Handling Depression | Ep 35

don’t you love it when people like just
tell you like like get over it like you’re fine like stop worrying about it
don’t you love how like when people say that it just changes everything and it’s
like magic and you suddenly don’t feel the way you felt before it’s not so cool
I mean I’ve never had that happen I’ve never seen it happen but I imagine that
somebody who says that actually thinks that’s what happens I mean they’ve got
to have some reason for saying something so asinine hi I’m Tammy Sevcov and this
is Worth Considering or we take a look at Christian culture and society and
consider how we can be better believers in Jesus and connect those two and
contradict each other and what it is that we’re supposed to do in the midst
of this life that we live and today I want to talk to you about dealing with
depression I am going to try and keep this very short and brief and I want to
clarify up front that this is not a prescriptive or medical or therapist I
am NOT a therapist I am NOT a psychologist I am only sharing from my
own perspective and as a pastor some of the perspective that I’ve walked with
others through and hope it helps you it helps your perspective whether you’re
dealing with depression right now or you are someone who maybe has friends or
family members or people around you that have been dealing with this and how you
can be a strength to them but I do want to start off by saying if you are right
now dealing with depression especially if you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts
and I’m not going to get into that deep today
at least yeah but especially if you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts I want to
encourage you to reach out to someone reach out to someone with spiritual
maturity to talk to to deal with this to begin to process and see what journey
you need to take to begin to get the breakthrough that God has for you
because I can tell you I can promise you this depression is not from him it’s not
something he wants you to have or to carry and he wants you to have the
breakthrough you need but sometimes it’s not simply like fairy dust that comes it
some steps and seeing real transformation happen comes from choices
that we make as well and how he wants to work with us and you are not alone no
matter what the enemy tells you no matter how you feel you are not alone
and there are people to care or would care if they knew what was going on so I
just encourage you to to go after that so as I’m talking about this today I’m
coming to you from both the place of someone who’s dealt with depression I
wouldn’t say I’ve had a dealt with it at the extreme level that some have and
I’ve also seen others that I worked with and talked with who have dealt with
extreme and severe forms of depression wherein they’ve come close to if not
have actually have taken their lives so and this is a real thing this is a real
issue this is not something that we need to treat lightly I opened up today’s
episode with kind of a tongue-in-cheek approach because sometimes we do as
Christians and especially those of us who are like maybe more the conservative
bent or the there’s a little bit of the good ol boys are like you know work hard
kind of people pull yourself up by your bootstraps just get it in like there’s a
little bit of this dynamic that starts to come across as as like well if you
would just make a decision not to feel that way you would stop feeling that way
but the reality is that’s not how that works and if sometimes we do need people
around us who will encourage us and help us see the right way and kind of like
come on you can do this but typically especially if you’re dealing with
depression we’re talking about something that’s not just I’m kind of in a funk or
I’m not happy right now it’s something that’s like oppressive and and I use the
word oppressive because there’s an actual pressing down and it’s it’s from
the spirit realm now some of you might not be as familiar with talking about
the spirit realm feel like that’s getting kind of spooky spiritual weird
whatever I’m just gonna tell you straight up there is a spirit realm we
do deal with both the kingdom of light which is God Jesus and His angels and
then what he has intended for us and there is a kingdom of darkness there is
a Satan there is there are demons and they really do want to ruin your life
that is what they’re all about because they hate you so if you understand that
that’s really truly going on around us then you’ll understand that there are
times where there are things that will pop in your head and you’re like that
thought come from and it’s something sinful is something
ugly it’s something bad that is what the enemy uses to like insert himself to
suggest things don’t throw out an idea if it has given if it’s been given room
to land then he’ll continue to bring more of those thoughts in if there’s no
room for it to land in other words you don’t allow that thought you rebuke that
thought whatever it might be scripture talks about bringing every thought into
captivity to the obedience of Christ literally taking your thoughts captive
and saying I’m not gonna think that way it’s it’s really important that we
understand there’s a battle going on but it’s not just inside of our heads this
is it starts there it starts with whispered thoughts but we’ve got to also
be verbal and vocal because scripture tells us that what we we put into our
eyes and our ears really makes a difference and proverbs talks a lot
about incline your ear to my sayings their life to those who find them at
health to all their flesh death and life are in the power of the tongue
those who love it leave its fruit there’s so much in Proverbs that tells
us there’s something about as listening to the right things putting the right
things in our ears but also as speaking and saying the right things that that
actually impacts our our life our walk and this is where I found that when I
was in high school and I began to deal with depression and dealing with anxiety
and dealing with the pressure of just this these ugly dark thoughts that began
to just kind of overtake me and began to tell me that I was worthless and tell me
that I my life wasn’t worth living and that that I needed to really end my life
and I and I wrestled through that the major thing that happened for me after I
walked through some different steps and I’m gonna talk a little bit more about
that and next episode talking about suicide a little bit more in depth but I
can to understand that I needed to do things differently I don’t ask to
describe it but it was like if I had been doing life on my own and doing it
my own way this whole time and it wasn’t working I needed to do something to like
try really God’s way and and what I did is I got rid of all of my music I got
rid of I started listening to a Christian mixtape one of my friends made
oh my gosh I did not like that if it was phone up my my music but I
needed I needed I needed to try I mean I guess that’s where I was that I needed
to try like an opposite version I was like if whatever I’m doing right now
this is the result I don’t want this anymore so what can I do what what can I
do so I started praying every night I started reading my Bible every night and
can I just tell you I had no magical mystical moment I had no like encounter
where an angel came in my room I had no warm fuzzies in fact I felt like my
prayers were just bouncing off the ceiling I felt like an idiot talking to
myself but I was I was pushing to try and do it differently to get different
results right they say the definition of an evidence Hannity is doing the same
thing and expecting different results so so I was just really trying to push him
and find a way to do it God’s Way whatever that was like trying so hard to
just like get rid of the old versions of things that I did and do it new do it
fresh do it different and instead of having this magical encounter with God
where I suddenly became different in this like warm fuzzy moment I what
happened was I just started changing I started like it’s like light started
coming in where I had been so dark before I started having like
breakthroughs I’ve like almost like spots of light coming in and I didn’t
even it was so gradual I didn’t even realize it until one day I was just
smiling to myself and I was confused why am i smiling like what did what just
happened that made me smile and I realized like that’s lifted something
lifted and I had been I’ve been changed and I and I didn’t understand until
years later when I began to study Scripture more intensely and begin to
understand parables like the sower so is the word where it talks about the word
of God coming in and a lot of people just talk about that like it’s just
talking about salvation but there’s really this perspective like what God’s
word comes in if we have rocky hearts or if we have we have weeds in our heart
we’re not gonna get the full results of it but when we will allow God’s Word to
come in with good ground and grab hold of it not let Satan steal it like that
scripture talks about that it begins to produce a harvest now I’m not saying
that for every person who’s ever dealt with any depressive thought if you just
read your Bible and pray and listen to Christian music then it will just
radically change everything I believe those are all things that you should do
but there’s gonna be things that might be the key to unlocking your journey
unlocking your situation there might be unforgiveness in your heart about
something there might be something that you know you were a victim in some way
you were abused in some way you were mistreated and and what was done to you
through no fault of your own or maybe some faults of your own I mean
regardless but it was done to you and you and that’s now settled in and that’s
something that’s been eating at you and and therefore there’s been a place for
those thoughts that Satan comes and there’s been a place for them to land
and sit and entertain them and God wants to start to help break through that
landing pad and say nope we got to get rid of that we’ve got to stop allowing
those thoughts in and that’s where I really believe we when we would reach
out to one another because God really does intend for us to do this walk with
other people that we can begin to see the breakthrough and see the light and
see the ability that God would come and show us the fullness of life that he
intended right Jesus said that Satan comes only still kill and destroy that’s
those things come from him when you feel killing and destruction and and and
stealing out of your life that’s from that’s hallmarks of the enemy but Jesus
came that you might have life and that more abundantly it doesn’t mean perfect
and happy and never has an adult as a gray moment it doesn’t mean however that
there is victory there is overcoming there is breaking through that you have
available to you if you would press in and know that Jesus is there for you and
know that you really can see the really I feel like the first step is
knowing that there is victory to be had there really is I don’t care how many
years you’ve been dealing with it there is victory to be had and you have
accessible to you you’ll begin to take the steps and walk the journey with him
thanks for being with me today I’m so glad you’re here hey listen um with
worth considering I really wanted to encourage dialogue and conversation and
if there’s anything that you’d like to add to this conversation please add it
to the comments below love for us to be able to engage but if you’re going to
rage about something or just get angry I’m not going to engage this is about us
growing and being better together I also want to say if you have an idea for a
future episode please feel free to add that to the comments below and I’ll see
you next week you

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  1. Tammy:
    Have you considered that depression is a brain imbalance and people need to take medication for it along with other Mental Illnesses.
    I agree that the word works on our minds and God is always faithful and good

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