11 thoughts on “Hope for ASD Parents

  1. Make one for parents in denial who think their child should just behave as NT as possible and think that will solve it all. Make one for the parents whose child became miserable cause they failed to fit in. Ah, the "glossy" bubble again with her dark comments. What's the opposite of glossy? I think I will change my name.

  2. Ahhh, this is a great video and I would have found it so useful a year ago!! I think the advice is great. Also if you have an early diagnosis (or warning of likely diagnosis) it gets better because a very young child is still only just really showing bits of themselves to you, so the future can really seem very uncertain and scary. As your child gets older and you find out what they love and what really makes them tick, all the possibilities and passions start to emerge, and not just the problems.

    I would also say, keep talking to your friends who are parents of NT kids because although it sometimes seems hurtful to watch those on an "easier" path, it's always good to remember that they have problems, challenges and fears too. Yes, it's different, and more challenging. But parenting is challenging anyway and as you say, every parent is woken up to the difference between the cute baby and the real (still cute 😁) human being at some point… It may just be a more gradual and gentle awakening for most!

  3. Very powerful message.

    And yes, I can relate to the generic advice problem. For example, I have found that a lot of generic dating/making friends advice tends to be developed for extroverted individuals. “Go to a meetup. Join a club. Volunteer. Take up a sport. Introduce yourself (at some random place).” These are all highly social things involving interactions with strangers and that require adept small talk skills. A lot of us Autistic people and introverts struggle with this generic advice. It often doesn’t work for us no matter how hard we try. I have found that one-on-one, facilitated introductions via people I already know work better.

  4. Thanks Paul! Sent this to the parent of an autistic child I so hope she sees it! I think it's got a very positive message!

  5. Does anyone know where I can get support for people who are RAISED by a parent with aspergers, theres almost literally nothing online, I've seen 1 video after 3 hours of searching, please help.

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