Harriet Parsons: advice to carers on communicating about the eating disorder

-: Well, I think having a conversation where there’s an acknowledgement that something isn’t all right in what they’re doing. Yeah, so bein’ able to say, “Look, I’m concerned about you, because of X, Y, and Z”. Just be really concrete about those concerns, and don’t look for the person to agree with you, because chances are they won’t, because there are two sides at their head, and they will always be ambivalent about whether or not they have a problem, because the eating disorder is their way of coping. So having that conversation, and trying to open the door to the idea of maybe we need a little bit of help with this. And then in terms of taking those initial steps, the first thing I would always says is, “Get to know a little bit about what eating disorders are”. So have a look at the BodyWhys website. There’s an absolute wealth of information there where you can see about all of the different types of eating disorders, and all of the ideas around what they are.

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