Hemorrhagic Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)

made by ph/ Rayan Mahmoud
faculty of pharmacy , alexandria university a stroke occurs when the blood flow
in part of your brain is blocked after just few minutes
the starved brain cells begin to die normally the brain recieves blood
via two major pairs of arteries which branch through out brain tissue and supply your brain cells with
a constant flow of oxygen , glucose and nutrients necessary for their functions during a hemorrhagic stroke abnormal bleeding disrupts normal blood flow for example in an intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke a blood vessel bursts spilling blood directly into your brain will robbing an intended tissue of nourishement both the hemorrhage and lack of blood supply
called ischemia destroy brain tissue a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weak spot in a blood vessel wall
called an aneurysm bursts and leaks blood into the tight space between
your brain and your skull the high pressure bleeding results in
a serious damage to brain tissue immediate treatment for your stroke may help
to minimize brain cell injury and death in a case of hemorrhagic stroke emergency surgery may be necessary to repair damaged arteries or reduce the pressure of blood on your brain you may be given medication to help
the brain’s blood flow return to normal made by ph/ Rayan Mahmoud
faculty of pharmacy , alexandria university

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  2. I ve hemorrhagic stroke in New York, call 911. Hospital in my area refuse me n send me to midtown bigger hospital. 2 months ago. I stay unconscious st that time for few days. N can't breath, they give me calm medicine because I scream a lot. Now I can back to walk but very hard to do it. Need positive n no give up n brave. I'm lucky msh be. I m in New York. They did acute rehab for 3 weeks after

  3. I suffered from brain hemorrhage last year on February 10th. It was really painful like your head is about to blow😞 then i was brought to the hospital because i was vomiting and can't see very well then the doctor said that i am suffering from brain hemorrhage and he said that open surgey was needed. I was crying since it happened then I started to cry even more when the doctor said about the open surgery because that's the first time i had a surgery and I wasn't prepared to accept it😞 but i got no choice. By may 13th last year, My surgery was done and when i woke and i thank the lord that I'm still alive.😊 sorry about my grammar because english is not my first language🙈

  4. I faced with haemorrhage after a severe accident. It was cured after taking good medication but left life long disease of Dementia with damage of brain cells. Now I am alive with half dead memory cells.

  5. I'm very cautious… A few years back I got my first concusion which cracked my skull. This was when I was 6 so my skull was still fragile. The doctors told me to try to be careful with your head for the rest of your life. If you get 1 more concusion in your life time your brain will start to bleed

  6. I just survived and its been 13 days now.. Doctor advised me to take rest.. Blood pressure was 180when i was admitted in hospital and i was uncautious and they said i behaved like paralyzed..

  7. My father was in office he was going to washroom then he fell down when his coligue admitted him in hospital , doctor says he is suffering from brain hamrage . He was on ventilator , after five days his ventilator removed for 3-4 hours then doctors says his heartbeat is going down we need to give him ventilator , when they give ventilator he is normal , he is crying loudly .. after that every day his body response goes down … i think doctor dont use ventilator in noral postion … main doctor is varun bhargava( neurologist) famous doctor in delhi!!! But his way of talking is very bad !!! Now i always blamed doctors for my father death!!!!

  8. Last day I was walking then feel there is a sudden pain left side of my neck at the back. Then I feel this headache in my ride side only. What should I do?

  9. Even my mom in her age of 49 in 2015 July 25th she had brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure, unfortunately doctors were not able to find out it was 1/% of life but thankful to lord with in 2 days she got cured even it was a medical challenge for doctors to accept that ,but after 3 yrs NW she s again started saying I'm nt feeling good she s worried ,is this life threating disease?? Don't we have solution for this ??

  10. thats why i tell my class friends to have helmet. a person in my class died for this. AND I SAID TO HER TO WEAR HELMET. well…

  11. My mum had a brain haemorrhage and was in a critical state for 2 years she then sadly passed away. Does any one know if brain haemorrhages are hereditary??

  12. Oh man, I was watching a documentary on the boxer, Gerald Mcclellan and how he had a brain hemorrhage in the ring after he fought Nigel Benn. Luckily he was rushed to the hospital and survived. He is now 80% deaf, blind, and unable to walk. Similarly, my grandpa also had a brain hemorrhage back in '93 (before I was even born). My dad and my uncles called for the ambulance but they took forever to come, so they took their personal car and drove to the nearest hospital. My dad carried my grandpa in his hands and ran into the emergency room, and the nurses applied resuscitation right away. He was still breathing and had a slow heartbeat. They took him to the operation waiting room because the neurological surgeon was on his way. His heartbeat started declining lower and lower, and after about 30 mins of waiting, he passed away. Brain hemorrhages are some scary stuff man.

  13. You ahouldnt Be scared of these things its very unlikely youll have this but IF you know youre having one just call 911 or any medical help number and you should be fine If you can tell them where you are

  14. This happen to my partner she passed away 6months ago she is missed dearly by me and the kids… Family & friends of friends

  15. Plz listen carefully my story and plz answer me best.
    My brother sit outside home suddenly he falls and his head hits ground and he was unconscious and than he was took by persons in a room and after 10 to 15 min he was conscious
    No Medical no medicines because of his carelessness he was very careless about his self
    Then that night he sleep and my father forced him to fo for doctor than he said ok so we go for doctor and he was sitting and waiting for his turn for check to doctor than he suddenly laid and his voice was horrible i mean he was very dificult position to get oxygen
    Than after 15 mint he was ok and now he phone my another brother that plz come to me i am in serious position afterthat he has now infront of doctor now he cant speak doctor tell him how many attack do you get he said by figures bu showing 2 fingures means two attack than he suddenly get 6 attack he hand was folded his one side was paralyzed and he suddenly go to emergency mri scan was held and doctor tells that his veins was damaged and his brain has now blood and he went to coma he cant listen cant speak cant move after two days he dead
    The man point of all this topic that was he brain vein damage by falling and that time no treatment that why late found of brain hemorrhage cause his death
    Plz ans me
    Sorry for my english
    I can little bit of speak english
    But i hope you will understand.

  16. This happened to a boxer called Prichard Colon who received 53 illegal shots to the back of his head, vomiting alot later after being dizzy and collapsed into a coma for 221 days. He is recovering well nowadays.

  17. Same. It happened to me in my sleep @28 years of age – I'm 48 now.

    I was left with blind spots on the left side of both eyes.

    It was awkward and annoying at first, but my vision adapted. Now, I can see fine….. 🙈

  18. My father passed away last year due to haemmoragic stroke.He used to smoke a lot and was suffering from migraine,he was 47 y/0.Is migraine and nicotine responsible for his death??

  19. Bruh these happend when I was high it hurt like a mofucker but I had nothing to do so I just sat there chilling

  20. I'm Just a 16 year old boy have no idea what to do. My mother has been sent to the hospital couple of hours ago. Please pray for her.

  21. Please can someone tell me..
    My father says sometimes he feels blockage in his brain like its not happening every day its happening 3 or 4 time in a year he says that he feels a sudden painful blockage in his brain or in nervous of brain..and its lasts about for 5 or 6 seconds but its quite painful he says if it lasts for 1 or 2 minutes it can cause even death..so we have said it to doctors and they are saying its nothing please somebody tell me what is it? Is it as harmful as he thinks?

  22. your videos are amazing. Keep up the great work.
    While searching, I came across one more video on stroke- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5iCUIjtVcM – The video briefly describes the existing problem of stroke treatments and highlights the upcoming drugs that could provide relief to stroke patients. I found it very helpful and informative. Do watch it!

  23. This happened to my dad. He miraculously survived. I caught his post-stroke moments on my page.

    (I make heartwarming vids)

  24. I'm in tears July 29 my brother had attack brain hemorrhage, praying 🙏 everyday for my brother 😭 he's in intensive care unit please pray for my brother recovery 🙏🙏

  25. My grandpa who is now 85 years old fell last month due to this he got good treatment he is still in hospital he is not able to speak he answers through his eyes head and hands. Is this an improvement??

  26. This just happened to my mom six weeks ago. It was very scary at first, but she has thankfully been improving quite a bit lately. She's turning 72 in November, but is very active for someone her age. She is now going through some physical therapy which she started last week & she was extremely tired afterwards at first, but now she continues to stay awake & alert most of the day as well as respond to certain commands. We're currently working on getting her to move her tongue to all commands as well as swallowing more, then she can get the tracking tube off of her neck & start with speech therapy to get her talking again. It was very rough for my family & I for a while at first, but she has come quite a ways since the beginning & is starting to get much stronger now.

  27. my grandma passed away yesterday because of this. she’ll always be in my heart. i miss her dearly. she lives 12,000 miles away from me. i cant even say goodbye 😔

  28. I had a brain hemorrhage back in 2016 by the grace of God I survived but I am paralyzed from the chest down, I’m thankful to still be here but it’s thought being 27 with a 4 yr old and in a chair 😔 take care of yourselves please ❤️

  29. Just shows how fragile our bodies can become..but also strong upon healing and repair. God protect us from such things.

  30. My grandma had brain cancer and died in her sleep from a brain hemorrhage. She was so nice and caring, she didn’t deserve to go. I never got to say goodbye. But what do they say, if you are in a garden, what flowers would you pick? The nice ones

    Love you, grandma.

  31. I’m just here cuz of a video game called broken bones, and they gave parts of the body funny names so if u hit ur head it would say “ got heamorrhaged”

  32. My dad died a week ago because of this stroke
    I really wish if there was accurate way to treat this hemorrhagic stroke
    RIP to all the loving people who lost their life fighting this stroke

  33. i’m 15, my mom is on her way to the hospital in an ambulance, i think she had one of these. it’s been about 5 days since she had a terrible migraine and dizziness which led to her falling in the kitchen because she missed the desk while trying to put her hand on it because she was dizzy. we were driving home from the clinic just a while ago and she got a couple words mixed up while talking and had dizziness. does anyone have any information about this that they could give me? we live in Seattle and our hospitals i’m pretty sure are good quality. thank you ❤️

  34. My father suffered from severe brain stoke. Doctors said lot of things which were hell lot of scaring but with the God's grace and proper treatment, Papa is okay but problems are still persisting as he on blood thinners because of his open heart surgery. Generally after brain stoke majority of times it leads to subdural collection which will require one more operation to drain the blood out from skull.

    I pray to everyone out here those who are suffering from brain Stoke. May God bless them and they recover soon from the trauma.

    Also I want to conclude one thing if you ever-ever find someone collapsing in front of you especially elder people all of a sudden and loosing consciousness please please take them to nearest hospital.

    Some selective measures that we can take at home for our lovedones. If someone is suffering from Hypertension please keep digital machine to keep a track on high or low BP and reach out to near by physician for consultation regula basis.
    Practice pranayam (anulom vilom) at least for 10mins, avoid packetfood, processed food, limit the intake of salt and sugar, increase the intake if fresh vegetables and eat home made food.

    In brain stoke time is your best friend and could be your enemy delay in treatment causes paralysis, coma or even death.

    After stoke : no matter how much treatment you take some of the brain activities get limited I have seen this in many cases. Like once the hand is fracture the fractured bone will show up lil bit if disability even though the fractured bone is healed.

    These were some of my learning when my father suffered from this life threatening stoke.

  35. I had hemorrhaging around my brain a couple months back now. I was supposed to get a surgery but, at the last minute, it was canceled. Apparently it had gone away by itself. Which I was pretty happy about. Lol.
    The only thing now is, I still get some fairly big headaches and they tend to hang around for about four to five days at a time. Not sure if that's an issue or not.

  36. I had this on feb 6 2019 i was 11 then but im now 12 i have a giant scar on my head 3 metal plates and its all because of my primary school but the head teacher was sorry and i understand that and i am so grateful the surgeons saved my life and gave me a second chance in life im now in high school and have made lots of new friends.

    Edit: I also had a very bad concussion

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