really
hurting your brain power, it’s a propensity to multitask. As it
would turn out multitasking is a myth. It’s a brain based myth. It doesn’t
actually exist. Multitasking is in fact what we call code-switching.
And the reason that when we try to multitask, we code-switch is because our
brain is not a simultaneous processor. Our brain is a serial processor. It only
does one thing at a time. Because of that, when we try to multitask,
we actually increase our stress response, we decrease our productivity. And we
increase how frustrated we are with the job that we’re doing. So, another thing
that is hurting your brain power, not helping you at all is the temptation or
propensity to multitask. Here’s another thing that’s probably hurting your brain
power. And that’s poor nutrition. You can imagine that if you are asking your
brain to operate at maximum, you’ve got to feed it the right foods. Now, the brain
is it would turn out prefers to burn fat first, protein second and carbohydrates a
distant third. So, if you want to level up your brain power, use more of it to your
greater advantage; definitely make sure that you are eating the right foods. That
you are having a good whole nutritional meals and you have enough energy to keep
going. It’s not just food that you should be making sure to pay attention to. Also
I want to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. As it would turn out by the
time you feel dehydrated, you’re actually dehydrated at the cellular level. But
before the cells give up any water at all, your
brain has given up almost 2 litres of water. There is no way we can ask your
brain to be its most powerful self if we don’t have enough water in it in the
first place. Another thing probably getting in the
way of you using your maximum brain power is distractions. Distractions at
work. Distractions in the form of mobile phones. Distractions in the form of noise.
Distractions in the form of the people that you work with. One of the things we
know is that if you want to use your maximum brain power, you’re going to have
to focus and concentrate. And the best way to do that is to set boundaries
physically and figuratively. What I mean by that is if you want to get something
done and you want to use your max brain power, make sure that you at least set
some time aside everyday to actually work on your own. Time when other people
can’t come and distract you, your phone isn’t about to go off. You can’t hear
ambulances or dog barking or other things happening that you actually have
just full unrequited time to focus and use all of your brain power. Next, if you
want to use your maximum brain power, I’ve got news. One of the things your
brain craves whether you’re aware of it or not is physical movement. What we
often say is that movement is like magic to your brain.
In fact, physical movement activates neural networks that jog your memory,
that get learning networks active that allow your wisdom and knowledge memory
networks all integrated. It’s so much easier to assimilate new information.
It’s so much easier to remember old information if you are physically active.
So, I often say when the going gets rough, the rough get moving. And what I mean by
that is if you are in a crossroads that you’re feeling like you don’t have
enough brain power, take a 15 minute walk. And what you’ll notice is just that
little bit of energy, just that little bit of movement will actually activate
neural networks that are critical for leveling up your brain power. Finally, if
you really want to level up your brain, use maximum amount of brain power, one of
the best things you can do for yourself, have a passion and work on it. The idea
here is that what you are passionate about is going to be so much easier to
work on, to stick with to enter into a flow state
about. And so if you don’t have a passion, find one. And whenever you are doing
something where you really want to feel your full brain power, make sure that
that thing is something you’re passionate about. And what you’ll find is
that your brain really activates when you love what you’re doing. Thank you for
watching today. Tell us in the comments below what do you think it’s attracting
from your brain power. What are the things that are detracting? What are the
things that are distracting? We’d love to know. Thanks for watching.

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