How the benefits of exercise can be blocked by NSAIDs and high-dose antioxidants | Charles Raison

– [Charles]: Now, there’s also a study,
interestingly, showing that if you look at the beneficial effects of exercise on sort
of muscle restructuring, this is humans. If you exercise and take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
agent, you get rid of all those good effects. – [Rhonda]: Right. Right. Yeah. – [Charles]: You’ve seen that, right? – [Rhonda]: I think I’ve seen that. Also, there was another study very similar
to the anti-inflammatory, where they’re saying the NSAIDs. So there’s another study that showed taking
high dose, alpha-tocopherol, no, vitamin c, so antioxidants, also suppressed the insulin
sensitivity effects of exercise, possibly through, because you’re not activating that
whole inflammatory. – [Charles]: Well, exactly. What you really would like to do is sometimes
activate these compensatory systems, right? – [Rhonda]: Right. – [Charles]: If you can activate your inflammation
in a way…You know, if you think about exercise, right, we were talking off camera, I think
we were off camera, about the fact that I’m going to go run around Mission Bay here and
I’m going to get an increase in my inflammation. Well, with these caveats, that it’s a certain
pattern, but you get certain your IL6 is going to go off. But over time, the net result is a reduction
in chronic inflammation. So it’s like if you hit a system a certain
kind of way, what I think is that it’s like a spring. You know, you kinda want the dial to be over
here, so you’d think the simple thing to do would be just to move the dial over here. But that often weakens. You’ve been using this with hormesis right? – [Rhonda]: Exactly. – [Charles]: Exactly, this idea. Doing this weakens the system’s own sort
of internal capacity, so what you get is a dependence on that external element to keep
the system in that state. On the other hand, although it seems paradoxical
if you take it this way, but not chronically but just…and you pull the spring back and
you let it go, it sort of drives the system into that other state.

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  2. What defines “high-dose antioxidants?” By drinking smoothies made of natural sources of anti-oxidants is that getting in the way of the benefits of exercise?

  3. I've been listening to all these things to stay healthy. I'm 70 now and follow lots of the advice from these experts. I'm wondering how much longer if any I will live healthy. At my age I'm feeling like I'm in survival mode trying to avoid a mine field of health problems caused by old age..

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