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are you looking for ways to handle
stressful situations at work or are you having a hard time dealing with the work
with the work of what colleagues are you having stressful and bitter and tough
days when you go to work stay with me and listen to what I have to say to you either once again for midgets Christmas
and I hope that you stay tuned to my beauty tips today what exactly are you
facing at work what do you go through at work
are you facing stressful times at work are you fighting it’s so tough to make
sure that you go through the day at work what makes what gives you those
challenges I’m gonna tell you today and I’m gonna walk you through the things
that could actually be causing that what exactly are your colleagues what what do
they take you for what do they are you having all these thoughts in your mind
of what exactly they want from you stay with me
let’s go through these challenges and let’s go through everything that
actually takes place at work and making sure that you actually get a good time
and a movement and get to actually go through your day peacefully and be
productive without any stress or without any challenges how do they treat you at
work what do they what what do they what what how do how do you handle people or
how do you how do you get handled at work I mean most cases people wake up in
the morning go stressful and because they don’t even look forward to go to
work or they don’t even enjoy they don’t even enjoy what they are
doing in my previous video I mentioned you need to get to you need to have
passion and be passionate about what you’re doing you need to be have passion
and passion with what you do what do you do what do you love doing what you wake
up every morning looking forward to good work or do you just get up for the sake
of getting up and go to earn a living you need to know exactly why you get up
could be the reason why you’re stressed at work and you’re having a stressful
day at work could be because you’re not happy with what you’re doing you do not
find it passionate you don’t love what you do when you just do it for money you
just get up in the morning to go to work for the sake of being earning a living
for the sake of being paid you need to know exactly why do you get a
morning and go to work most people that’s the reason why actually they find
it tough and they don’t even enjoy what they do they didn’t enjoy what they do
for a living they don’t enjoy going to work they find it heard they find it
very hard to focus at work to focus in and do work and to focus in and and run
and be productive and effective at work why because they’re not passionate of
what they doing why do you find stress why are you so stressed out at work do
you love what you’re doing do you do you and are you doing and you work or what
are they exploiting you are you open are you overworked are you supposed to
do what are you living what you’re supposed to do instead you’re doing
other people’s work you’re doing other people’s job you’re not doing your job
description you’re not doing what you want are you underpaid are you
struggling and you don’t know exactly how to go through the challenges that
you’re going through it work are you looking for a new another job did you
both find out that you’re actually applying for other jobs and then you
ended up being exploited and being still treated and being bullied at work many
people are facing bully Dooley’s many people have been bullied
at work by superiors by colleagues by or by managers and by all of my bosses and
by is it you need to realize and find out exactly once there is why are you
going who could be you’re in the wrong place
could be you’re not practicing what you want could be you’re not doing what you
want to do so what exactly are we looking at here what are we looking at
here do you love doing what you do do you love waking up in the morning and
going to work or are you just are you just getting up for the sake of going to
earn a living you need to find out exactly what your passion is that doing
give if you’re not passionate at doing what you’re doing it it goes near to
stress and it’s causing your stress then just leave it if you understand if you
really if you really need money and you need to earn a living just find
something that you’re passionate everybody lies
in the previous video everybody has a talent
everybody’s got a talent everybody’s fashioned it some way everybody has a
passion to do everybody has a passion what are you passionate or doing what do
you love doing do you laugh do you love talking to people do you laugh are you
stuck in that one corner in that one place and and you really need to get out
of there and do you belong out there are you belonging on the street somewhere
they’re speaking to people are you are you funny some people don’t know how to
say and some people are in the local wrong places
some people are doing what they love doing they love doing that but they are
in the wrong place they’re in their own place you find that someone loves doing
marketing but the marketing is over the phone it’s over the phone they doing
call center and the person really loves being out there and interact with people
and sell the product face to face they sell the product face to face but they
are stuck there stuck on an owner on a table in some office or on a computer
and they they kind of like would love their passion is being with people and
talking to people and interacting with people on one on one not from the silver
so are you in the right place are you in the wrong place so what exactly do you
need to do do what what how do we deal with such a situation whereby you’re
stuck in a place and you don’t even know what to do you do not know exactly how
to deal with that how do you go through that how do you go through that
situation most of the people don’t even know why they wake up in the morning and
go to work they have no idea why they wake up and go to work which is working
they just working for the sake of earning a living but the truth is they
don’t enjoy what they are doing they would enjoy what they do so you see some
people don’t know how to interact with people face-to-face but like I say if
you’re not a people person and you’re very shy person obviously if you’re if
your job is to interact with people face-to-face you will find it and find a
hard time you’ll find it difficult why because you
do not you’re very shy you’re very shy but maybe you can sell a product you
could be able to sell a product but because it’s not your passion it’s not
what you love doing interacting with people you’re very shy person you get
you get you get you freezes when you start to when you look at someone in the
eyes you freeze then that’s not the place for you you need to know exactly
what you’re supposed to do you need to know what you’re not doing if you don’t
love doing something that you do then just leave it don’t waste your time
don’t waste your time with it because you end up living a very stressful life
and you will not enjoy what you’re doing you will be stressful
you will be stressed out you will end up shouting at the people that you work
with so always please make sure that you love
what you’re doing you wake up in the morning laughing what you doing love
what you’re doing then what you do I always tell my friends like that and
they say no but I have to earn a living it’s something I have to do you need to
unlink from what you’re passionate to do are you stressed you stressed out you
taking it out on the colleagues or sometimes sometimes it could be also
that your colleagues are are jealous of you
you’re cool could be you’re intimidating you’re so qualified you’re only both
qualified more than the other people more than even your superior then there
you’ll find a pattern they’ll make your life a hell and leaving here so if it
all comes back to be in the right place at the right time also some people are
not meant to be workers some people are not meant to do what some people are
meant to be managers some people are meant to be managers you’re meant to be
manager you’re a manager but then you find that life puts you in a tough
corner whenever you need to work on the floor and under someone and and and and
naturally naturally your purpose in life you’re a manager you are a controller
some people are controllers then you find that they will people all always
find it very to be at work working under someone
working under someone and probably sometimes the person you’re working
under is much much younger than you then some people find it hard and you’ll find
that it’s because they’re struggling with their personality at the same time
with their their character and at the same time fighting the people they work
with at work people then if your superior is whether your
superior is younger than you order your superior is going to show that you and
tell you what to do do this do this do that you need to do that indeed you will
be instructed but now if you’re a kind of person who doesn’t take instructions
they don’t make it make kind of character that is bully that is not told
what to do and you never you never you’re not
you don’t wanna learn you’re not free to learn you know you’re not you’re not
free for updating yeah but being updated you’re not you if you under that
character then you’ll find it very difficult other people find it stressful
at work simply because some people get promoted and some others don’t get
you’ve been there for many many many years but you don’t get promoted so
those are things that actually you find yourself stressed out at work and you
find it difficult did be going through tough situations at work simply because
you are at the right place at the wrong time so this is my advice for you this
is my advice for you go and find what you love doing find what you love doing
do something that you you wake up when you love when you when you’re so
passionate but do something that you’re passionate about if you love cooking if
you just belong in the kitchen do not go sit in an office definitely
you will not find it you you won’t find it passionate sitting in an office and
you love cooking you love being in the kitchen you love me you love trying out
recipes and all that kind of stuff so obviously you will not love doing
what you do so make sure that you always always find what you love doing if
you’re not being in the kitchen go stat stead something of your own go at the
one in the red work at the restaurant love this something that you love doing
that you’re passionate at doing so try and find our videos that
actually encourage people and teach people how to start and out to the
peaceful at work and how to brand things that they actually love doing check if
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