‘Hey Bill Nye, Our Brains Are All the Same – Why Aren’t People More Identical?’

Bill Nye: Shouldn’t we all have the same favorites? Aren’t we all the same? Don’t our brains all grow the same? The answer is no and yes. That is to say we have much more – we are
much more alike than we are different. This old question if I see red is it the same
to you as it is to me like what I think is red is really green and your brain learns
to call what your green is my red and so on? Okay these are good questions, but I think
the reason we have favorites is that we all are slightly different. We do not look identical. We are not biological clones. Everybody is a little different. Everybody is exposed to different experiences
and different chemicals, different things in the air and water as you grow up. So what you prefer in food could change from
one place to another based on your environment. And everybody’s genes are different. One exception might be identical twins. But everybody’s genes are different and so
what we prefer, what we like, what we find as favorites is different from one person
to another. But if nothing else I have learned in life
people are a heck of a lot more alike than they are different. You’ll find that if you like a yummy chocolate
dessert it’s very likely that someone else will like that yummy chocolate dessert. That your favorites you maybe surprised are
favored by a great many people. When you get into disagreements it’s often
I think a result of your experiences. Like I’ve had great experience eating ice
cream with honey, vanilla ice cream with honey. Every time I think about it I think about
my dad and I have good thoughts. But there’s other people who think vanilla
ice cream, that’s not interesting enough to me. Honey, that’s too commonplace. I won’t say I feel bad for you but that means
more vanilla and honey for me. You’ll find people are more alike than they
are different and enjoy the favorites, celebrate these little differences. It’s part of what makes life fun. Carry on.

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  1. First, our brains don't start out the same (look at the mentally disabled). Second, we don't develop the same (compare poor students to rich students). And third, even if neither of these were true, people are rebellious and choose to love things simply because no one else is into it (look at hipsters).

  2. Simple answer- The reason we all are different is because we wouldn't survive, as a species, if we were all identical. There needs to be variety in the pool genes to be able to adapt to new situations.

  3. I like his answer. To many people like to say we're one blood, one human race. it was a huge deception started by Acts 17:26 or 28 I forget which but you read it for yourself if you want.

  4. Because although our brains are similar our environments and our interjection of those environments are never the same. We are all locked inside an individual inescapable room while experiencing epi-phenomenal events and trying to make sense of them.

  5. Hey Bill-No video butr I hope you can answer

    I am against all religions but when I see different colors of eyes and hair and different type of blood and black/white/asians then I get lost -is it all evolution?
    + when Kasparov was playing chess against IBM DeepBlue -a smell or a sound could  take Gary Kasparov  40 years back in time in a milli second -a 1,3 kg organ/computer -how big a computer has to be to do a similar act and will it be possible in near future ?

  6. genes are potential, the brain is wet hardware that changes during life according mainly to experiences and in small part to genes. so our brains are all very different and it's nigh impossible to have two identical brains.

  7. Bill went easy on the kid but the real answer is synaptic plasticity. Our brains are made out of neurons and connected with synapses, our thinking process is based on these units transmitting signals to each other via synapses using chemical reactions and electical impulses. What's evolutionary amazing about the brain is not so much the beginning form in which it comes when we are born(which is pretty similar amongst humans) but the ability to change it's from, constantly creating new connections and destroying old ones between neurons to create memories and learning processes. The brain is like a sponge, it takes a bunch of inputs from our sensory units, and constantly changes itself accordingy, each person grows up in an environment a little different, each person sees things a little differently thus, making our brain take in different inputs and change itself in different ways

  8. I think what Bill tried to say it is that, we think different things in different moments so we become a different person than others.

  9. Wait what?

    so the exception is identical twins, that have identical genes, so why aren't they the same?

    start there for the discussion. Can't really blame different genes

  10. Surely brains aren't the same. There's neuroplasticity and we have different variations in respect to all other parts of our body, so I'm sure that a hugely complex structure, like the brain, that physically changes on the fly isn't going to be the exact same in an instance to someone else's.

    It's the 'same' in the same way that two different arms or eyes are, i.e they aren't identical but they kind of are the same. What does it take to make someone like chocolate instead of mint? Probably a few different neural pathways?

  11. if identical twins, in a seperated but controlled situation, were exposed to exactly the same things at exactly the same time from birth to adulthood would they be identical people?

    it's my understanding they are biologically identical or would the brain still 'map' things differently….

  12. were all just giant clumps of atoms. The same atoms as every person you know, Hydrogen Oxygen Carbon nitrogen. And some metals aswell, We are all the same, There is Basically no difference. You make the difference. You make the difference, I cant stress that enough, You. Make. The Difference. There is no difference except weight and height. YOU. MAKE.THE.DIFFERENCE

  13. Bill, there is so much going on it's hard to keep up on everything. Psychology/neurology was an early interest so my ears perked up at this little tidbit – and answers the young man's question, I think, much more definitively. Before I "disclose" the latest data point, I must remind everyone that the belief that we are born equal is a powerful source of cultural contamination and results in many broken beings who find this out too late in life. Even putting aside those born of wealth or poverty, or born with disease or congenital defects, we are not born anywhere near equally. There are, for example, so called "super tasters" and "super smellers", who have nearly twice the number of taste buds on their tongues, and olfactory sensors in their nose. So to the brain:

    I refer (and ask you to search for, and not take my word for it) to recent FMRI scans done on those who are self-identified as conservative, and those self-identified as liberal, and the results were stunning, and pretty darned conclusive. Search FMRI scans conservatives liberals. We use different parts of the brain to process incoming data. I knew it for years, but now we have validation. We ARE NOT THE SAME. It's why any cross dialog between the two (fine, I refer to them as a species) is virtually impossible. It's like trying to talk to an alien being. Or like to a newer or older species or subspecies of human. 🙂

    There are many evolutionary changes that do not express for external changes. Our stature and brow ridges may not have changed, but something did. Many scientists have said we were long overdue for one. This fundamental difference in brain function, though it could, maybe, be from hard wiring set by continuous indoctrination from culture, religion, or political thought, making the brain different, but that seems less plausible. If that were the case, I would think there would be more people changing sides. But they don't. We really appear to be "born that way" in how our brains process the information coming from our environment. Genetic or epigenetic, it's seems real and "set".

    So no, young man, we are not all born equally, and now, it appears, the physical organ brain has changed. And until such a gene is widely dispersed, we are going to be at war with each other. With president #45 and his ilk taking advantage of such a physical difference in order to profit from their war mongering, we see the limit of their vision for man.

    Just how different are we? I liken it to a fairly recent other acquisition of our species, the ability to see in color. If you want to know how different the two species are, try, if you can find a true one, and find a color blind person and try to explain "red" to them – without using self references, because a rose is not red to him or her, and never will be. You could describe the light frequency of red. But that's not much good.

    This is why there are these two general types of people and why they think so dramatically differently. We are not the same, and that dissimilarity is a direct result of a divergence at some time in our past, to acquire a built in moral compass, and sensitivity to "other". Homo sapiens is indeed a "self- aware" being, and behaves as such. But the new Moralis Man, is also other aware (moral is only relevant in the context of more than one). They can "see" things at a whole new level which is impossible to describe to those who do not possess the ability. It's not a put down, or anyone's fault, not even god, but to fail to recognize this, is adding fuel to an already out of control fire (climate collapse). But "they" will not even accept that such is happening because their brains process in an area of the brain associated with fear, and the fight or flight response. In Moralis, we use another area of the brain which allows us to take greater risks in order to explore new things and satisfy our inherently higher level of curiosity.

    Decide for yourself. I'm almost 60, and when I saw the FMRI scans (and less conclusive genetic associations) I knew in an instant that here was the truth that explained it all. And you know? I'm nicer to conservatives now. If you get my drift. They didn't choose to be born that way. 🙂

  14. That’s funny, my Beloved Grandmother would say this too Bill. Whenever there was distaste for a food item that she would serve to the children, I can hear her even now saying, “all the more for the rest of us.”
    Very similar I would say.

  15. However this only applies to humans. I imagine that all elephant brains are different yet none of them eat meat, all tigers brains are different but none of them think of eating plants. Nothing like asking an engineer and kiddie actor a biological question.

  16. I have a feeling he actually answers these off the cuff; that's probably why so many of his answers don't really adress the original question. BT should definitely have someone send bill the questions ahead of time so he can have the time to google the simple answers and not have to dance around them.

  17. The biggest falsehood you will hear in this regard is that "men and women have the same brain and so they are equal." When talking about brain structure they are the same, but they are not the same in function. Men and women have different biochemistries which interact with the brain very differently. The difference in biochemistry, the different levels in hormones and neurotransmitters for example, make our brains function very differently, but in physical structure look much the same.

  18. The real answer : Behaviourally we are very much similar. We have almost identical responses to stimuli, given the millions of years of evolution. However the small differences we do have, we tend to see them through a microscope. Human social behaviour is made to differentiate between humans, so small differences in behaviour are made much more bigger.

  19. Let's say your dad made a clone of you when you were a baby. Your clone was sent to India, and you live in the USA. After a few years, your clone will have different favourites, different religion, different culture. The same happens with two equal brains growing on different environments.

  20. Is anyone else subscribed to bigthink just for Bill Nye? I wish Bill Nye had his own channel doing this stuff.

  21. Plato was wrong, in a nutshell
    We're progressing, not trying to achieve some perfect defined form
    Evolution is diversity

  22. For the first time i think Bill Nye was mocking. That is low, Bill isn't allowed thinking questions are stupid, especially coming from children. I get he's fed up after all these years but in a professional setting like Big Think this was a major blunder.

    Take it to heart, mr Nye. There's definitely an apology missing. No excuses.

  23. Are all brains the same? Well the average black IQ is 70. That should answer that mystery and many other questions regarding why Africa is so violent and full of unprotected sex while in poverty.

  24. All brains are not all the same. per: Read and learn.

  25. Hey Bill! How much does Monsanto pay you? Please answer that in one of your next videos! Also answer why you lie about global warming.

  26. Bill please ! Answer what is going on with our president .Does the anyone listen to the news ? We need your help ! Pride and believe in our democracy ! truth means a lot ! Man kind ….

  27. Here's a bit of a crazy thought, if we all had the same genes the same looks, same everything, and ate the exact same things at, at least the same general time, what would be different about us? Would we still have differences other than our position?

  28. Our brains are not the same…..not a single one. That this youngster asks this question exposes his education (indoctrination). Even our variable susceptibility to neurological disorders underscores the physical differences in our brains as does our variable and actually quite stable capacity for IQ. Given an opportunity to expand this discussion, Mr. “Science Guy” dumbs the topic down to vanilla…..literally.

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