How Do You Diagnose Autism in Children?

most parents who are worried that their child might have a diagnosis of autism feel really frightened and coming to a clinic for a diagnosis can be very daunting and we understand that we are used to helping families and getting to the bottom of what’s caused the difficulties that their child has and the first thing that happens is that there’s a lot of information gathering then we look at the child’s behavior in the clinic and compare that with the observations that we’ve been sent through from school nursery home and from health care and then we also have a very detailed clinical conversation with the parents about the child’s early developments we start at pregnancy and move right through in sequence to the present day and during that time the child is seen by one of our colleagues usually a psychologist and complete a number of different tests and rating scales and we make this diagnosis as a diagnosis of exclusion we look to make sure that there isn’t a learning disability or an anxiety disorder or a number of rare conditions that could be causing the difficulties that your child has and when we have all that information together and have completed those investigations that’s how we arrive at a diagnosis our feedback from families isn’t that they’ve they found it a frightening or intimidating thing to do we work together to do everything we can to make children feel comfortable coming here

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