High-Impact Cancer Research Program Student Perspective – Despina Kontos

So I’m computer scientist by training and
I do research in cancer imaging related research at the University of
Pennsylvania and I find my work more and more becoming relevant to cancer
therapies that are driven by specific genetic mutations and targeted
therapeutics and I just felt like I needed to understand this work
better so I can be able to further my own work. There’s many aspects that I
really like. I mean, from a science perspective, learning all the omics
technologies, which is really what I was looking forward to, but also being
exposed to this wonderful group of 80 people from all around the world that I
would never ever have a chance to interact with and know in any other way. So I think I’m learning a lot from that experience as well. I think it’s going to help take my own research to a new level and being in the field that I am right now I
can see this helping me be kind of at the forefront of the field that I’m in
and kind of giving me a global direction that I think will be very powerful.

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