How PTSD brain works (A) // #01

ptsd is something you get by experiencing very traumatic Having ptsd is like having a red button inside your head. If you look, feel, smell tastes something reminiscent traumatic events then pusher the brain down the red alarm button and the body responds with panic We all have a red button in the brain that is innate, which helps us it helps us if the house burns or face other major dangers, then all brains press that button but when you have ptsd the brain presses the button of simple things, can be one glass that smashes, smells door that opens or cold it can be anything for me who can’t walk in the basement so if I know I’m going down to a basement I panic I can start crying, because my brain pressing the red button for ptsd says to my brain that what happened is going to happen again is going to happen again run, hide, sweat freeze, tremble and much more one can also get multiple reactions at once everything is normal the brain of one with ptsd must what is really danger and and what is no longer danger This is a big job and needs a lot of one requires a support person who knows and calming the red button when it is pushing hard is very difficult like there are different reasons for that button being pushed then it is different how to get the button up again so you can relax, you can learn which helps with one, with some helps this: A hug, one that grabs you and almost shakes you in place someone who cares for you, pets, a walk a shower music or watch a series is not always the same that helps every time at least that’s what helps me the only thing that is very triggering for me is the basement and some places in norway have been much more before, so I’ve gotten much better

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  1. Så reflektert du er 🧡blir helt målløs av at du bare er 13 år! Dette er et stort tema mange voksne sliter med å forklare og forstå, men du klarte det så bra!
    Lykke til videre i livet 😄

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