how to have an organized mind

– **providing slots
in your schedule** to devote time to one task only. These are all ways that allow you to
get more done in an organized way – something similar to the way a manager and their worker go through
tasks that need to be done. All in all, there is one main factor that
leads you to procrastinate on your tasks. When choosing what tasks to undertake, you
tend to chose the easiest and not the one that rewards you the most. This mean that
complex and long projects tend to fall down to the bottom of your to-do list and spread
out far longer than they should. You do this because your human brain has low tolerance
for frustration, so it naturally picks activities that don’t cause frustration – something that
you can easily associate to more complex tasks that need to be tackled. And the thing is, sometimes that frustration
is not in the nature of the task itself, but on how negatively you portray what you have
to do. Most decisions can be reduced to a choice of four simple actions: drop it, do
it, delegate it or defer it in time. The indecision, tied to
the negative concept you give the task, is what makes you procrastinate on doing something.
And sometimes, all you have to do to push forward on your progress is not aiming for
perfect results but rather practicing [**satisficing] -** a decision-making approach that aims for
acceptable or good enough results, rather than optimal solutions. These principles can be applied to how you
manage your home, your social relations or your business. If you are enjoying this breakdown and want to know more about how to get more
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  1. I’m so excited to watch!! Your videos have helped me improve my productivity and organization substantially 💖

  2. I have to strongly disagree with the multitasking thing. I find that when I try to study or work in silence I'm less productive so I generally listen to something or watch something whilst working.

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