Goofy Dad Dancing and A Better Mood

– [Asa] You’re already awake. I didn’t hear you. Ready? Classic. (footsteps) It’s Monday. Isn’t that exciting? Abbie loves Mondays. Let’s get ready for school. Yeah, school. I’m so excited, that’s
what your shirt says. Can’t deny it. Morning. – Morning. – [Asa] How are you? – Good, how are you? – [Asa] I’m great. – Good. – [Asa] Well, continuation
of the mood from yesterday. – Yeah. – [Asa] What’s wrong with your cereal? You don’t want it? You want to go to school? But can you eat your cereal? – [Abbie] Uh-uh. Please eat your cereal, one bite. Here, one bite. One, one bite. Come on. Come on. You’re going to change your mind and you’re going to be
mad at yourself later. Okay. Psst. Oh, don’t act like you
weren’t just eating it. She’s eating the bananas off the top. – Yeah. Do you want one? – [Asa] Yes, more. So this is a meal replacement? – [Priscilla] It is. – [Asa] You’re trying and it’s keto. – [Priscilla] Yes. – [Asa] Cool. – Some people put milk in it,
but I’m just putting water. – [Asa] Where’s your shaker thing? – That is the shaker. – [Asa] No, I mean the one
that the Weezer’s bought you. – Oh you use this one, see? You shake it up. – [Asa] Oh, that’s cool. It all comes with it. – Yeah. – [Asa] But I mean since you’re having one and I’m having one. Oh, I guess you can pour
it in a glass can’t you? – Yeah. – [Asa] Okay. (shaking liquid) – Oh, that’s good. I’m super picky. That’s really good. – [Asa] Cool. – Yeah, I’m excited. – 310, they’re sponsoring
Priscilla on her channel. It’s always helpful when the
brand actually tastes good. – [Priscilla] Right. – When you’re doing a sponsored contest. Cause when you’re like yeah, I’m sorry I just can’t promote this when it’s not any good. – [Priscilla] Want me to make yours first? – Sure. – [Asa] Abbie, dude stop it. Okay, you’re all done. Nope, we’re not going to
be spitting out cereal and throwing it. Come here and get a napkin, come here. – [Abbie] No ahh. – [Asa] Uh-uh, come here. Don’t step in it. Hope you have a happy day. Bye, I love you. That’s all the new Maass SquadCare stuff? – [Priscilla] Yeah. Bye. – [Priscilla] Bye, have a good day. Love you. – [Asa] I’ll see you in
a little while, right? Oh you’ve got a full schedule don’t you? – I do. Hey guys, so unfortunately
I did not film Abigail getting out for school,
because she was so grumpy. She is just in a mood right now. You know, teenagers, it’s a thing. So I didn’t film her. We’re just trying to console her. I think she’ll have a great day. It’s that whole transition thing. But, I’m off to get some things for our big parties this week. We have two parties. One for Isaiah’s birthday, turning 18. One for Asa, he’s turning 38. So we have more family coming into town. It’s just going to be a great week. But I have to get things for all of those. So off to Bed Bath & Beyond. It was fun having my in-laws here and I was like okay you are
our first people to like stay you know, other than our friends. What did you need? And she’s like a mirror and a trash can. So I’m headed in to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick both of those things up right now. Funniest thing I’ve ever had happen. This lady walks up to me and she says, “Does anyone ever tell you,
you look like Priscilla?” I’m Like Priscilla Presley? She’s like, “No, Priscilla from
“Fathering Autism”. (laughs) Like I was some, I said, “I am Priscilla from “Fathering Autism”. Miss Jane, it was so sweet
and nice to meet you. You are so sweet. She’s like, “No way”. But it was just so cute how she was like, “Does anybody ever tell you
you look like Priscilla?” And so I assumed she
meant Priscilla Presley. I’m like, nope never. (laughs) Aw, you guys just warm my heart. She’s like, “I never knew
you lived that close to me”. Have a great day, Miss Jane. You made my day. – [Asa] Did you get all
the things we needed to– Just got to finish off this. – [Asa] To fulfill my parent’s wishes. Our shortcomings. – Aw, no. – [Asa] (laughs) – I wanted an honest opinion. – [Asa] Yeah. – You know, you don’t think about it until you’re like staying there. – [Asa] We got the rug for out here so you don’t track stuff
into the guest room. Priscilla picked up a trash can. This is hilarious. They left a two dollar tip. That’s so funny. – I know. – [Asa] (laughs) Kind of cheap, but funny. – Hey, there was more than
two dollars there, dude. So everybody kept asking
about, is there a bathroom? – [Asa] Yes. – There is a bathroom. – [Asa] So there is a bathroom. It’s kind of a full
bathroom, but you know. They can use the bathroom
while they’re staying out here. Yeah, that looks good. It’s just a half bath. They do have to come inside
to use the rest room. Of course, or to shower rather. But of course, you know
when we build this out to be like a full-on suite
for whether it be in-laws or a live-in caregiver for Abbie when we’re older or whatever, we’ll actually build on to it to where it has a kitchenette
and it has a full-on bathroom and closet and all that jazz. That door right there. That goes out to the garage. – [Asa] Okay, tag-team. – Tag-team, thank you. – I’m gonna go get Abb. Priscilla’s got stuff to do here. I did all my stuff here. I hung up that last strand
of lights, see right there. Hung that up, finished two vlogs today. Got those uploading
now, so the casting file won’t be ready for the one
today when it goes live. But it will be for the one tomorrow and then going forward from there. All right, bye love you. – [Priscilla] Bye. (electronic music) – [School Staff] No, keep going. – [Asa] Hi. – [School Staff] How you all doing? – [Asa] Boy, we’re excited. – [School Staff] I know,
she had a good day. – [Asa] Good. – [School Staff] She had a good day. – [Asa] Good, rough start today. So I’m glad it got better. – [Asa] Say bye. – [School Staff] Goodbye (giggles) – [Asa] How are you? Hi. Good to see you. I’ll fix this. They forget sometimes, huh? Oh, that face. What’s that face? It’s a cute face. Can I have a kiss? Mmmhuh. Want music? Yeah? Lots of it. All right, jam out. ♪ I was starving now I’m
eating till my belly full ♪ ♪ From up north where it gets cold ♪ ♪ You’ll need a heavy coat ♪ ♪ Scared to end up in a shirt ♪ ♪ Before a centerfold ♪ ♪ Devil on my back ♪ ♪ Target on me deadly too ♪ ♪ Play for keeps don’t tweak ♪ ♪ It’s no peace don’t speak ♪ ♪ Twenty four no sleep ♪ ♪ This is real no tweet ♪ ♪ My bros for life ♪ ♪ Can’t break this link ♪ ♪ Family on my side ♪ ♪ Babies stay around me ♪ ♪ I don’t want no convo I want checks ♪ ♪ I don’t want the second I want best ♪ ♪ I’m all in my head swear I’m a wreck. ♪ ♪ I’ve been moving like a hot mess ♪ ♪ I don’t want no convo I want checks ♪ ♪ I don’t want the second I want– ♪ – More nuts. That’s a weird snack – [Asa] Hey, I’m good with it. – Yeah. – [Asa] Healthy fats, protein. Hey, you want to help? – [Priscilla] Come here, Abb. – [Abbie] Eh, eh, eh. – [Asa] She does not want to help. So Priscilla is the
corresponding secretary for Duval County Council PTA. So she has to write thank
you cards to people. – That’s a whole lot of writing. Can I just tell you my hand hurts. And it’s disgusting tasting. These are so bad. – You have to have, you have
to have like sponge thing. – I don’t. I just used a paper towel
after the first two of them. – That’s a good idea.
– Oh my gosh. But it won’t go away. – [Asa] Hey, thank you
cards are like a lost art. You know, people just
don’t write them anymore. My mom does. She’s pretty hard core
about it, thank you cards. – [Priscilla] Yup. – It’s kind of like an older
generation thing, I feel like. – It is. I’m like, can we send an email? Do you have an email address? – Are any of you guys
thank you card writers? Do you write thank you
cards for every gift you get and stuff like that? There’s got to be somebody out there. – [Nanny] Bye Nanny,
it was good seeing you. – [Asa] Bye, sweet girl. – [Nanny] Nice to meet you Nanny. – [Da] Nice talking to you, Nanny. – [Asa] Nanny and Nanny. – [Nanny] Nanny and Nanny. – [Asa] Manny is Abbie’s nanny though. – Yes. – [Asa] But then, Nanny is Abbie’s nanny– – [Nanny} Grandmother. – [Asa] Never mind, never mind. Professional, professional nanny. – [Da] Don’t– – [Asa] So professional nanny. – [Nanny] Bye Katie. And a, well you’re a
professional nanny too. I don’t even know, it’s confusing. – [Nanny] You don’t even know. – Blood nanny. – [Asa] Yeah. – [Da] We’re all professionals. – Nanny as in another
word for grandmother, is what it is. We’re going to go in here and get some dinner with your parents. What do you mean, I’m driv… Are you talking trash? He’s talking trash over there. He said, “Asa’s driving”. What does that mean? Awkward. Hey. – Nana got her mirror. – [Asa] A mirror for Nana. Now she has to come back and visit. – Yep. – [Asa] Because we got our mirror. How’s your day? – [Isaiah] Great. – [Asa] Good. – [Abbie] Eh. – [Asa] I can hear you. That last strand. That was the trick man. – [Priscilla] Yup. – [Asa] Yup. – [Priscilla] It looks beautiful. – [Asa] Hi, I saw you through the window. Smells good in here. – [Isaiah] It does. – [Nanny] Say Abbie had a bath? (laughs) It smells better, ha. He’s picking on you, you shouldn’t talk. – You know how babies have a certain cry? Abbie has a certain laugh when she’s doing something she’s not supposed to. What, why do you have the pool float? What are you eating? Give me that. Cardboard. Pick that up please. Give me that pool float. It’s heavy huh? Thank you. Pick this up. Put it up there, set it down right there. Put this back in it. Put it back in the box. Put it in there the right way. You got to turn it. Turn it. – [Abbie] (laughs) – [Asa] I know, it’s funny right? Turn it. You can do it. Good job. Good job on putting it away right. Not good job on destroying things. What are you, why are you trying to attack me? – [Priscilla] (giggles) So I’ve got a little set up going on here. Check this rig out, you guys. So camera two, over this iPad here. Camera one, looking at me. So we got this cool
little set up right here. Isn’t that neat? And I’m going to teach
some Lipstick Mamas, some of Priscilla’s ladies
that she has on her team how to edit videos. I could do this, I think. Like, if I ever retire
from “Fathering Autism”, – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] teach other
people how to make videos. Yeah, I’m going to enjoy
the heck out of this. – [Abbie] Eh. (banging) – Hey, I have to go live in nine minutes. – [Abbie] Eh, eh. – What are you asking for? – [Abbie] (laughing) – (laughing) Oh, my goodness. What are you asking for? Cookies, pretzels? Cookies, eat pretzel,
candy, cookie, pretzel. Cookie (laughs) – [Priscilla] That girl. – [Asa] I know. Do you need sustenance? You do? Are you starving? – [Priscilla] Asa, don’t let
her take advantage of you. – [Asa] I think, so I give her one, right? – One what? – [Asa] Cookie. – She already had them. – [Asa] Oh. – [Priscilla] There are
some packages in the– – [Asa] Oh, you sneak. Hey, you want some peanuts. Mom thinks that I snuck you sweets. I need to put this in the vlog. Just so that she sees that
I’m telling the truth. Are they good? Do you need a drink? Hey, hello. What are you looking at? It’s creepy. Abbie, do you need a drink? No, yes, well I’m confused. If you want a drink, you have to show me. Abb, do you want a drink? Okay, yes. This is how we get her to drink water. (pouring) Ah-ha, tricked ya. Artificial sweetener’s
obviously not the best thing for you, but she’s
got to drink water. Right mom? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – And you know, she’ll turn
away regular water oftentimes. She’ll drink water out of a water bottle but she won’t often drink it out of a cup. She wants juice in a cup. But juice is just sugar and
fiber, but lots of sugar. – [Abbie] Eh, mmmm. – Come here. – [Abbie] Eh, mmmm. – Abb, come here. I just wanted her to pet you. Probably not a good idea right now, huh? She’s a little noisy and a little wild. Why you sniffing my face? It’s nine o’clock. I have to go live. Hey, do you want to close out the vlog? Say, bye to everybody. Say, bye up here. Okay. Close it out. – [Priscilla] Like really
cats are dirtier than dogs. – Cats aren’t dirtier than dogs. – [Priscilla] Yes, they
step in their thing. – They clean themselves. – [Priscilla] It doesn’t matter. They’re just licking their
selves with their gross tongue. Where do they clean their tongue? – As she licks my finger. Gee, you are just going
to town on my hand. What are you doing? It’s weird, don’t do that. – [Priscilla] That is super weird because they have weird tongues. I don’t want tongue. – She doesn’t like your tongue. – [Priscilla] No.

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